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41Leonidas Kavakos

My opinion is that all listed above are great violin players and have many gifts in their hands but Leonidas is the best violinist I have ever seen. He hold 4 things in a truly extraordinary way. Speed feeling accuracy and theoretical base of what he does every single moment. Respect to Mutter Bell Perlman Menuhin Oistrach Kogan and many others.

His youthful interpretations of Paganini would in my opinion astonish Paganini himself, they are simply devilish... Nowadays of course he has matured and his mere sound with its radiant purity and powerful brilliance is the reason that his concerts sell out.

I think Kavakos is one of the greatest violinists. He is very giftet and hus technique is excellent. I really love his interpretation of Beethoven concerts!

He is amazing should be higher

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A dream since years the combining of classic, traditionals and modern elements...

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43Nigel Kennedy

Can play classical, rock and crossover better than anybody else could dream of playing!

Such a comedian and unassuming artist whose technique is quite distinctive. The Four Seasions belongs to Nigel

45Janine Jansen

Technical incredible. Such passion, drive, emotion, and energy

Passionate, gifted and the best alive today

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46Leila Josefowicz
47Pinchas Zukerman

Unbelievable Musician, he is 10 times better in every way when you think what best is:- Sound quality/tone, out of this world; expression, profound and other worldly, nobody ever come close to his ability to carry music to the beyond extreme! I cannot describe it, at least not in even a billion worlds...

Pinchas Zukerman has to be in the top three of LIVING violinists as the best in the World. Joshua Bell and Itzhak Perlman a close second and third.
Notice anything? They are all Jewish. Most of the World's best instrumentalists are, for they excel in music.

Zucherman is a mile above Bell, what are you talking about, Bell is an amateur in comparison.
heifetz was the best ever on the planet.

And best violist too.

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48L Shankar

He is the best. He has mastered both the difficult and complex Indian and western music. He is great. He has collaborated with great violinists and proved his worth

Stow away your predilections for a moment and listen to his abheri, you. Will be amazed

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49John Cale
50Leonid Kogan

A beautiful sound, crystal clear and intensive performing. As young I loved brothers Oystrah and Svj.Richter, and I didn't have ear for a beauty of Kogans music. But I am thankful now.

51Antonio Vivaldi

Not only could he play, he could write and play what he wrote - severalsomeones

Vivaldi, at number 60 is total nonsense he should be in the top 10, what idiots are voting in this site, dear me, it's a joke.

52Peter Lee Johnson
53Henry Lau
55Arthur Grumiaux

Arthur Grumiaux was another one of the great violinists of his time (1921-1986). He stopped his public performances during the Nazi occupation of his country.

56Lara St. John

Brilliant player with innovative new tunes and part of the bach society, sjould be higher up the list.

57Amberly Rosen

She's a fantastic violinist and fiddler and a ball of fire to boot. Charisma? When ever she appears on stage she steals the show!
John Seekamp

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58Ali AhmadiV1 Comment
59Mohsen Namjoo

Mohsen Namjoo is the best singer in Iran

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60Ehsan Khaje Amiri
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