Top 10 Ways the Dark Knight Trilogy is Better Than Batman V Superman

The entire trilogy of the Dark Knight from Batman Begins, Dark Knight, and Rises are much much better movies than Batman V Superman.

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1Better story

The dark knight trilogy are the best batman films. - Therandom

It got a way more deep and interesting story than Batman V Superman. - Metts

2Better villains

The Joker is way better than Alex Luther. Heath Ledger is the best villain actor. - Metts

Actually, Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face was way better than Heath Ledger as the Joker. - clusium

3Better cast

Batman V Superman has an awful cast and the entire Dark Knight trilogy got way more better actors like Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Michael Cane, Morgan Freeman, and many more! - Metts

4The directors were betterV1 Comment
5Better batman

Christian Bale is the best Batman in existence. He's even better than Michael Keaton. Ben Affleck and Adam West are terrible as being Batman. - Metts

6It's more deep

There's a lot more things going on this trilogy than trashy Batman V Superman. - Metts

7More action

There's not enough action in Batman V Superman but the Dark Knight Trilogy got way more action. - Metts

8It has a lot of serious action in itV1 Comment
9It's more entertaining to watchV1 Comment
10It looks more realistic

The scenes are way more realistic looking than Batman V Superman and BVS is unrealistic. - Metts

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11Is not based too much in the comics
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1. More action
2. Better story
3. It's more entertaining to watch
1. Better cast
2. The directors were better
3. Better batman
1. Better story
2. It looks more realistic
3. It's more deep



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