Top 10 Ways To Have a Remembered Death

Do not try any of these, it is for humor and entertainment only. If you're so dumb to actually try these, you're better off dead. DO NOT TRY.

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1Going on stage in a concert and shooting yourself

You'd be remembered, the band would be ruined due to the fact that you scarred their band performances, and you also would make the band ever associated with this incident. Damn. - PotBellyPup

ya, no one there would ever forget that one time someone committed suicide at that one concert. - I<3Queen

2Dressing up as a mad clown, and setting yourself on fire

Theres one crazy way to scare the kids. Lol. - PotBellyPup

3Suicide by running into a battlefield, and getting shot to death right in front of the war photographer

Making the headline pictures, and getting a famous picture too. - PotBellyPup

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4By interrupting Kayne West speech by going in front of him then shooting yourself

... Dressed as Taylor Swift. That would be hilarious! - fireinside96

5Suicide by cop

Stupid, foolish way to die. Don't do it, so dumb. - PotBellyPup

6Jumping off a skyscraper
7Tie yourself up to some fireworks, then run up to the new president and blow yourself up, flying through the night sky, then blowing up all over...everything.
8Jump on a building where Lady GaGa is having a concert

You're now the center of attention, NOT her anymore. =)) -

9By promoting TheTopTens and shooting yourself shortly afterwards
10Tying yourself to a runway

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11Jumping off a cliff
12Going into a blimp, then blowing it and yourself up with it
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