Top Ten Ways E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial on the Atari 2600 Sucks

I havent seen the movie but im planning to beacause it looks amazing but the video game on the atari 2600 system sucks so much

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1It crashed the video game industry

Thanks for establishing this game is terrible mate. Needed clarification. - Puga

Ugh this video game is just awful and terrible - VideoGamefan5

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2Terrible graphics

This is the Atari 2600. Of corps the game doesn't look like the movie because the 2600 can do 4 bit graphics.

Uh they don't look like the movie - VideoGamefan5

3Broken controls

From what I've experienced the controls aren't horrendously broken. Games like Terminator 2 on SNES has controls more broken that E.T. 2600.

But this video game still sucks though its number 2 on worst video games of all time list - VideoGamefan5

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4Endless glitches and lag

There may be glitches but I haven't experienced lag. Howard S. Wars haw only had 5 weeks to program this game.

Who knew he only worked on this was this video game on 100$ budget or what - VideoGamefan5

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5You fall into random holes

That's the point of this game. You have to check the wells to obtain the phone pieces to complete a level.

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6Bad visuals

Ugh they look ugly and stupid backgrounds that look generic - VideoGamefan5

7Bad colors

E.T is green instead of brown what the heck - VideoGamefan5

8It's lame

Its very lame to play this video game - VideoGamefan5

9The level design is crappy
10It's poorly done with sounds
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