Top Ten Ways the Lion King Is Better Than Frozen

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1The Characters

This is a large factor in the movies. The characters in the Lion King all have different personalities that work together well and shine through. Even with characters like Sarabi and Rafiki You can tell what type of personality they have by observing the way the talk, walk, and carry themselves. The Lion King characters are like humans with animals bodies, they aren't to corny, or serious, bland, dry, (not even Zazu). Every single detail down to their names fits with who they are.

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2The Music

The Lion kings music fit well with the story, it came in at the right time, and the instrumentals went along with what was going on in a certain scene. The music makes Me feel something, for instance at the end when Simba climbs pride rock it symbolizes everything He and the others went through in the movie, the clouds clear, the rain washes all of those worthless bones away that the hyenas chewed on, symbolizing a new beginning, the smoke clears, and Simba turns from a young prince to a true King as His Father speaks to Him from above. It all works so well together is can only be described as wonderful.

Also, the Lion King is good, I didn't mean to say Oh the Lion King sucks, but Frozen is worse

Most of Frozen's music is bland and forgettable. Let it go was good at first, until you heard it EVERYWHERE you went. All of the Lion King's music are gems. - ClovertheAverageCat

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3The Story

This should be number one, but the story of the Lion King is fabulous. It has everything a good movie should have, it goes through different stages and You can watch the characters grow and develop. Another thing I like is that is REAL, the characters have flaws, but make up for them with their redeeming qualities. I like how their flaws balance with their good characteristics. The character interaction and dialogue is perfectly paced and spaced, the movie is neither to long or to short, it gives You just enough information so You can follow and understand the story. If You look close enough the Lion King has many deeper hidden meanings and life lessons in each scene for all ages.

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4The Relationships

Even though we don't see much of Simba and Nala's bonding time, You get the idea that in the song "can You feel the love tonight" it is two old friends reconnecting and kindling an old relationship that has been in their hearts for years? You can see how they connect in a loving way in the song, through their mannerisms. The same with the Mufasa/Simba relationship, now this isn't romantic of course, I mean come on they are Father a son! But You can tell they have a strong bond, and we get to see that before Mufasa's tragic fall...We see how Mufasa can be playful, stern, protective, and a wise Father all rolled in one within 20 minutes of the film. We also see how He and Simba still have a strong bond even in death, and their relationship is like a strong root in the ground that can never be broken, and even then Mufasa's lessons stick with Simba.

True, and even Scar/Simba relationship is interesting and was put some effort in theirvpart of the screenplay. Simba Nala best couple, superior to the sisterly love in Frozen, though its admittedly a good twist of the old formula

5The Lion King Deserves All the Attention It Gets

The lion King is clearly a masterpiece, timeless if You ask Me. Frozen get's boring with in a few weeks, and is shoved down Your throat so much You almost wish it didn't exist.

It already has a lot of attention. It even has a large fandom... - NoOreoForU

It does not deserve all the attention it gets.

6The Plot Line
7The Animation

The Lion Kings animation was breathtaking. The detail in it was well thought out and well done, from the colors to simple grass.

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8The Opening

Now I like a good laugh every once in a while during a film, but they way it was done if Frozen just came off as nauseating and straight up corny. The side characters weren't funny at all in my opinion, and were just unnecessary headache's throughout the film. Timon and Pumbaa were stupid yes, but at least I got a chuckle out of them every once in a while, and they did a lot for Simba during His time in the jungle.

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10Fan Base

Lord, don't even get me started on Frozen's fanbase! They I believe are honestly mostly brain washed, actually I have heard obsessed fans of Frozen at my School say that Frozen really wasn't that good. The fan base basically attacks any other Disney film, and thinks nobody could touch precious Frozen, which is not the case. I believe nearly every Disney film ( besides cars) is better than Frozen, I am saying this honestly, my unbiased opinion.

To be honest, High School Musical and Teen Beach Movie are the only ones as bad as Frozen.

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11The Emotion

Frozen I found to be very cookie cutter, with bland characters, bland "morals", bland music, bland plot line, it was just flatlined for Me.

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14The Parents

In TLK, they actually played a role, and not cookie-cutter parents that died so they didn't have to introduce two more characters. - ClovertheAverageCat

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15SimbaV1 Comment
16It Has James Earl JonesV1 Comment
17It had Tear-Jerking Scenes
18Hakuna Matata is better than Let it Go
19Timon & Pumbaa are funnier than Olaf
20The Hidden Messages

The messages are terrible and it brings a bad view into our society

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