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I'm sorry, when it comes to weak pokemon, it's no contest. Magikarp has always, to this day, been one of the only pokemon that can be considered a joke. The only thing that can redeem this pokemon is his evolution, and even then, it's a massive pain-in-the-ass journey involving lots of grinding and EXP Shares.
Caterpie and Weedle aren't too bad because they evolve quickly. But you have to get Magikarp up to a pretty good level before it finally evolves into the wonderfully powerful Gyrados. And I'd like to see you TRY to beat any Pokemon with Magikarp. Considering Magikarp only knows Splash and (if you're lucky) Tackle, it'll be a pretty tough fight.
Are you serious? Charizard as second weakest? Arceus as 13th weakest? Do you people have any idea what pokemon even is? Sure, Magikarp is quite pathetic and I agree it is the weakest, but you guys are morons if you actually think Arceus and others legendaries are anywhere near weak.
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Considering how Charizard faints merely at the sight of rocks, I'm amazed it hasn't already been voted higher on this list.
Try actually using Charizard competitively with ACTUAL STRATEGY and watch yourself fail. Don't be fooled just because the show tried to make Charizard all badass. He really isn't. It's like getting a giant car - you look pretty cool on the outside, but you're really just compensating for something really really pathetic.

Also, rocks.
Aw yeah guys. Charizard is so awesome. He just-

Stealth Rock.
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It has total base stats of 180, while Magikarp and Feebas have 200! Caterpie is even better than Sunkern with 195! I think Kricketot has 194 actually xD
It will make you cry like no tomorrow trying to kill something although magikarp are painful to raise too
Yes, its the weakest pokemon by stats but in black in white there was this place were you could find them. And there was this other pokemon there that gave out some of the best experience in the game so I hate sunkens and they are the most retarted stupid little pokemon ever.
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Only learns one move and can't learn any TMs. Terrible stats overall.
Come on Unown only knows 1 move and that's hidden power a move that almost every pokemon can learn. Do you wan't to know why its name is Unown, because once you catch it you, ll wan't to un-own.


Unowned only has 1 move: Hidden Power which is a move that any Pokemon can learn by HM. Also this Pokemon takes up the most Pokemon cards for a single Pokemon and its stats are incredibly low. Useless and Weak Pokemon
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Luvdisc is terrible. It couldn't even 1 hit KO a Camerupt with Water Pulse if it was a critical hit and confuse it. Luvdisc defines a bad Pokemon. It sucks more than Charizard. Yeah, that bad.
Doesn't even evolve, like all the others on this list.
For me, Luvdisc is the weakest because it can't even evolve to get stronger. At least with a Magikarp you know it evolves into a beast later to make up for the previous 20 levels.
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string shot that is all.


It is actually weaker than the splash, flail, and tackle using magicarp hypo
I mean it doesn't even have a badass evolution like Magikarp, its just a terrible Pokemon no matter how you spin that .

When I evolved my wurmple, my stats literally went down... Never press b during evolution if you are trying to get a dustox. I only am keeping one to own every single pokemon. Even the terribly hard training of a cascoon is not worth it to get adustox. Dustox's are also terrible.

Hey, you know what? I caught a feebas and train it at the pkm contests, so it can evolves into a badass milotic-a very, very strong water type. It helps my them a lot, worth for my training ;-P
He sucks even more than Magicarp because even though they are just as weak, Feebas is a pain in the ass to find in Ruby and Saphire
Feebas is weaker then magicarp since at least magicarp evolves into a strong pokemon at level 30 or 20 you can train feebas till its a level 100 but it wont evolve you have trade it with a persim scale
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Smeargle can learn any attack. How is it weak if you play your cards right?

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I'd have 2 say.. Azuril is kinda cute but weak. BUT not as weak as Magikarp. This is why I don't like Magikarp (I do like its evoulution though)and I do like Azuril. (;
While sunkern has a worse best, At least it can ATTACK when it is first born. Azurill starts with... What? Splash? Pathetic.
It's a normal type with sucky stats blah
But it evolves to a marril and then to a Azurril which is pretty cool

Hey! Here's an ugly Pokemon with a strange shape that you will have no trouble catching because the only move it can learn is harden. It's hard to be alive that there is. Any wild butter frees at all because Metapod can only level with help from an exp. Share.
It's only good for harden otherwise it couldn't last a second
It is a very boring Pokemon using harden all the time
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Weedle is a pain to train it starts from level 5

My very first HM slave! :D
This thing has OP ABILITYS such as Moody, Simple and others. Bidoof for uber!
Seriously. Who like Bidoof?!
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Look, I know patrat isn't good but NEVER use the word Retarded, it's an offensive way of referring to someone with a mental disability, it can be especially offensive to people with a mental disability or people with mentally disabled family members and it just so happens my brother had a mental disability, he also recently died.
Don't ever get a patrat. They're useless. Stupid, idiotic, retarded, useless, mouronish, mindless, hopeless, weak, poopy, easy to beat, disgusting patrat. They should be # 1.

