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He saved EVERYONE! Without him, the forest would be NOTHING like how it is now! He is the best leader now and forever. No one will ever be so brave and loyal, and he always does what he believes is right. I know a lot of cats do what they "think is right, " but Firestar's decisions are actually SMART!


He discovered many things about Tigerstar's Plan and saved cats life he deserves a lot of respect
I think firestar us the best cat ever in the whole wide world...
[Newest]Firestar has done so much Warriors would not have been written without Firestar he is the main character and main protagonist he does not deserve all the hate he gets GO FIRESTAR
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Bluestar can be negative at times, but she is wonderful. She is a great mother, and I can't believe how loyal she is to her Clan! She gave up her own kits to save ThunderClan, and I love her dearly for that. ThunderClan would've perished without her. She had already lost a lot, and then she hauled off and got rid of her kits to help ThunderClan! I almost wonder if it wasn't worth it, but Bluestar made a good decision. I wish Tigerstar never existed, because she wouldn't have died if it weren't for him! DON'T VOTE FOR TIGERSTAR!
She has her mom and sister die right in front of her, she has to give up her kids to save everyone from Thistleclaw of IdiotClan, and her deputy tries to kill her! Yet she was kind and wise, and a good mentor to Firestar. I love her.
She is amazing! She so easily could have run away to riverclan but she had to save her clan because it would have gone under if she hadnt become leader and it is so sad how she died protecting her clan to the end R.I.P. bluestar
[Newest]Well, I do agree that she is a good leader and deserves a lot of respect, but who would give up their newborn babies just to be leader? And yes I know that if she hadn't done it Thistleclaw probably would have been chosen as deputy, but he wouldn't have been like Tigerstar. (I love Thistle! )

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Crookedstar is so cool. I liked him in the first series and fell in love with him when reading Bluestar's prophecy. I just love his personality. He was such a great RiverClan leader.
I remember in bluestars prophecy, they met at a gathering when they were both apprentices and crookedpaw was funny for bluestar. HE DESERVES TO BE HERE!
He had one of the hardest jobs and did it with flying colors...he just rocks out loud!
[Newest]He was so loyal kind and funny. GO Crookedstar!
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I hate that people say that he relied on Tunderclan too much. He says to Fireheart/star that just because he brought them home doesn't mean that Fireheart/star can trespass on it. Plus he made the decision to fight against Bloodclan without Firestar's prompting. He was such a Strong and determined leader. He deserves his own Special about him!
Tallstar was the sensible, wise leader. He helped Firestar with his clan and I think that tallstar does not get enough respect. Tallstar was the leader who made Windclan what it was, and despite being looked down upon by all other clans, he was proud of his clan and didn't listen to the criticism.
Tallstar was the longest living leader ever. He kept windclan intact for many moons and was very fair and brave. He put the clan before anything and made very good decisions along the way. Lots of people say he relied too much on thunderclan but I don't think so. He did decide to fight scourge without firestar begging him to.
[Newest]Tallstar is best leader. I know he died but still.
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I love mistystar so much. She is one of the nicest cats ever and is Bluestars kid so that makes me like her even more. She is very fair and kind. She also makes good decisions but if a battle came I don't know how she would handle it.
Mistystar is much nicer than grimy leopardstar. plus she makes river clan much stronger.
She is like the omly clan leader that is not all annoying and proud shi is just perfect because she knows when to fight and when to not. P, S. How is Onestar on this list? He was awesome as onewhisker, but onestar is mean and annoying! Also how did hawkfrost get on the list?
[Newest]I LOVE mistystar! She is awesome!

