Top Ten Most Viewed Linkin Park Music Videos

I Love Linkin Park And I Am Making A List On The Top 10 Most Viewed Linkin Music Videos
Well.... There Is No Need To Vote Bcoz They Will Remain Same :P

The Top TenXW


Amazing song one of my favorite ones

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2New Divide
3What Ive Done
4In the End

In The End is actually first. The reason for this is because WarnerBros also put the official video on YouTube and that version has around 65 million views or thereabouts the last time I looked quite a while ago, and the one posted by Linkin Park themselves has around 85 million like the creators of this list has said, and then with all the lyric videos on YouTube (there are more for In The End than New Divide) this song actually has the most views. You can't base it on one video, because sometimes more than one uploader posts the official video. Another example are Slipknot: they posted Psychosocial themselves and it doesn't have a huge amount of views, however their record company posted it and it has like 80 million. Proof that you can't base it on one video on one channel. So sorry, this list is a good idea and I can see you're a very cool fan of LP so fair play to you, but this is inaccurate. - EvilAngel

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5Castle of Glass

From The New Album LIVING THINGS With 75.263.715 Views On 4/4/14 - abdullahrazzaq22

6Burn It Down

From The New Album LIVING THINGS With 72.545.831 Views On 4/4/14 - abdullahrazzaq22


Crawling is from Hybrid Theory, NOT Meteora - EvilAngel

Crawling From "Hybrid Theory" With "63,707,658 Views - abdullahrazzaq22

Another Great Song
From Meteora With 3,707,658 Views 4/4/14 - abdullahrazzaq22

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8The Catalyst
9Waiting for the End

Views Less But An Awesome Song 50,174,051 Views
From Meteora - abdullahrazzaq22

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