Top 10 Ways to Fix Sword Art Online

Even though I like it and say it's decent let's make it better then shall we

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1Remove the fan serviceV1 Comment
2Have a darker story

My gosh, do something darker like Akame Ga KIll... I swear.. They killed everyone off--but I continued to watch it! It was awesome!

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3Tone down the Harem

Kirito doesn't have all of the other girls fall in love with him. I would really appreciate a strong friendship.

4Make Kirito less of a Gary Stu

Kirito is cool and all, but he's TOO cool. Kirito, at no point in the series, faces anything remotely resembling a character-changing event. He's the same "quiet, tall, dark, powerful cool dude" for the entire series. He should evolve as the story progresses. - Jackamalio

Yeah, and give him a consistent personality. Many people hate Eren Jaeger and Light Yagami, but they are 3 dimensional fleshed out characters, even if they aren't what many people want them to be. Same with Issei from High School dxd. He was consistent and simple, and I hated that, but I liked that I hated that. Kirito should at least be that. Not a skin for a viewer to wear.

5Don't reuse the princess rescue story
6Remove some characters

Please remove Sugou, he sucks so bad, I even made a list of how much he sucks. The show would be better without this pervert. - AnimeDrawer

Oh yes, I would REALLY love it if they removed Sugou. I despise that pedophile. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

7Make Asuna Yuuki more badass
8Give characters that don't get much screen time more screen time
9Have better pacing

I think this is a major issue with the first arc. It was confusing seeing Kirito jump through so many levels, with little development in between.

10Use an actual writer from great developers

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?Give it an author who isn't a horny teenagerV1 Comment
?Get rid of the incest
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11Give Klein a girlfriend

Yeah! Let Klein date Sinon so she'll stop messing with Kirito. I love her character but I hate when she gets flirty with Kirito, he has Asuna.

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12Improve the looks of some characters

My god they need to improve Kirito's looks because there are 2 scenes I've seen that Kirito looks like someone else (In the extra edition he looks like Roy Mustang and in the Beater episode(episode 2) he looks like Eren Yeager making that creepy face - Hoxton

13Hire a game director to help

Hire someone like Hideo Kojima or Hidetaka Miyazaki for this one - Hoxton

14Remove the weird parts

So what I mean by "weird" parts are these naked scenes. It goes way too far at that point.

15Remove Suguha
16Use elements from the video game

There are so many characters and different side quests that can make the show better and funnier

17Give Kirito a Best Friend (a guy)

No I don't mean Klein or Agil. Create another badass male character that can start as Kirito's rival, but then later becomes his best friend. Who knows? This guy can even make all the girls fight over him instead of Kirito.

18Talk about Kirito's parents and how they died
19Redo it over again
20Make Sinon stop flirting with KiritoV1 Comment
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