Video Games With the Worst Graphics


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1Bubsy 3D

If you were to go back in time and stopped every great 3D game from ever existing Bubsy 3D would still look like crap. - ZZDOORAL

You know when people say it's the gameplay that makes the game, not the graphics?

I can't see anything when I play this game - cdxtreme graphics for this game look...HIDEOUS! I just cannot explain how bad they look.

Oh my gosh! This game has terrible graphics! - RalphBob

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2Superman 64

This game is full of fog and the buildings is awful.

3E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

This game was the best console graphic's at the time.

Well, yeah it was a bad game, but it was made for Atari, so it's no surprise that the graphics are bad.


Because it is a survival horror game for kids and if its graphics were good, it would look very creepy and would not be suitable for kids.

Really bad game, repetitive and stupid, it s for kids

Pixels everywhere. Cubes. What else?

Dude mc is good

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5Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

You can't literally go through anything

Haha you can go past Mach 1 driving backward

6The Town With No Name

... this game's graphics...

The graphics in this game were OBVIOUSLY done using Microsoft Paint. Look for yourself!

Dang they suck. More like The Game with No Graphics!

7Custer's Revenge

What the flip is wrong with u? These graphics suck!

The game's graphics are awesome!

8Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

Guys, don't add bad games to a game about bad graphics. Skyward Sword had bad graphics, it was still a decent game.

This can't be this high. The game may have sucked, but the colorful graphics outside of the cutscenes were the only good parts of the game. - PeterG99

Skyward Sword had amazing graphics

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9Where's Waldo?

If you exclude the title screen, the graphics look like you take 4 T.V. screens and use an Atari. Besides, the NES Compatabilities preety made nearly everyone look like Waldo!

10Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon

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Bad graphics & Paula ruined this game.
Also, this game barely had Mario in it! ):(

It's not bad graphics you idiot. It's little graphic animations to save on memory, and how did Paula ruin the game, for being a girl you sexist? And does EVERY game need Mario? No. No it doesn't. Plus, I KNOW you didn't play this game.

12A Bug's Life

The graphics in Terraria weren't THAT bad. Seriously.

The game was designed with bad graphics

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14Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

HORRIBLE GRAPHICS worst superhero game invented everybody who owns it should flush it down the toilet along with your crap because that is its quality

15Pac-Man for Atari

Two colors: blue and brown. These are the worsy grsphics I have seen, except for maybe Pong.

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16Supreme Commander
17The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Bye today's standards? YES! Bad for its time? NO! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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18Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land's graphics areso underrated, yet we didn't like any of the characters' sprites.

19Gods And Generals
20Extreme Paintbrawl
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1. Bubsy 3D
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