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341Disney Infinity 3.0

What? We gonna get 4.0 Muppets this year or something? God, they need to stop making these.

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342Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Ok, Why isn't This #1st Yet?
This Game Made Millions Every Kid, Teen And Even Adult Plays This Humorus Game, I Mean Come On 133? In The Top Ten Minimum!

343FIFA 17V2 Comments
345Star Fox 64

I don't think I have ever played a game as often as I have this one - preachinpreach

How do you play all the levels you only get to play 7 out of ten and it's the best starfox game

I don't own it ;-; I wish I did cause it looks amazing - spodermanfan1000


The physics and graphics of this game is rly complete and perfect. Everything is interactive, everything is permitted, everything is yours. This game is truly stunning. Highly recommended.

What the hell is wrong with you people... Crysis... No. 83... That's it... This is list is complete crap... - trespassin9409

No. A list about videogames cannot be crap unless you dislike videogames. Crysis is tremendous, so who cares if it's not in the top 100? It is in most peoples eyes and that's what counts. Don't have a crisis.

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347Assassin's Creed

If the guy who made this list hasn't got an Assassins Creed on his computer, then that's a big vacancy to fill.

Amazing Concept and the beginning of an amazing storyline. It's a fresh new concept and super fun to jump of roof to roof using the hidden blade. Just an overall AMAZING GAME.

"This Should at lest be in the top 20"
"Assassin's Creed Creates a Whole new type of stealth action, not to mention the story keeps getting better each game. "

Didn't enjoy it. Actually never FINISHED it. Finding your quest target is so ' hard.

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348Mortal Kombat Trilogy

The greatest game ever made, it has a great baret of characters to choose from and different tournament styles and difficulties, easily the best mortal kombat ever made


This game is so amazing! It is so funny and the moves are cool! Every time you score a win, you feel like you deserved it.

I know this deserves my vote, it is so hard and you need to be dedicated to this game it becomes an addiction, it is mad all these moves ins and outs you can learn.

best tournament of all time, the movie is sick as well!


This game is a disease. You'll think it might be a positive thing due to the fun you have, but it is the only game I've ever played that required a commitment to it. the comment underneath this one states a minor consumption of time compared to so many others.

This game has consumed more that 4, 500 hours of my life.

Long live Zezima the great! (You will only know who Zezima is if u play runescape)

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350Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U
351The World Ends With You

A game that just doesn't get enough love. I said this already on a different list, but TWEWY is an amazing twist on your typical RPG that really captures your interest and keeps a hold of it till the end. I will always recommend this game.

I love this game, such an overlooked hidden gem. Definitely pick it up if you have a DS/3DS.
Though don't buy it on iPhone, the controls are bad on there.

352Pikmin 3
353Bioshock 2

A sequel to a game that didn't need one, but the fact is that it is excellent.

354Diablo 2

My favorite game of all time. Played it with multiple characters. There's just so many different paths you can choose and builds with the game being unique each time. I've spent hundreds of hours on this one. The most addictive game I've ever played

Get it up! This is the most addictive game ever if you get into it! Preciously delivered by Blizzard, this package has every damn thing that a great game should have. Now, this has to be the best game ever to have been made. Please get it into the top ten. - ben10kenobi

The game defined it's genre. Get this game and get addicted to it for many years to come. Hope it gets updated with better graphics, with most of it's features remaining, while some other features from Diablo I are taken. That game is great, just not legendary and unique as this brilliant game is.

It was decent when you played it in the dark - mountainhawk

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355Bully: Scholarship Edition

Should be at in the top 100, its amazing game worthy of being amongst the Grand Theft Auto series

356Skylanders Spyro's Adventure

Ya know, I just started this game at Matthew's. I'm only on Chapter 3.

357Dirt 3
358The Darkness

Starbreeze at their finest. The descent into hell was hellish.

359Silent Hill 3
360Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse

This game is hilarious defiantly should be in the top ten or something like that.

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