Top Ten Video Games With the Scariest Endings


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1School Days

Oh you think the anime is bad? Well...your kinda right. But the video game is even WORST. If you wanna know about the game either look it up or message me. Anyway the bad endings are SCARY and just plain creepy. There are two if I'm correct. Wanna know about the endings? Well...let's just say one ending has someone's neck sliced and has the most scariest laugh yet. And another one got someone commending suicide head first. Yeah look it up on YouTube or something. See it for yourself. - Chaotixhero

Must agree! All about the anime and the game were a mess! And the endings were the worst part about them! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

2The Amazing Spider-man vs. The Kingpin

Oh yes if you played the Sega CD version then you're in for a real treat. You see there are 3 endings depending on your fight in the last level. If you lose against Kingpin,Spiderman gets a acid other words he dies. The second ending is where you don't save Mary Jane in time and she dies. The third ending is all happy happy if you beat Kingpin and save Mary Jane in time. - Chaotixhero

3Night Trap
4Knuckles' Chaotix

What? A Sonic game having a scary ending? Get outta here! Okay while not as "scary", it is kinda creepy. In the bad ending if you don't collect all the chaos rings, then the whole town burns into flames. I'm not kidding, Knuckles dies, Sonic dies, everyone dies except for Metal Sonic. He just watch the whole place burn. Creepy. - Chaotixhero

This moment is just not fit for a kid's game

5Conker's Bad Fur Day

While this game doesn't really have a bad ending, you can count the game over deaths right? You see if you die in certain ways on certain levels, then you will see Conker dying. Funny? Maybe. Creepy? Yeah kinda. - Chaotixhero

There are 3 game overs in the game one were it just shows have you seen this squirrel on a milk box (not creepy) another were you are a table stool (still alive) and were your body parts are in a bag (the only serious one). so there is only one that is kinda creepy.

6Mega Man X5

"How Mega Man X5 have a scary ending? " Well...let's just say if you don't beat a few bosses in time, the humens become extinct and Zero will go mad with power. If That's not heart beating madness, then play Silent Hill. - Chaotixhero


Limbo is one of the creepiest video games ever. It just...looks creepy, people runs away or attack him or just plain dead. The boy doesn't have a name so I called him Charlie. Anyway the games ending just...ends. Nothing happens it just ended so weird like. It's not even funny... I didn't know what would happen next. Ugh... - Chaotixhero

8Alice's Madness

Jeez this game is just plain messed up. Okay if you haven't play this game, well imagine Alice in Wonderland except Alice is a crazy psycho and wonderful Wonderland is Wonderland with the W twitching in horror and pain. Oh and the ending is no exception. - Chaotixhero

9UndertaleV1 Comment

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11Final Fantasy VIII
12Radiation's Halloween Hack
13Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee (Bad Ending)

If you don't rescue any of the Fuzzles or eggs... well... picture this: Your character claims that they have to get the eggs out of there only for a shaved, beaten up, nightmarish-looking Fuzzle to show up asking why you didn't save them. More show up looking worse and worse (One had a bunch of needles stuck into him) claiming the Vickers did really bad things and it shows. They set off the alarm as revenge and proceed to attack the two and for two of them to laugh disturbingly giving us a close up of their grievous injuries. You think that's bad now? After that, we see Abe's head mounted on a wall with a plaque that says Loser so clear even I can see it without my glasses! We see a machine measuring someone's breathing, heart, and brain activity in that order. A Vykker calls someone named "Lady Margret" and we see him holding a chart of how to... remove Gabbit lungs! He even claims that he's got her "brand new lungs sitting right here" and could begin the ...more

14Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door (Obeying the Shadow Queen)

Wow when I clicked on joining with the shadow queen I herd the narrator saying the universe was endanger by the shadow queen every one dying/ forced to join her it gave me nightmares but I got over it. why Nintendo, well the first bad ending in a mario game WHY IS THIS RATED E it is the second darkest mario game and even that is rated E why sonic 06 was rated E+10 for no reason and not in this game, almost every mario game is rated E okay this game should have been rated T or at least E+10 co mon nintendo admit it super paper mario had heaven and hell in the game and of course it is rated E why? anyone agrees it is weird?

15Sonic the Hedgehog 2

It start when eggman captures tails he bets you the chaos emeralds or tails dies well you have to find them but it is really hard if you have all it ends with you fighting eggman if you don't collect them it ends with you fighting silver sonic then the credits role. I'm like where's tails then at the end it shows tails face in the form of stars does that mean tails died? this made me sad why sega. wait a second sonic could've rescued tails at the beginning cutscene he was right by him!

16The White Chamber
17Condemned: Criminal Origins
18Can Your Pet
19Corpse Party

Does no one really acknowledge this? The bad endings are creepy man...
For example Naomi being forced to kill herself, Yuka and her eye, and much much more. Damn...

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