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All of us know that vijay has more fans than ajith

I am waiting mass dialogue for thuppakki

Thuppakki in best movie Tamil cinema

Vijay is mass

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Ajith is a best actor the next super star is ajith kumar Tamil cinema in best actor

Wast fellow in Tamil cinema Vijay is best

Ajith's first and last block buster

Ajit is a waste

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Vijay ANNA super acting for this movie I love so so so much umma

Vijay anna best actor and dancer ever

Ghilli the bloc buster hit movie

Block buster

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Vijay is college student in this movie I like I watch 50 times more

VIJAY is a only actor act as a student...

This is the movie for students which he said many words. VIJAY is the real hero forever

I like it very much

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This movie shows that he is waiting to do help to the Indian people

Vijay is next superstar of Indian cinema

Kaththi is the block buster movie

Vijay is the next super star

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This movie shows the another face of vijay

Am not police, am in pokkiri, am not super star, am in people star, am not actor, am real man in forever, that is my world superstar in ilayathalapathy vijay

Pokkiri is superstar hit movie

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One of the best film ajith as ever done

He is the only natural stylish actor

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Best Tamil movie which stunned the Hollywood film industry...

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I am waiting in puli then see vote list

Vijay is mass hero in Tamil cinema he next super star

I am waiting puli.. ? This movie 2015 block buster

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Vijay uncle next blockbuster hit movie

Next blockbuster movie in Tamil Nadu

Block buster for vijay and vijay fans

Best family movie

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This movie is mega blockbuster hit movie so I like this movie

Wonderful family members entertainer

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12Kadhalukku Mariyadhai

Great love story in Tamil cinema and one of the blockbuster hit of vijay anna

Actually this movie should be in a better rating and in fact, on the top of the list

Whatever whoever says bad abt vijay he's d best actor after kamal and rajini

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One man army. He comes single in Tamil cinema, but. He had fans more than others

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14VeeramV2 Comments

Very good movie. Of course a blockbuster

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16KushiV5 Comments

The best actor in Tamil cinema

Nature acting

Mass acting

Good voice

Mass speaking

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18KavalanV2 Comments

An film which respect the all the handyman people

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20VaralaruV2 Comments
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1. Thuppakki
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