Greatest Violinist of All Time


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121Zino Francescatti
122Jaime LaredoV1 Comment
123Jeremy Miles "Jinxx" Ferguson

Unless you people have forgotten about him. He does happen to play violin as well as rhythm guitar. Jinxx is an amazing violinist.

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124Oscar Shumsky

He is brilliant violinist. But there are not much people know about him.
He has the closest technique of Kreisler.
He has really good technique that might better than lots of other violin master.

125Wolfgang Schneiderhan

A wonderful player with both sentiment and power! He must be remembered as one of the best.

126Lettice Rowbotham
127Bronislaw Huberman

Flesh and blood music making at its best.

128Vadim Repin
129Christian Tetzlaff

Tetzlaff: Sublime understanding and interpretation of the composer's music.

Tetzlaff has a gift that rarely comes along.

130Pekka Kuusisto

The most versatile violinist ever. A true artist. His rendition of Philip Glass' seasons is the best!

131Franz von Vecsey
132Uto UghiV1 Comment
133Julia Fischer

Her technique is amazing. Also, she is very passionate about being the best. Julia Fischer is such an inspiration!

Her technique is excellent and she interprets the music very well!

I cannot understand why Julia is so far down the list, she is unbelievably talented.
a bit stuck up, and full of her own importance, but a helluva a player.

One of the best

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