Top Ten Video Games Franchises That Your Parents Say Are Too Violent for You to Play


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1Mortal Kombat

Yes this is violent except these days kids play whatever the hell they want


This isn't violent at all, how is this #2? Makes no sense

How is this even on the god damn list? - Extractinator04

WHAT! THIS GAME IS AWESOME AND isn't VIOENT! Sure there are game modifications that involve bloody dismemberment, but they aren't required

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4Lego MovieV2 Comments
5Call of Duty
6Twisted Metal
7Army of Two
9Mass EffectV1 Comment

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11Grand Theft Auto

No violence, it's all done through text. What crack smokers are putting nonviolent games on here? - Extractinator04

Pokemon? Violent? You have got to be kidding me... - RiverClanRocks

Pretty sure this is cartoon violence...
And why is this above God of War? That game is the epitome of violence. - Garythesnail

14God of War
15Half-Life 2
16Dumb Ways to Die

Violent, not as much as the rest except for Minecraft, Pokemon, and LEGO Movie. - Extractinator04

The game itself is dumber than the deaths.

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17South Park
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