Best The Voice Season 5 Contestants

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The Top Ten

Tessane Chin
A kind, strong, amazing singer who loves what she does. Sing! She can't get ANY better.

2Jacquie Lee
A powerhouse who always owns the stage. She puts her heart on the stage and leaves it there all the time. A fabulous vocalist.
Awesome 16 yr old

3James Wolpert
A strong man who is energetic and powerful. High- Five!

4Will Champlin
An awesome guy. He is a breathtaking singer, and blew my mind away when I first heard him.

An AWESOME singer who I wish made it farther.

6Caroline Pennell
A sweet, loving girl who is so wonderful, it puts my mind in SOOTHED zone. I wish you stayed with us Caroline Fans!

7Matthew Schuler
Wow. He is powerful. His range is unlimited.

8Ray Boudreaux
A cute guy who will always be loved. Oh and of course his singing!

9Cole Vosbury
A cool, Lousiana guy who sings great, and happens to look like Wly off of DUCK DYNASTY

10Kat Roubichaud
I love those kicks! Great job girlfriend!

The Contenders

11Preston Pohl

12Holly Henry

13Juhi Pathak

14George Horga

15James Irwin

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