10 Ways You Can Die In Black Ops 2

You wanna know 10 ways you can die? Well here they are...

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1Sniping while standingV1 Comment
2Not keeping aim

Not keeping aim is bad because if you don't keep aim you can easily get killed

3Camping in a spot

Camping is 1 thing you don't do. If you camp you can get killed by behind or front sometimes. So never camp!

4Following your team mates

Following u'r team mates sometime lead you to trouble because if you always stick with u'r team mates sometimes they can go the wrong way and lead you to trouble.

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5Choosing a bad class

Now choosing a bad class is something you can't do. If you choose bad perks, lethals, guns, wildcards, and second dary's. You can get killed easily.

6Being on a wack team

Sometimes being on a wack team can make you loose because what if they are trying to help you and they get killed easily it can be a wack team sometimes.

7Quick scoping

When quik scooping you can die easily because and asualt rifle can be faster than you quik scooping. The enemy can kill U.

8Not watching your corners

Not watching your corners. Watch your corners because if you just run in a straight line and and a enemy in a corner he can kill U.

9Not moving

Not moving staying put, kinda like camping but you can get killed that way. Another example is that when u'r running and a guy is behind you shot you a couple of times but you died because you wasn't moving.

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10Throwing ballistics knifes

They are knifes that are small right? So what if you miss a shot when the guy shoots u?

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