Top Ten Ways the Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom is Dying


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1Undertale replaced its popularity

Undertale is way better than FNaF in SO many ways, but every single FNaF fan brat moved to this. - DCfnaf

As pointed out by GCN, it exists solely for re purpose of Jump Scares. - Therandom

I was so obsessed with FNAF, but the story has already been explained as a dream, and Undertale is still fresh with Easter eggs. - WitheredBonnie

Now Undertale is overrated - CommanderLudwig

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2It lost its popularity

It's now replaced with Undertale, which in my opinion, is a better game than Fnaf. - Pegasister12

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3No one really cares about FNAF world
4It went downhill right after FNAF 2

I disagree, while this was my least favorite in the series, FNaF 4 was terrifying and FNaF Sister Location expanded the gameplay and made it semi free roam. - DCfnaf

FNAF1 was great, All FNAF 2 has is madness. - LunaFrost

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5No one is making videos about it any more

Because of undertale,undertale has brainwashed everyone to hating five nights at freddys - Nateawesomeness

6No more Fan ArtV1 Comment
7No more Theories about Fnaf V1 Comment
8No More Shipping memes
9By 2016 no one cared about it
10No one is even talking about FNAF anymore.V2 Comments
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