Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies


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I was thinking right when I clicked on this link, "Hmm, I think Bioshock would be the most awesome 'game to movie. '" Ahh, I wish they would do this! Big Daddies, Little Sisters, Rapture, plasmids... Ugh, would be amazing.
I bet big daddies would look scary and Rapture and Columbia would look beautiful and real
A movie based on a video game about a robot father & his human daughter on an adventure.

I'm not a big gamer but I think Uncharted would be a great film with many intense adventure and action moments. Plus I adore the main character. He's so great


3Metal Gear Solid
As a major fan boy of this series, I would have to whole heartedly agree with this choice. This movie would be amazing if they did it right. The characters and story alone are amazing.
I can actually see this working, but they would have to adapt Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake before they consider Metal Gear Solid, since it's the third game in the series.
It would be awesome seeing someone acting as snake, he's the best game character EVER!

4Red Dead Redemption
So cool if it was a movie

Peter Jackson was making a movie for Halo but it got cancelled because their funding was cut. I was so sad, it looked amazing.


I agree. I'm a huge fan of halo and there should be a film

6The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
That would actually be really cool to see the legend of zelda made into a movie, either a cartoon or actual people, if it would be anything like the games I would definitely go see it.


I want to make 5 animated films based on this and four other Zelda games
#1 should be this!

7Call of Duty
It's story is like a movie. Its perfect for making a movie.

8The Saboteur
God of War was already a movie when it was called Clash of the Titans.
A one man Inglorious Basterds

9Fallout 3
this would be a nice movie.. but it would be kinda big I guess... and what about Heavy Rain? that would turn out to be a good movie

10Devil May Cry

The Contenders

11Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
YES! But it would be really long

12Grand Theft Auto
Police chases, epic heists and humour. A Grand Theft Auto film might be the only good game based movie out there
It's already like a movie, good story, nice comedy, clubs... This should at least be top 5

13L.A. Noire

14The Legend of Zelda

15Mortal Kombat
I agree. Is that so hard to make a decent MK movie? They've already made a very cool web series. Now the 3rd film please!


16Mafia II
There's already a movie similar to mafia 2. Its called Goodfellas.

17God of War
If I am rich film director I would made god of war movie franchise


19Dead Space
Superb game with scary intense line, great graphics. Should be turned into movie franchise


They made a movie like this its called 'The Thing' you know that classic sci fi horror that dead space completely coppied, the only difference is that dead space is in space.
The Thing (1982) was NOT original. It stole many ideas from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", "Alien" and some other films so get your facts straight! Monsters from Dead Space have nothing to do with the one from The Thing

20Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

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