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Thuppakki is also an action-thriller film but with a better story. The new scenes by Vijay which didn't came in any other action films rocked! Thuppakki's action music was awesome!

The plot, story and how they inserted some romance in between all the chaos were just Great. This can be said as a good movie as it is dedicated to the Indian Army - Animefan12

This movie is differ from vijay's other action movies.but I don't think so that it is the best movie from vijay

I like this movie very much. I love it

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Velayudham has the most thrilling fight scenes ever. Velayudham had a superhero story and that made it a hit. Velayudham has nice comedies. They had fixed it perfect for Deepavali 2011.

Brother and sister relation must be like this...

Velayudham is mass hit for vijay

Best movie in the world.

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Vettaikaaran has a good action story. Anushka was not fit for this movie. She was quite tall for Vijay but it had nice comedies and good police stories. The last fight was the best.

Vettaikkaran have a good fight scenes and a good climax.
This Film mis the next after Velayudham.
Director Babusivan the assitant of Dharani, give a good Blockbuster hit
In his first film.

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Pokkiri is the best ever action-thriller film. It ran for more than 200 days in cinemas. It released on 2007. Vijay didn't have a single drop of blood in this film. This was the only action vijay film where vijay fought really well.

Pokkiri wonderful movie blockbuster hit

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Trend setter of Tamil cinema... First Tamil cinema to collect 50crs

This film shows about kabadi and I like that. Gilli has the best action story. The fight was nice.

Gilli is the best ever tamil action film.. Speedy, crispy and what else? "soora thaenga" song is unforgettable..

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Good Action, Drama, Comedy story. The dialogues from this film were the best. It released on 2008. Suman didn't even look like him in this film. He was short and that was nice.

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Vijay is really intelligent person. He is god of dance in Tamil cinema. I like so much vijay. Vijay your next movie PULI. I'M WAITING, by moses.

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Sivakasi is the only Vijay film which is an Action-Masala. Although, it has the best masala story ever. Sivakasi ran for more than 150 days in cinemas. It released on 2005. No masala story can defeat Sivakasi.

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Villu had a nice action story and some police drama at the end. The songs were nice. Prakash Raj had the best scenes in this film.

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Its time to lead

Its a do or die!

Thalaivaa was a great movie with good twists and turns.

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Super action film
With sentiment

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12Azhagiya Tamil Magan

Azhagiya Tamil Magan is a Romance and Psychological-Thriller film. It had a good story and a thrilling story as vijay double-acts as the hero and the villain. This is the only vijay psychological film.


Both vijay n mohanlal have outdone themselves in this movie which has the best fighting scenes


Kaththi is very nice movie it is best movie in Tamil cinema and also vijay all movie is very nice nest superstar is vijay

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Its a normal fighting movie


Sura is a best action movie. Tamanna is well suited for vijay

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