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81Primal Carnage: Extinction

It's a really good and awesome dinosaur game. There is even a dilophasaurus club house!

82Alone in the Dark: Illumination

This game sucks, killed the Alone in the Dark franchise

Yea I mean it's called alone in the dark...why is there light and multiplayer? - Nick-brick8

83MLB 15: The ShowV1 Comment

Probably the most American game ever created.


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85Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Honestly, I thought that the cover of the game was black ops 3

86StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

This is a really good franchise the story looks good can't wait to play this the pvp is amazing

I love starcraft, and the story is great.

One of the best game out there and yet not well known because it is an RTS made for real challenge.

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87Alice's Mom's Rescue
88Zombie Army Trilogy
89Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Not even out yet, but the music and artwork is amazing. Also, the past story lines from the series can make people cry.

I love this game! Everything about it is amazing, it should be number 1! By far the best game ever produced from our imperfect human hands!

A great change from the crappy gates to infinity. I love the plot of this it is much smarter

The story is so rich. It's amazing, plot twists all around. A amazing game, 9.75/10

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90The Good Dinosaur: Dino Crossing

Probably THE best game in existence, better than jesus sorry mate but its alittle beter thern u

91Final Fantasy XVV1 Comment
92Pokemon Rumble WorldV2 Comments
93Earth Defense Force 4.1 – The Shadow of New Despair
94Pillars of Eternity
95Mighty No. 9
96Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

It is in my opinion one of the best games of all times it is so mesmerizing. The music and the game play could captivate you for hours. I didn't even think the music was that good at first because it was techno but then it just hits you so hard that it is amazing. It may not be the best game of the year but it certainly is the most mesmerizing.

I have to admit, it's not as good as the original, but better than "Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer" for sure.

97FIFA 16

My respect this game is the best in the world and should be in number one.

I thought FIFA 15 was the best but then this game came out. - francesco

Goalkeepers are so much better and good players are so cheap

Why is it number 65; I expected it to be the first in the list. - amoory

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98God of War 4

I love this game it's so fun to beat up bad guy's with the cool weapons givin to you!

I thought Ascension was the considered God of War 4...

Has this even been officially announced yet? - RizaLovato

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99The Jackbox Party Pack 2
100Tales of Zestiria

I love anime and I like watching other people play (even though I don't play it) but it is awesome

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