Bramblepaw was one of my favourite apprentices, because he tried so hard to rid his name of his fathers evil influences, and agreed to share the mentor/apprentice bond with Firestar even when Firestar HATED Tigerstar. Brambleclaw was definitely the best leader out of the six journeying cats, even if he was mouse-brained at times (Squirrelpaw vs. The Fence :3). Even though he messed up a little at the start of Deputyship he tried really hard. He chose loyalty to Firestar over his ambition to be leader, working hard for the position. Even when he and his brother recently forged a bond he protected his leader from one of his only kin. AND after Firestars death he promised ThunderClan he would serve them the best he could, when another Deputy would be thrown off balance by the battle, and the sudden and random death of their leader. Go Bramblestar!
Bramblestar... 1-He saved the Clans by going on the great journey to the sound-drown place. 2-He killed his half brother Hawkfrost to save his great leader Firestar 3-He turned down his father's offers to power, and he decided to do good and earn them himself 4-How many times did he nearly die fighting for ThunderClan, and Firestar? 5-If he was really mean and unforgiving, then why would he make Squirrelflight his deputy, even after she betrayed him? Two words people... GO BRAMBLESTAR!
He has always been my favorite cat, even before he became a leader! He's ignored the bad influence of his father, and killed his own half-brother to protect his leader. I think he would make a wonderful clan leader, and I wish Erin Hunter would continue the series or at least make a special about him and his life as ruler!
[Newest]He was the best leader ever
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Leafdapple is a great leader of SkyClan, even though shes torn between her kits and her clan. She made many tough decisions, like letting daylight warriors into the clan, letting Sol into the clan, and more. She makes sure SkyClan survives and she has been extremely kind to cats outside of the clan. She managed the flood that swept throughout SkyClan camp well. I don't approve of her choice of Sharpclaw as deputy, because he seems bossy and commanding. I think Leafstar is one of the best leaders ever. :D
She is a hero, managing skyclan so well! Okay okay. I just love Leafdapple(Leafstar)best leader ever! I love herr I hoe that she will be more important in th
A beyond cool cat! One moment she knew nothing, the next she's a clan leader! Lucky fish! Or would that be "Lucky Cat"???


[Newest]Leafstar is great! But she really has to change some names! X3

I don't know why I just like sunstar his name's awesome he helped bluestar when she was upset he's the best leader ever that's why I like him

Sunstar was amazing. He really helped Thunderclan after Pinestars lead, and brought them back to a powerful clan. He was also not just a leader, he was a friend to his clan mates. He helped them, and always cheered them up and kept them going. He was a perfect leader.
I agree, his name is AWESOME DUDE! And he was a good leader. STUPID DOG! Also he didn't deserve to die!
[Newest]Sunstar deserved nine lives, not eight.

Her pride ambition didn't quite make up for her lack of judgment and almost destroyed the forest. Luckily this she-cat learns from her mistakes.
She's loyal and made a great leader for Riverclan. Some warrior fans thought that she was Up tight and rude but she wasn't! She was just very lotal and true to her clan she never ever let her clan down she did what she thought best!
I love Leopardstar! She may have been a little rude, and overprotective of her prey and stuff, but she's still great. I also love Firestar, he saved EVERYONE! Everything would be so bad in the forest without him.
[Newest]NO WAY Leopardstar star is horrible she makes bad choices and she joined Tigerstar because she likes him. She let stonefur get killed and everything I just hate Leopardstar :(

I personally like his name, and the fact that he created Thunderclan. Without thunderclan, there would be a crappy clan in place and I bet there would be no Bluestar, FireStar, Tigerstar, etc. The seris would be way to boring to gain peoples intrest by then. ;-;
He made up the best clan ever thunderclan he earned his name from the super scary tunderpath he seems to have similar personality to fire star.
I agree! He made Thunderclan... Without him there wouldn't be a series... Well, at least with no Thunderclan!
[Newest]I like any kin of Gray Wing (besides Clear Sky).

The Contenders

I love both firestar and Scourge (mostly Scourge) but I don't like people hating firestar just because he killed Scourge! He didn't knew he had a horrible past or else he wouldn't kill him. If I was firestar and I knew Scourge had a bad past I wouldn't kill him. I didn't knew who Scourge was when I read The Darkest Hour but when I read about his past I started feeling bad for him and even started to become a fangirl! Scourge is a really AWESOME leader! I love him so much!
I love Scourge! He's favourite cat then its Firestar! I hated it when my two favourite cats had to fight each other, Scourge wouldn't be evil if it weren't for socks and ruby! And Tigerstar, I was reading the rise of scourge and just by looking at the pictures and seeing how evil and mean and cruel Thistleclaw and Tigerpaw (claw/star) I love Scourge so much! I just want to hug him ^.^ If he wasn't evil (i'm not judging him) he would make an awesome leader he would have showed all the tiny cats that it doesn't matter if they're smaller then the others they can still be great cats, Why did he have to die, "I miss you Scourge." Go super awesome Scourge!
Ok wait a minute what are you talking about Scourge did not kill firestar. He did kill Tigerstar but not firestar. Well he didn't kill him in any of the books I read and I haven't heared of scourge killing firestar in any other website that I have been on. So if you are lying I would like to know because and I don't like LIERS. If you could give me the page and the book that would be nice
Scourge did kill Firestar in the last book of the first series that was how Firestar lost his first life
[Newest]I just like him because he's cool
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He was SO brave to mat a med cat! He is also stupid. CURSE YOU BROKENSTAR! "
Raggedstar was one of the most bravest cats to ever live in the forest. He had made shadowclan not so evil and was just an overall great and couragous cat. He was also yellowfangs mate wich makes me like him even more. The bad thing about him is that he is brokenstars dad.

