Top Ten Ways Avengers Age of Ultron is Better Than The Avengers

The sequel to the Avengers aka Age of Ultron is better than Avengers.

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1More Fun to Watch

I really enjoyed the sequel more. - Metts

2Better Storyline

If you like the original better, that's fine with me but in my opinion I really do like the story better in it's fantastic sequel. - Metts

3More Interesting

Age of Ultron got more interesting stuff going on. - Metts

4Better Action Scenes

They fighting was also better in Age of Ultron. - Metts

5It Has a Better VillainV1 Comment
6More Characters

Vision, Quicksliver, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, and also a few others too. Vision is a very cool character and he looks great. - Metts

7Better Name

Age of Ultron sounds awesome and cool! I love that name! - Metts

8Iron Man and Hulk Fought Each Other

They really did an incredible job fighting and it's one of the best scenes I've seen in a movie! - Metts

9The Actors and Actresses Did Better in Acting

Scarlett Johansson did it better than any other movies and it's her greatest work. I don't like her in Iron Man 2 and Winter Soldier. Anyway Robert Downey did brilliant in this movie. Chris Evens did great in this as well. - Metts

10Black Widow Looks Cooler

She looks better in Age of Ultron and Civil War than the other three movies she's in. - Metts

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1. More Fun to Watch
2. Better Storyline
3. More Interesting



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