Top Ten Ways Pokemon X and Y Is Easy


The Top TenXW

1The Roster
2The Gym Leaders
3Trading Pokemon Is Easy
4The Elite Four
5Trainer Battles
6Easy to Catch the Legendaries
7Easily Beat the Game
8Rival Battling
9Exp. Share

You get a level up! You get a level up! Everybody gets a level up!

I played through the game a second time without the exp share and it was still easy. I hope they at least put more effort into some difficulty for Sun and Moon. AT least combat the exp by giving us a ridiculously high leveled elite four or give important trainers really powerful pokemon. Gladion already has type: null/Silvally which is like bastardized clone(s) of arceus so giving more strong pokemon to balance difficulty where it's not too hard or easy would be possible. - Ruee

I have good news for you without giving major Spoilers about Sun and Moon. The EXP share was nerved and the game is a lot more challenging than XY. Like... A LOT MORE CHALLENGING. - Ruee

Whoa... I can't wait for a more challenging Pokemon game. The only main series Pokemon game that really challenged me was Pokemon Black, so I'm hoping Pokemon Sun will really put my skills to the test. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10The Champion
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