Nightstar was a noble and loyl leader to his clan even knowing he only had 1 life to lose. He was my favorate cat I woud be proud to be in ShadowClan in his time of leadership. It was REALLY SAD when he died of sickness :(. Even whwn he was in StarClan he was AWSOME. deserves #1 spot NO DOUT ABOUT IT GO NIGHTSTAR!
He was a brave cat also, for Nightstar stayed in his already difficult position even though he knew he had only one life to lose.
I think he was going to go back to moonstone to get his nine lives after Brokenstar died. I really think the lives he would get, would turn him into such a great leader. Understanding, loyal, ambitious to the clan's strength and health. I could see him fighting a horde of badgers, by himself for the protection of ShadowClan.
[Newest]who agrees with me, nightstar was the best shadowclan leader there was why did she have to die

She makes horrible warrior names. (Like Billystorm)
She has name problems
I love her she is smart and she like harveymoon I hope she gets 5 stars

He was a brave and good leader. And made WindClan live up to its name. He excepted Tallstar's judgement on making him leader and held his Clan strong against Mudclaw's rebellion. I think he deserves some credit for that. He even one his Clan's respect so I think he deserves credit.
I love Mistystar! She had so many bad times! Losing her mother, father and her brothers, Mosskit and Stonepelt!
But she won her leadership for sure! Oh how I hate Lepoardstar!
I hate onestar because he is rude but he is still a great leader. He is bold and gets into fights more often than tallstar did which can be good. He always protects his clan and does things sometimes right.
[Newest]What a great leader. If only he kept his friendship with Firestar
In twilight, their friendship shows once again but I have not started reading power of three and I don't know if this changes.

I love spotted leaf I wish had she had died. She did like fire star I think but fire star really did like spotted leaf. Spotted leaf was the best cat ever!
I love spottedleaf she's one of my favorites but I also like leafpool sandstorm squirrelflight firestar and thunder
I love spotted leaf I'm sad she's dead though she was a great thunder clan med cat
[Newest]Spottedleaf isn't a leader

Blackstar is an ambitious leader that lacks judgement and self-reflection. However, he remains extremely loyal to his clan (even if his actions are aggressive). He keeps the warriorcode close to his heart.
He was a brave cat to even try to return his clan to it's former strengh after Brokenstar and Tigerstar's rule.
Blackstar is a very strong and courageous cat that protects his clan fairly good. He helped brokenstar and then tigerstar after which makes me not like him a lot. He gets into fights a little to much but he still keeps his clan together.
[Newest]He is a great leader. He is forced with the challenge of leading a clan in ruins and yet he still manages to succeed.

Even she is bossy her, her medicine cat discovered the moonstone, but if Wind did not send Mothflight away they would not have the Monnstone
She's awesome, she saved one of my favorite characters Jagged Peak, and she was a good leader and she and Gorse took new names to prove that they really wanted to be in Tall Shadow/ Grey Wing's group. She is just plain awesome.
- Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan

Cloudstar had to watch his clan STAVE and he gave up his mate and kits and never saw them AND his clan got driven out! Are you kidding me!
Cloudstar is my favourite because I understand why he said Starclan abandoned him, I agree. He must have been so sad when he had to leave his mate, Birdflight, maybe that is why he sortb of gave up? That is what I would feel like.
Poor, poor, Cloudstar. I'm so glad that he finally, believes again, in Starclan. He was a good cat, to say the least. But he reminds me of a, happless, middle-aged version of firestar. Birdflight, is like, Sandstorm, totally. Cloudstorm, is an amazing name, too. But that's not the thing. He's an, overall, grest cat. Very sad, though, near the ending. I don't like, how he, denied to believe in starclan, though. I PITY the FOOL! 1

