Top 10 Video Games Series That Should Continue In 2016

I usually make nfl football lists but just because video games seem to be popular on this website I decided to make one of these instead. So let's get to it Go 49ers.

The Top Ten

1 Fallout

After fallout 4 definitely should make more - 49ernation

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2 Grand Theft Auto
3 Uncharted
4 The Elder Scrolls

Whoever put this on the list is AWESOME!

5 Call of Duty

No just no it should have ended a long time ago.

6 Halo
7 Bioshock
8 Assassins Creed

Hope it will cause it really blew my mind out when I firsr play one of the game.

9 Madden NFL
10 Kingdom Hearts

I finally want KH3 to come out!
Even if I can't play it, I just want the Kingdom Hearts story to finally get an conclusion! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

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The Newcomers

? Manhunt
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The Contenders

11 WWE 2k
12 Mario Kart
13 NBA 2K
14 Doom
15 Crash Bandicoot

Come on. Its his 20th birthday this year, Its been 8 years since a full console release. My patience with Activision will run out at e3 2016 if nothing is announced

16 Battlefield
17 Metroid V 1 Comment
18 Five Nights at Freddy's

...So much anticipation BUT SO MANY SECRETS

19 The Pokemon Series

Ok... they will obviously keep going with this series do I even have to put it on here?

20 UFC Live
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