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261Roger Rabbit
262Harry Potter

Who wouldn't want Harry Potter in super smash bros?

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Awesome female android from xenosaga which is a Monolith Software franchise. She would have an excellent move set if you've ever looked at project x zone.


SEGA and Nintendo's bond really makes AiAi possible. I'm not smart with the Super Monkey Ball series, but I can see him using bananas, is monkey ball, and other moves in his monkey arsenal. H could have a similar move set to Diddy Kong, but this guy deserves to be in more than Trollface.

265Ash/Team Rocket

They could be a character that you can swap from ash to team
Ash could replace pokemon trainer because everyone I know thinks he is Ash anyway. He could then switch with Team Rocket and get a different pokemon to use.
Ash would have: Turtwig (he can't have Pikachu because Pikachu is already a character. )
Team Rocket would have: Meowth

I think ash should replace the Pokemon trainer! He is better than him anyway!

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Wasn't he a highly requested character for Brawl?

Please just fight? No! Pleeease! ugh ok With Sukapon, Fry-cooked into battle.

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268SylveonSylveon is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Fairy type Pokemon, and one of the many evolved forms of Eevee. It was one of the first Fairy Pokemons revealed, although its typing was not shown till later. Classified as the Intertwining Pokemon, Sylveon has ribbon-like more.V1 Comment

Fire Emblem is a very popular game now, not only in Japan. There are many sword-based characters already, so why don't include a lance-based character, for variety sake?
Ephraim is the perfect candidate for that role, no doubt about it.

Well, u at least got the game right!

It'll be awesome if ephraim is playable in super smash bros 4 because he is a lance user.

270Death (Darksiders)

War and Death are the two main protagonists from the Darksiders series, created by Vigil Games and published by THQ. One (or both) of them could be a third-party representative.

War would be a strong and slow fighter, hurling around that massive sword of his, tossing lava everywhere and generally being awesome.

Death, on the other hand, would be much better in my opinion. He would be a faster, bit slightly weaker fighter, with his dual scythes and his necromancy for special moves. And his final smash... Reaper Form.

272ScizorV1 Comment

Lots of those are already in, and some can't be in.

How about bubbles from trailer park boys?

I would like to see bubbles, buttercup, blossom from the powerpuff girls, daisy, rosalina, medli, toon Zelda, tetra, ness, Lucas, Amy rose, tails, knuckles, bliss the cat, baby daisy, toadette, vanellope Von sweet and fix it Felix, toon link and taffeta Von fudge.

274Mega Man X

"Megaman X would be an awesome addition along with the original."

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275Porky Minch
276Plasm Wraith

Pikmin has become one of the biggest Nintendo franchises on the Wii U. This guy has a significantly unique move set and also shows signs of being a re-occurring villain in future Pikmin game. Although he has only been in one game he does have a similar predecessor in Pikmin 2 named the Water Wraith.

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277Quest 64 Brian
278Pokemon Trainer White

She has great battle skills

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Do you mean Okami Amaterasu? If you do, YES! Nothing can match the might of this galaxy spinning goddess! Moveset? This is the moveset I came up with: side special would be fireburst, up special would be cherry bomb, down special would be sub-reflector, neutral special would be power slash, side tilt would be headbut, up and side smash would be glaives and down smash would be rossaries. Her grab would be Hanagami's vine or Issun with the thief's glove, and of course, her final smash: and nothing, and I men nothing, could beat Shiranui, who she could team up with or strait up transform into with the use of praise orbs (or she could spin the galaxy). She would be the best Capcom character, easily, with ease, effortlessly, whatever you like to call it, dethrone Mega and Ryu. Why put Cloud, people, when we can have our favorite goddess, and I don't mean the light goddess, but the actual SUN goddess (Sun>Light), in Smash. Praise to you, Ammy. Red-on-White in Smash.

Do you mean Okami Amaterasu? If yes, nothing should be superior than her. She would be a good Capcom character, at least better than Mega and Ryu, and her celestial brushwork would easily make her a moveset: side special would be fireburst, up special would be cherry bomb (something like Mii Gunner's up sp.), down special would be sub-reflector, neutral special would be power slash, side tilt would be her headbut, side smash would be an attack with her glaive, up smash too, down smash would use her rosaries, and her final smash would let her team up with, if not completely transform into her past self and most powerful form in her battle against Yami, Shiranui. She could grab with Issun or her vines for a ranged grab, and her neutral attacks would obviously be her reflectors. Ammy, praise to you! Ammy, yen to you! Ammy, ink to you! Ammy, smash to you! RED ON WHITE IN SMASH!

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