Top Ten Ways Captain America: the First Avenger is Better Than Captain America: Winter Soldier

First Avenger is way better than the Winter Soldier.

The Top Ten

1 Better Acting

Chris Evans did a better job in it but he's a still a really good actor. - Metts

Civil War is better than both of them though. - M4j0r45

2 Better Story

I love the story from First Avenger than Winter Soldier. - Metts

3 Better Fight Scenes

I enjoyed the fight scenes way more. - Metts

4 It's More Fun to Watch

More fun for me to enjoy the movie. - Metts

5 It's More Interesting

I was way more interested into watching First Avenger than Winter Soldier. - Metts

6 No Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson seems boring in Winter Soldier but she did better in Avengers, Age of Ultron, and Civil War. She did better in Winter Soldier than Iron Man 2. Plus I don't even like SJ as much anymore. I kinda dislike her now. - Metts

7 Captain America is a Better Person in It

He's seems to be a nicer guy in this movie. - Metts

8 Without the First Avenger, the Winter Soldier Wouldn't Exist

Because it tells the true story from the start. - Metts

9 It Has a Better Villain

Red Skull is way better than Winter Soldier. He's a way better villian and the actor himself is better. - Metts

10 It's More Likeable

I love First Avenger and don't care for Winter Soldier that much. - Metts

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