Seriously, he started the bossest clan of all time!
I can relate to him. I love him
Without sky there's no thunder and no thunder means no thunderclan


RiverClan is probably the coolest clan because they can swim and River founded them! Plus river is just a cool name, if it was something like Riverwind it would be even cooler!
River was just so awesome because she gave the clan a very god name and chose it well because she was a good swimmer... Her name was just so awesome.
Why is this cat so far down? Adorable, hilarious, amazing, clever, noble, understanding, curious, etc. etc... Need I go on? River Ripple is the best! I LOVE HIM!

I loved Hailstar. Not my favourite, but He was nice, calm, strong and noble. All characteristics a clan leader needs!

23Half Moon
Maybe if Jayfeather can go into other cat's dreams, he can summon her at night?
I love Half Moon! I wish we got to see more of her though.
I wish Jayfeather became her mate


Well I'm surprised she's down on this list but she was a very wise leader
Founder of my fave clan!
Shadow maybe pretty mean, but she is also sleek, fast, cleaver, and ocasioally kind. I know people don't usually like her but I do! She started Shadowclan for pete's sake people and Shadowclan is awesome!



I think Redstar would've been a great leader with all the loyalty he had to ThunderClan. Bluestar even said in the first book after his death he was the most loyal cat she has come to know. But it's Tigerclaw/Star's fault he's dead.
Why why why why why why why why why why did you have to kill Redtail I loved his tail... tigerstar I'm glad you dead..
He was so loyal to her clan poor Bluestar was crushed the worst leader ever tiger star

I have never heard of a solarstar before did you make her up

Flowerstar deserves to be No6 at least! She only appears in Code of the Clans, and she is so kind. She chose her clan over her sister and chose to look after them instead of grieving. She also helped found a law, come on :/ ~Lonelysoul
I really love her! She was brave to take on the roll of a leader!
She had to watch her own brother die she deserved it

He WAS a brave and loyal leader, until he decided to turn into a poor, dependent kitty pet! But, come on peeps, that cat WAS wise and courageous, and made a lot of good decisions.
He was mean and cruel! He banished mapleshade for becoming mates with appledusk! Lucky leafpool and crow feather!
Pinestar is an awesome cat plus the name just awesome conpleatly

HOW COULD YOU FORGET HER! She was the most awesome cat ever! Ashfur was so annoying! I'm glad she got back with Brambleclaw! Why didn't she have any of her own kits? Hollyleaf Jayfeather and Lionblaze were Leafpools kits
Squirrelflight isn't leader yet
What book does Squirrelpaw become a leader in? She is a really great cat but she is kinda annoying. I agree with Brambleclaw. 🐈

You know what I mean
Leader: Owlstar clan name: owl clan

Do you mean Feathertail? She never became leader
I think Featherstar rules
Booh yah she is so awesome I can't believe she became leader in the new prophecy!

Poor Hollyleaf she only wanted love and she had a right to kill Ashfur WAS evil! He tried to kill her by trapping her and her litter mates in the fire!
She had a right to kill ashfur
She would make a good leader if she wasnt killed by hawkfrost

Not real! But actually yes... Lightningstar is the next leader of ShadowClan jk but seriously. Name a cat Lightningstar Erins! (Make her white with dark amber eyes and from ShadowClan! )

Do that mean Yellowfang?
Guys she was a medicine cat...


GorseStar is a lovely name ^-^

Everyone doesn't like her but she deserves a lot of respect! Read Yellow fang's secret and books 1-4.
I LOVE YELLOWFANG! She was my favorite cat in the whole series. the book started getting better when she came into it and I'm not sure why. I love her! Stupid fire she could have lived longer. but I guess The 4 Erin Hunters just wanted to get the readers attention by adding some drama. Live on in Starclan Yellowfang!
Yellowfang was a awesome medicine cat that helped FireStar's first app become better and cheer her up so yeah.

