Top Ten Ways for Non-Members On Animal Jam to Get Rares

No matter what my parents won't let me get membership on animal jam. scamming and hacking is just plain wrong plus it doesn't work so I found a few ways to get more rares. By the way my user is kitkatwhite so please buddy me. By the way, I'm only on animal jam on Sunday, sometimes Saturday, and breaks and holidays.

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1Another Account

Make another account and make your real one and the fake one on hard mode adventure with a Arctic wolf hosting it. The wolf can go through the wolf door and u might get a rare at the end. In your second account trade all their rares for cheapo stuff such as welcome mats or couches. That way u might get four rares. - Catscatscats

2Sky HighV1 Comment
3Color Switching

Try this on a non member jammer. Trade them butterfly wings or a tiara And turn it yellow to make it look rare. - Catscatscats

4Rare Item Monday

Always check the shop on Monday for rare items although I am not aloud to play on the weekdays most of the time, but I found out because I sneak play a lot. - Catscatscats


If you play every day make yourself look good with a good trade list. Be nice and helpful to everyone you see and make a lot of buddies. Go on lots of adventures too. People might gift u if they like u. Or be cheerful and hilarious. - Catscatscats

6Do the Phantom Portal Over and Over

Do it because u can get crystals. I once got 20 because I repeated it over and over. I traded with someone and they accepted. It's sorta like they r rare. If u view my den, I have a lava crystal also from trading. The phantom portal ones r either green or blue and purple. They are counted for rare to some people although they don't have a rare tag. - Catscatscats

7Daily Spin

Today I got 2 rares but they were all member. I currently have 5 rares that means can a member here please trade me non member rares. I'm kitkatwhite, also trade me a rare bow and arrow for any of my rares, I'll accept - Catscatscats

8Lucky Clovers

I never got the epic chest but I got 49/50 until my mom called me down for dinner - Catscatscats

People, just to tell you, REPEAT It over and over again and again and over. I got GLITCHED nerd glasses and a rare black long spike :D

9Graham's Workshop

Some stuff look so good that u can trade some for a rare - Catscatscats

10Buy Something Cool In the Den Shop and Trade It One Year Later

Someone wanted my glitchy potted plant so badly that she gave me a cactus chair. - Catscatscats

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