Top Ten Ways to Kill a Zombie


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Watching them go flying is the best part

A tank could squash countless zombies!

Three hours of running back and fourth over one with a suberu, is it dead yet?

They won't know what hit them

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The only way to kill a zombie is shoot it's head off or cut it's head off with a knife or chainsaw. I agree with chainsaw, too. - Hunter

Safest way to kill a zombie, whats a chainsaw gonna do?

Best choice for me, but id get in a lifted 4x4 truck with a sharp plow at the end and mow them down - RustyNail

The only way to kill a zombie. -

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Chainsaws suck first you have to be pretty close to a zombie to kill them. Second they are really loud so the zombies will hear you coming and third chainsaws are heavy and need gas to operate. Just don't USE A CHAINSAW use a gun or a machete.

Hey guys I know that chainsaws are badass and everything but there not a good thing to use against zombies because they are really heavy ( about 10 pounds) so unless you are really strong don't use this in a zombie apocalypse

Chainsaws are awesome, and so is chopping zombies heads off with them. But the problem is they aren't ranged weapons and are really heavy. Instead use a gun (pistol will do maybe) or a knife/machete and the job is done.

Come on, this is the best way to kill a zombie, move it back to #1

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4Extremely Loud Music

Some Behemoth - Slave shall serve, should do the trick. I get so pumped hearing that song I may go crazy on hi her too.

What happen if Justin Bieber sings extremely loud?

Hearing Justin beaver sing is the worst punishment

Hammer Smashed Face yo!

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5Attack Them With Your Pokemon

Infernape. ! Use Flamethrower. ! Golem use Earthquake.. ! Or even better Snorlax eat em!

Magikarp use... Actually, he will be better as tonight's dinner. - DapperPickle

Specially with dem crazy mega evolutions nowadays.
My brain is still stuck in HGSS.
And now I feel old. - Flamesofsilver

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Why go singular when you can go plural? Personally I think a katana would be best; there's no worry over ammo and it won't break. Or run out of gas. - usmc650736

Hack them down with katana and they will growl for mercy! No need to reload, man!

For long range runners just use a sniper rifle or ak-47 warning DO NOT USE A KNIFE because they can bite you easier

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7Homemade Explosives

Just get some gunpowder an pour it into an empty coke can

You would rather try this one it is brilliant!

That is a really good one

8A Computer

Shift song files in their brains. They will sleep while listening to the classical songs and we will then knife them!

Get on the army website and nuke em!

Oh yeah, I know i"ll bang the keyboard on their head... By the way my name is jonel

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Please don't do that the animal zombies are a lot creepier than regular ones

Yeah, go Scruffy! Go eat his brains! Good boy! That's a good boy! Yay!

Save the pets and sacrifice your self

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Hey holds a thousand bullets... I can't argue and nether can you - Hunter17p

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11KatanaV1 Comment
12Plastic Spoon

I don't know why I picked this... I guess I could Dig the eyes out and eat them maybe. Anyway what I'm trying to say is A PLASTIC SPOON WOULD ROCK!


That would be the best way but nothing would be better than yard clippers!

It's great for backstabbing zombies! - MusicalPony

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May the force be with you zombie hunters

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Don't feel like I have to explain this one. Pretty obvious.

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I think a cross bow can work very well. They can shoot a zombie in the head quickly and the arrows are reuseable.

16Baseball Bat

When I play left for dead 2 this is my choice. It feels good hitting them over then always using a gun - Sabbath

No gas, no ammo, this is number 1 for sure!

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17LawnmoverV1 Comment

You'll just be mowing down zombies plus it's a good gunn

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These zombies will say this if they look this item: IT'S A TRAP don't STEP ON IT DUDE It's A TRAP!

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20Meat GrinderV1 Comment
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