Top Ten Ways Gamecube Is Better Than Nintendo 64

Well GameCube is Awesome and Nintendo 64 Suxx! I'm the same person who made the lists Reasons Why the Nintendo 64 Sucks, Reasons to Hate Mario Kart 64, and Reasons to Hate Mario Kart 64 Fanboys. You know who am so don't put my name on your comments.

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1Better Games

Why are Graphics better than Games?

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2Better Graphics

N64 graphics are terrible! GameCube graphics are awesome and realistic!

3Better Controller

GameCube Controller Buttons and Joysticks are better than N64 Buttons and Joysticks.

4Can Always Read Games

Discs are way better than cartridge. Cartridge are harder for a system to read.

5Easier to Play

Yep a lot easier for gamers to learn and play.

6Memory Card

Memory cards are great for GameCube better Han any memory cards in existence.

7It Has Both Wired and Wireless Controllers
8It's More Underrated

Less people play GameCube than N64 but the GameCube needs a lot more fans.

9Better GameplayV1 Comment
10Better Sound

N64 always uses bass for music and GameCube use realistic sounds for music.

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