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81Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

This actually is not the best game of all time

This is the best game of all time

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82Sonic Runners

What happened to the OG sonic! Now we got this trash! Don't even bother to pick up the game it's complete bull!

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83Pokemon Rumble WorldV2 Comments
84Earth Defense Force 4.1 – The Shadow of New Despair
85Pillars of Eternity
86Minecraft (PC)

In my opinion Minecraft should at least be in the top ten it is a very good game and helps children in building etc I had to LOOK UP Minecraft on this to find out where it is and that is not common-Ellie temple

This supposed to be at least top 10 or 20. It's a really good educational type of game. It also makes your mind blown sometimes. Also, you can create anything you want in Minecraft. The possibility is infinite.

This did not came out for 2015. Oh, and 2016 released THE UPDATE THAT ENDS ALL UPDATES.

Why is minecraft story mode better than this - Unknownguy

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87Final Fantasy XVV1 Comment
88God of War 4

I love this game it's so fun to beat up bad guy's with the cool weapons givin to you!

I thought Ascension was the considered God of War 4...

Has this even been officially announced yet? - RizaLovato

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89Tales of Zestiria

I love anime and I like watching other people play (even though I don't play it) but it is awesome

90Saints Row IV: Re-Elected

Saints row should just die already, 4 killed it. why is it trying to carry on?

91Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

They made a digimon game interesting

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Overwatch is AWESOME! Tracer's one of the coolest video games characters I've ever seen! - Goku02

Just in beta, but already best game I ever played.

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93Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Anti-Climatic and the development is rushed. This game is the example of spreading your resources too thin. A failure to expand on the lore makes not for a good game. Better to watch the 1000's of people play it on YouTube.

This game represents everything wrong with the indie game industry. A generic, poorly made game that adds nothing significant to its predecessors nor the genre as a whole. Five Nights at Freddy's was a semi-cool idea at first Scott, now it's just bland and awful.

This should be much, much higher on the list.

Prepare for thy Anus

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94Need for Speed (2015)

This game is plain OP. it's so fun to drive around getting chased by cops! feels like I'm in a hot wheels car!

Delivers good customization and a great car selection. This game deserves to be better than forza.

Why it in 89th its should be number 1 the graphics is really outstanding it like driving in real world but in game

The best graphics is in here

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95Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Honestly, I thought that the cover of the game was black ops 3

96Pokémon Picross

Game sucks I didn't even get the first puzzle!

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97Destiny: The Taken KingV2 Comments
98Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

This is the dumbest entry I've seen

This is the best game in the world

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99Garfield Kart

Did anyone really like this game though?

This is the best game ever made. How could anybody hate it?

It's a perfect game, no other game can be compared to this masterpiece.

I didn't even know this game existed. - ConnorBanjoper

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100Sword Art Online: Lost SongV4 Comments
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