40River Ripple
So nice name! Sounds like he/she would be the awsomeest River clan leader

They don't have to be leaders duh
Swiftpaw was never a leader



Well he wasn't really a leader but I liked him

He sounds quite awesome
Very old thunderclan leader read codes of the clanes

The founder of skyclan

She is cool ;) so sad, she liked firestar then you know what happened :( then she died turned into Cinderpaw/heart and liked lionblaze but never git togather :0...CINDER FOREVER! Also yellowfang died sad moment for her...


I don't think there's any such thing.
(I may be wrong)
I don't think there is a Leafclan...
An amazing Leafclan leader.

She would of made a awesome leader she was kind and sweet but brokenstar killed her BOO BOO
She was a nice cat would have made an awesome leader.


Cloudtail is a loyal cat to his clan even tough he ate kitty-pet food when he was an apprentice
Was a loyal cat and he would have made a great leader.

I can't believe Brambleclaw didn't make him deputy instead of squirrelflight, he was probably picking favorites he was next in line not the annoying chatterbox squirrel
He was WAY BETTER THAN Brambleclaw

I think lion blaze is really cool and he should have been deputy instead of squirrel flight because he's stronger.
After the last hope lionblaze lost his powers

Old Windclan leader from Firestar's quest

I like her because her mom is Whitewing I love Whitewing!
She just sooo deserves to be leader! Plus she is my second favorite warrior cat


She should become a leader because she was very loyal to her clan and was only spying in the dark forest not joining.


Brindlestar is a total jerk, your making it up
Brindlestar is the best leader ever! Completely loyal to her own Clan, and she had just enough intelligence to trick LeafClan and SkyClan.

Yeah she dies but so what? She would have made a great leader.
Feathertail was a brave warrior. also she was really brave to do that. I think she would have made a great leader.

"why don't you go back to your twolegs? " "These cats need a leader." love her!

I love her gray stripes mate her kits were feather tail and stormfur

Leafpool ain't my favorite cat but she doesn't deserve to be leader. She betrayed the warrior code ( twice) and then lied about everything
Such an amazing cat and why would crowfeather hate her

I know that your going to say "RUNNINGNOSE isn't LEADER! " but when Nightstar was sick, he temporarily took on the position of leader and medicine cat. That takes courage, and Runningnose was the only cat with enough courage and hope to do it. He should have been leader (salute)

He got wiser after the last hope


He was awesome... I would have made him clan leader or deputy

69Shaded Moss
He wasn't a clan leader but he leaded the tribe into the new territory I was sad when he died :(



She would make a great leader. I wish she didn't die (read crookedstar's promise)

The evil kitty that could even betray his brother, his clan and STILL talk trash!
I honestly believe if you would have to find a voice actor for him, it would take long to find someone with a deep, hardcore, bad-ass, evil voice to fit him.
I never liked hawkfrost
I love Hawkfrost. Stupid Tigerstar made him evil and now I'm sad. He had the potential to be a great cat, now everyone hates him. Poor Hawkfrost :(
[Newest]Hawkfrost wasn't even a leader of a clan, just a commander of the Dark Forest

I hate Brokenstar so much! That moron killed Ferncloud in The Last Hope and destroyed his mothers life! BO FOR BROKENSTAR BO
Brokenstar was an interesting cat. I really liked him, what I don't get is how tigerstar broke the warrior code but he wasn't driven out but brokenstar was, that doesn't make any since, but whatever. He also is a better Shadowclan cat
He was so awesome! Yeah, okay, he was evil, and I didn't like Tigerstar or Nightstar, but he was like so awesome!

I think Tigerstar was an amazing cat. He is just... AWESOME. He was so mysterious and managed to hide his evil tactics from all the Clans. PLUS, he managed to trick a bunch of innocent Clan cats into training in the Dark Forest and fight on his side. You have to be pretty intelligent to do that, and good leaders MUST be intelligent.
This guy is one badass villain because he killed a tone of cats and was very ambitious that is what I call being a villain doctor eggman should take lessons from him.
Tigerstar is just awesome. He should be allowed into starclan I mean he took pitiful scraps of fur and made them back into a clan. Seriously he took basicly the whole forest almost single handed. TIGERSTAR FOREVER :]
[Newest]He is the worst cat ever and he never stops killing until he is the only one left in the forest!

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