Ways to Tell if Someone is a Psycho


July 31, 2015 - Ever notice someone do really weird things. Ever notice someone being crazy? Let us know what to look out for!! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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They keep posting nasty comment about artists and their fans

2They keep starting all kind of of worst lists and cannot stop hating
THERE eyes are full of hatred

3They start acting like Britney Spears
Of course... What psycho wouldn't like to be like the queen of all psychos. Oops I did it again!


Start to acting like simon cowell
When I so this reason for someone to be crazy, I laughed so so much! Because it's so true! hahaha...


4They don't understand great jokes but laugh at silly things like furniture, shampoo and clocks.
... I don't laugh when the rest of my family or friends laugh but I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe when my mom put a black sock in the white washing load and they all got annoyed when everything turned grey... :D Makes me laugh even when I'm just thinking about it!
Wow- sounds like my mom! She is the same as this thing here! I wished she would seek some help but she wont, she is in denial that anything is wrong with her!
This is weird definitely a psycho.


5They keep insulting people
without even knowing them.


They hate people, they never respect anyone even thereself
To make themselves feel better and feel like they in control

6They come up to you at scream in your face.
She is really loud at most times and likes to hear her own voice as well doesn't listen.
Um... That's pretty crazy!


7The voices in their head communicate with the voices in yours.
Don't judge us but my friends and I do this a lot and I for sure am not given them up because I think its cool and since some of my friends are boys they have said that guys I think r cute (they don't know that) actually have crushes on me! 1 even said he had "feellings for me" oops got off track!
I also got the same experience since from 13 years old.

8They are having a conversation and no one and no cell phone is part of it.
well, this one could have many reasons for example to make himself cool to the people around him :)but yes that someone can be a psycho


This is the truth, because phsycopath's are people who want the feeling of importance..! So they do this..!

9They bitch, complain, cry and cause a scene no matter where they are.
I know a person, whose daughter is studying with us. One days she complained to her parent that she is not happy with the class. The parent was at a yoga class from where he started shouting. He stated calling bad words and making a bad scene even without knowing what the matter is...
I went to a party and met this guy named Richard and he seem nice but he is a real pain he has scared 7 of my friends off they don't talk to me he is a stocker and he went up to my old job and threatened the people for my phone number and he is really crazy I try to get right of him I don't go in to town I got a job far Away and I need to do something about this he scream and follow me shows up at night he physco person I don't try to talk or see him
They will create a scene in front of crowd. Screaming and yelling at you. Complaining you did this... You did that... Blah blah... Just to make themselves satisfied that they are always right. And the rest of the world is wrong!

10They walk out the door naked
they think going out naked is a great idea. all they want its a crazy attention. truly they are worst psychos.
If I look out the door now seeing someone do this I will pass out.


The Contenders

11Their therapist sends them to a different therapist
I made my therapist cry.. She was a nice lady.. The second one was a gold digger so I had 2 ditch her...
That's what happened to me. I guess I'm a psycho. Looks like everyone is rite! > this sucks, I hate when other people are right

12They keep voting for David Duchovny
I've never seen fans so idiot like this man attracts.
They are so rude and aggressive. They suck.

13When you're taking a shower and you turn around and hear the theme from the movie Psycho. (Wree Wree Wree)
When you hear this, it's bowel movement time!


14They walk into a room complaining about the voices in their head.

15They stare at you and smile
I like this. They turn up at your house in the middle of a stormy night and just stare at you from beneath the peak of their baseball cap and grin slowly, deliberately, all the time staring at you without uttering a single word...


. . and you think. . . ahhh, they're just shy and nice. . . CREEPY!

16Every time they walk into a room the Psyco shower scene music plays.
They start talking by themselves.. Hit things.. They are short tempered... Shouts for no reason..

17They misunderestimate you.

18They start preaching about the giant flying spagetti noodle monster
Yep my friend is a psycho because of this

19They have chilli in their shoes
But what if they're hungry later. How else could they hold their chili
Now THAT is psychotic.


20They hit you for no reason
My husband hits me most of the time. He apologies after. But does it again. I am sick and tired of him. But you know what? He loves seeing me in pain. For him no pain! No gain, because from my pain he can gain sarisfaction.

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