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101Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

This is the best game in the whole entire WORLD! No doubt about it!

*Goes Back to playing Grand theft auto and running away from polices. *

How in the world can you people vote for San Andreas and not even have Vice City on the list?

It is the best game I have ever played.It deserves a place in the top 10

Beat Grand Theft Auto game love it

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102Need for Speed Most Wanted

BEST racing game, career mode is awesome if you play it once you will force to play it again, I have played it many times and always enjoyed

NO WAY by far Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 is best in the series but still being second isn't all that bad

Best racing game I've played. Not only is it extremely fun to play, but it has some of the best graphics!

I played it 4 times

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103Infamous 2

I think this and it's first edition could be in the top fifty, a good premise and story, plus the graphics make it worthy of this, if you don't have it yet, you should definitely try it out

This game rocks it deserves to be in top ten

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104Crash Team Racing

One of the best games of all time by Sony Computer Entertainment.


This game doesn't deserve to be top 5, but definitely top 10. It isn't one of those nostalgia-preying indie piles of crap, but it's a simple-looking game with a deeper meaning.

Personally, I feel as if it's a game with something for everybody. The characters are deep, and killing them is unthinkable to most. Instead, it encourages you to find other ways to defeat them through pacifism, pleasing the story fans. It's got horror, and quite a bit of it in the form of the Amalgamates and Omega Flowey, making it very interesting and appealing to fans of horror. It even has comedy and a bright atmosphere that most children would love, and they wouldn't even think about the other parts of the story. It's a true kids-to-adults game, having none of the gore and innapropriate stuff, being bright and bubbly, but still sad and deep enough that older crowds are drawn in.

One of the things I can't get over with this game is the fact that it was hand-designed by one guy- the musical ...more

You know why I hate other gamers? They don't know what's good. This game has the most amazing thing you could want. You well be working on the character voices for a month, humming the songs in the middle of work, thinking about actually giving to bake sales because of spiders, and we'll get thinking about things. This game is not a game for internet trolls, this game is for people who are smart, compassionate, abservent, and funny. Is that not enough? But if I say one thing about the story, it well ruin it! I'll tell you two words: Goat Mom

This game is a masterpiece. The battles are amazing (both random encounters and bosses), the story is great, the dialouges can be both emotional or funny and the main characters are just awesome. And I shouldn't forget the soundtrack, since I cannot pick a single song (with at least 30 seconds length) having mediocre or bad quality.
The only flaw I can mention is that it's a bit too easy (excluding two certain fights which a lot of people know probably)

How is this not in not in top 5?

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106Sonic Adventure 2

The best Sonic the Hedgehog series game ever made. The characters were amazing, the music was awesome, the voice acting was great, the story was perfect, and it had a beautiful ending that nobody can forget.

"A new day brings new adventure. But for now... Rest easy heroes. "

Sonic Adventure 2 is one of the classic Sonic games. It is so memorable and it is probably the best music I have ever heard. LOVE SONIC ADVENTURE 2!

No, actual Classic Sonic games that are older than Sonic Adventure are way better, you argumentative fanboy.

Sonic adventure 2
Good gamplay
Amazing Story
Great voice actors
Good power ups
Shadows death was sad...
All I'm going to say to this game is that its... AMAZING!

Shadows theme: some legends are told, some turn to dust or to gold

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107Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

omg this brings me back to when i was a kid, i beat this game more then ten times and recently just bought a super nintendo just to play this game, few people knew about this game and yet it was amazing - xjrp11x

Good game but there is a glitch in area 2 sewers

This game should be in the top 10, seriously. But we do agree that Princess Daisy could've replaced Princess Peach.

How could this game be lower than Sonic Adventure 2?!

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108Sunset Overdrive

The Xbox one was hated cause Microsoft gave it a bad reputation the Xbox one is one of the best consoles in the world. imagine gta5, saints row4, walking dead the game, half life2, deadrising3, and Call of Duty zombies and you get the holy jesus god sunset overdrive

Aliens Guns Perks and much more it's so fun.

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109The Legend Of Zelda

This list is a joke and you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Why the hell is this game so low? It started the zelda series! Ocarina of Tim's is number 1!

What has happened to video game lists?

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110Call of Duty: Ghosts

WHAT! There is not 1 battlefield game on this list but yet Battlefield uses Call of Duty to wipe its ass with

Well, this would be my favorite game if the series had a protagonist.

This game proved Battlefield can do Call of Duty better than Call of Duty can do battlefield, or Call of Duty. I wish they'd go back to their Call of Duty 2-Call of Duty MW2 styled games, those were actually fun.

I loved this game but nobody else did

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111Super Smash Bros

I can't believe this game is in top 100. This game deserves the top 1 spot and gets 100+/100 stars.

I remember the Ad when Mario started the whole thing

I love stuff and feel so sorry for the dog hunt duo

Love it til this day or even the future - spodermanfan1000

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112Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age Origins will probably never top a best games list since it has such a limited appeal, however; DAO is still an incredible game with smart combat, an epic story, and a completely fleshed out fantasy world. DAO has some of the best companions I've ever seen in any game. The companions all have fleshed out backstories and personalities and really help you get immersed in the game. The combat is probably what puts a lot of faint-of-heart out of the game (since it requires constant attention and careful planning in dangerous situations. ) The combat is actually very well balanced and if you play on higher difficulties can certainly challenge the genre's veterans. Finally the game has a very well thought out and written story which helps tie the whole game together to be my favorite. Just don't mention Dragon Age 2 which sucks in comparison.

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113Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty in general does not deserve to be on this list. There is never anything new when a new game comes out every year and there is an abundance of games exactly like Call of Duty and some better. I don't understand Why Call of Duty is so popular.

Great game, amazing graphics, best Call of Duty campaign, best coop, great multiplayer, ZOMBIES, and the wonder wafer. This game has it all folks.

Most definitely the best video game I've ever had the pleasure of playing. It has great graphics for its time, a fantastic multiplayer experience, a very engaging and emotional campaign story, a great campaign co-op mode and, to top it all off, it brought in the revolutionary 'Nazi Zombies' game mode. I am serious when I say that most of the time when I buy Call of Duty games it is on the sole basis that they contain zombie mode (which is why I prefer the Treyarch games to Infinity Wards installments)

Another Hit loved it Great detailed story line Graphics were through the roof - mountainhawk

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114Halo 4

What 157? should be more down the list this is what started the hate for 343 industries was this game. - htoutlaws2012

This is HALO 3's deformed brother nothing in comparison

Over 50% of 343 are ex-Bungie staff I hear. Hence the laudable job on MCC, 4 and 5. They're not perfect, but they've brought in iron sights, a few swipes at the other Bungie game, plus sacrificed openness for elevation. It needed updating and it got it just right.

The best Halo narrative yet. This and 5 rock the house.

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This game was the game of the year for 2006, (or 2008 - can't remember) won many, many a many awards, was made by an indie studio, and has to be the most fun, risky, experimental, and creative games ever. PUT IT ON THE LIST!

Got the game is so cool like the music

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116Robot Alchemic Drive
117Age of Empires 2

Why so low? This game helped me pass history back in school times.

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118Battlefield 4

My graphics card blows up whenever I insert the disc but the 10 seconds of gameplay I enjoyed.

Freezes/crashes every ten secs

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119Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Literally one of the worst games ever made

One of the games I will play on Xbox live all day Call of Duty is my game

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120Madden NFL 13
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