Best The Voice Season Five Contestants


August 2, 2015 - Best and worst of The Voice this year. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Tessanne Chin
Flawless performances fuelled with emotion and heart. She connects with the audience and gives 110% each time. Her pitch is right on target and each performance is more powerful than the one before.
Beautiful voice... awesome person
Wishing you all the best Tessanne, you are not just a singer - you are an entertainer. Hope you win The Voice.
[Newest]A kind, strong, amazing singer who loves what she does. Sing! She can't get ANY better.

2Matthew Schuler
Go Matt all the way
Wow. He is powerful. His range is unlimited.

3Holly Henry
She has a unique voice, although her stage present could use some work. But people want a good singer, performance on the radio


I was a fan of Holly's before she was on the Voice, I listen to all of her YouTube covers! She is the most unique and beautiful singer I have ever heard!


Unique. Simple as that...

4Jacquie Lee
A powerhouse who always owns the stage. She puts her heart on the stage and leaves it there all the time. A fabulous vocalist.
Um Jacquie came in second for a reason so y'all better vote

Grey, you are awesome and bring power to the talent
She will be a dark horse this season, I can tell.


An AWESOME singer who I wish made it farther.

6Caroline Pennell
Such an original Voice! I thought she was making it to the end for sure.
A sweet, loving girl who is so wonderful, it puts my mind in SOOTHED zone. I wish you stayed with us Caroline Fans!
Sounds so original and flawless

7Will Champlin
An awesome guy. He is a breathtaking singer, and blew my mind away when I first heard him.
No need to explain... He's amazing, plain and simple.

8Kat Robichaud
Good, a masculine female,


I love those kicks! Great job girlfriend!
Nice try, Kat, Dru wanted you to win The Voice! Also Bad Kitty wanted you to win The Voice!

9James Wolpert
James Wolpert is my favorite contestant!
A strong man who is energetic and powerful. High- Five!

10Tamara Chauniece

The Contenders

11Nic Hawk
This guy won't win, but was moved by his story and will be upset if he sees he isn't there.


12Brandon Chase
He made a good song better!


13Cole Vosbury
Oh, My Gosh. Seriously, Matthew the dying goat over this guy! He has the emotion and passion. He WILL win the voice this year because he is the best.
All hail the beard king!
A cool, Lousiana guy who sings great, and happens to look like Wly off of DUCK DYNASTY

14James Irwin

15Ray Boudreaux
A cute guy who will always be loved. Oh and of course his singing!

16Preston Pohl

17Destinee Quinn
Wow, a biker bar gal with a good voice!


Her and Jason Kertson were the best. Its that simple. I liked a couple songs by Will, but come on. Admit it. Amazing!

18Monika Leigh

19Cilla Chan
Sure she isn't still on, but she is good,


20Briana Cuoco

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