It should be higher. It's basically Cascoon.

This thing has the potential to be cool if they would just give it an evolution. Plus, WHY IS THIS THING NOT PART BUG TYPE?
He stinks plus he sucks
Just because it's rare doesn't mean it isn't weak. I caught a shiny red Dunsparce once and it still sucked.

Well... Its just a fish afterall
These people are retarded! Charizrard is an epic pokemon!

I don't know why this is here! This Pokemon is awesome and so is charizard! Charizard is not weak so I think this is WRONG


No moves, no defenses and slow as hell. Murkrow is faster and Eviolite Murkrow is better than it.


No defenses or moves. It's slower than Murkrow and Eviolite Murkrow is better than it.


It has almost nothing going for it. It is hard for it to choose between swords dance or agility. Maybe if it got dragon dance it could be decent. It's stats are okay, just a mew with twenty more in each stat. Its ability really sucks. If you become, say, fire then a shellos will ko you with water gun. It doesn't help that a Pokemon called magikarp will always be the better choice with its infinite damaging splash attack. Judgement sucks, it is a hyper beam with thirty less power. The rest of its move pool is lacking and a metapod with harden will wall arceus, rendering it useless. If it uses a special attack, chimling with mirror coat will kill it. Overall, arceus is a hopeless Pokemon, but if you like underdogs, arceus might be a different choice. In all seriousness though, arceus shouldn't be on this list though. It is just fun to joke, some people on here can't take a joke.
Arceus's total statistic for skill points is the highest. He rates 1/200 on the stat page for overall stats.
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It only knows present. The move that has a 20% chance of actually HEALING the defending Pokemon. Really, Pokémon? REALLY?!

I put these on for two reasons:
1. The specialty moves they learn are completely weak, and they have to wait a whole turn. It takes a while to teach them a better ice-type move, and they don't learn the best moves.
2. If Charizard is up here, they can be too. If you guys want to put up double-weaknesses, put up Larvesta or Wingull.


I use Ralts only for Gallade. I seem to have the good luck of always finding male Raltses. This is one of the only pokemon I have in all three games that I have.
I hated having to train this idiot in sapphire

What are you nuts he's the 5th powerfulłest pokemon wow goo job stupid. By the way I'm calling rayquaza to come and kill you
What? You think you are badass with your lipstick? Are you gonna kiss me?

Level 100 it learns blue flare wicked move.
What the heck man he in 19th who's the will vote reshiram you freak show
This is one of the weakest Pokemon ever. Stealth rock does one fourth of it's health. Then a focus sash duskull can pain split it to near oblivion and shadow sneak. Magikarp can also ko it with splash. Blue flare is a hyper beam with less power. It will also be killed by a mirror coat chimling so don't bother with this crappy Pokemon.
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It looks like a booger. Same to Wormadam! Would you ever want a female booger in one of your slots?! No. For that reason, banish this piece of crap to your nose, and puncture it endlessly with your finger. -_-
Burmy is often considered one of the worst Pokemon ever. Its stats are bad, it's not original, and the same applied to Wormadam and Mothim.

All it can do is teleport.
Teach it theif, steal the opponents berrys ;D
Hey, abra only knows teleport, right? Teach it the punchs, BAM!
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No one put this on yet.The Males don't evolve, but the Females do, and Combee's evo is pretty awful anyway.
He has the lowest defense ever


What bitch put dialga on here


Weak and has an awful defense! Like really, mine faints in 1 quick attack. sucks right?

Even though it evolves into into a great Pokemon, all it can use is Fake Tears. It sucks!


The best team ever would be maigickarp rattata and shuckle noobs
Other than Quick Attack, this loser has no good moves


Why would you put a legendary Pokemon here

2nd to worst base stats evolves into something nobody uses the only thing good about this pokemon is pikachu and lightball so it would be the poor excuse of a pokemon
Damages himself and has low stats

Well, basically the weakest fighting type of all.


He is one of the Pokemon there is not to mention its a legendary

Palkia is the awesomest (one of them) on this list… but Dialga is even better (as seen in the Pokémon movie "The Rise of Darkrai") LOOK AT HIM HIT PALKIA!
WHO THE HECK PUTS LEGENDRARYS OR MYTHICALS ON THE WEAKEST LIST ESPACAILLY PALKIA. It suck like crud right. Pokemon pearl is totally awesome.

How long has this thing been here? LIKE 1 MONTH. Oh, and in that month it moved up half the list.
Pokemon these days... nah.
Goop... Goop... Goop... Oh does it do anything else then goop... At least Goodra is a pseudo...
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He would be an amazingly powerful Pokemon if it wasn't for Slow Start.
Hindering ability, shallow movepool, and has no reliable ways to stall for the 5 turns needed for its ability to wear off.


You have GOT to be kidding!


Zapdos is not weak
My zapdos is pathetic in x and y, but the one in soul silver is ok...

Learn bad moves I hate this thing so much
I've been waiting to tell the
World how much I hate this thing
So weak

All it took to finally remove him from competitive play by the time 6gen arrived was to make more moves and pokemon. And more moves/abilities/designs are a building block of every new Pokemon game.

Half of his typing holds only one useful move, almost everything else of value has to be taught via elusive tutor. Combine all of it with abhorrent durability and you have a third-stage pokemon that is only useful for catching critters.
Gallade is here. Why is gallade?
Gallade should have never been made and girlfriend understood this by giving some love to Medicham at last. Now you have no reason to put Gallade on your team.

I really liked this pokemon at first but, it gets killed by everything; I gave up on it.




Articuno knows ice beam and blizzard and sheer col idiot. Its one of the best ice pokemon of my opinion.

Tiny move pool, horrible stats, worst of the Eeveelutions, gimping team if chosen.

It has the lowest speed of all Pokemon, which makes it pretty hard to use. It has horrible moves and cannot evolve. The best move it knows is rock tomb, and even that is pretty horrible.
The only thing good about shuckle is its defense
My GRAMMA could punch harder than Shuckle!
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This Pokemon is not real
Fakefakefake! Stoopid noobnoobnoob! Mewthree is the makebelive so it die easy makebelive Pokemons go to the scariest place on earth hell!

Who looses to an untrained snivy after all those journeys?
Ashs pikachu only battles with weak pokemon.if it battled with a strong guy it would get always loses its electricity like two or three times in unova.not because of three duckletts P.s the duckletts got mad because people probably treated them bad and not because of a thunderstorm.its because of it lost its pp
Pikachu is the strongest Pokemon in the world you guys are idiots who don't know what Pokemon is so go suck it retarded motherf******* my pikachu is level 70 and he helped me get all of the 16 badges in Pokemon soul silver you people must not know how pikachu is
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Makes total sense that a dog comes before a demon that can kill you while you sleep.


Its a rip off of every other caterpillar Pokemon. At least its final evolution is OK.
Low health only one attack and that one attack is so weak why is this even a Pokemon?
Basically a Caterpie, but in Kalos.

Beldum takes way too long to evolve and only knows one move Take Down. A decent move but why the hell only 1 move. I mean come on. Plus it got nerfed in Gen 6 with Steel types being weak to Dark and Ghost. At least Metagross is really awesome and powerful.
Beldum is a loser

Good thing: it can evolve. Bad thing: its stats suck. It's almost as bad as Patrat! Its only good stat is speed!

Lucario is awesome dumhead
The worst Pokemon with defense of all! It was beaten in just two seconds! Frustrating:(

Mew he really needs a shrt



Clefable is so bad! Once you evolve it, it can't learn any more moves!



It's just another moth

I'm sorry Karrablast but your a one hit KO.
But he has a decent move pool

A very weak Pokemon, and its tail is getting shines brightly just like an ambulance

While penischu is weak, he has great novelty apeal because he's THE SMALLEST Pokemon. Burn.
He only learns harden!


He's an obese pokemon... Nothing else needs to be said
Eating at McDonalds makes you weak and fat

Just sings all day.

This ugly fellow is useless


Oshowatt is a bad ass when he evolves to samurott
As it can only shoot water, he's pretty weak.

Tepig only shoots fire


Any move you possibly do it faints.




He sucks he only shouts bubbles!

Ha! A monkey with golden rings.he even weaker than chichar

It is the slowest least defensive Pokemon on earth what can you do with it I used it in the Pokemon league it got killed right away evolution also sucks the only good thing about is it can do good against dragon type


Terrible Pokemon that only learns moves like growl which makes it hard to train. The only good thing is Arcanine when you evolve Growlithe



Has base stats of 251


Horrible Stats, Horrible moves...

Trainer 1: Bunnelby, use leer!
Bunnelby: Bunnel!
Game: It had no effect on the opposing Magikarp.
Trainer 2: Magikarp, use splash!
Magikarp: Karp Karp Karp, Magikarp Karp Karp!
Game: Bunnelby fainted.

Shes cute but not very strong.

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