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I'm sorry, when it comes to weak pokemon, it's no contest. Magikarp has always, to this day, been one of the only pokemon that can be considered a joke. The only thing that can redeem this pokemon is his evolution, and even then, it's a massive pain-in-the-ass journey involving lots of grinding and EXP Shares.

This Pokemon is badass with swift swim it out speeds almost anything this poor Pokemon it is great

Are you serious? Charizard as second weakest? Arceus as 13th weakest? Do you people have any idea what pokemon even is? Sure, Magikarp is quite pathetic and I agree it is the weakest, but you guys are morons if you actually think Arceus and others legendaries are anywhere near weak.

Caterpie and Weedle aren't too bad because they evolve quickly. But you have to get Magikarp up to a pretty good level before it finally evolves into the wonderfully powerful Gyrados. And I'd like to see you TRY to beat any Pokemon with Magikarp. Considering Magikarp only knows Splash and (if you're lucky) Tackle, it'll be a pretty tough fight.

Hey charizard is on 4th number

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It has total base stats of 180, while Magikarp and Feebas have 200! Caterpie is even better than Sunkern with 195! I think Kricketot has 194 actually xD

It will make you cry like no tomorrow trying to kill something although magikarp are painful to raise too

The lowest base stat of any Pokemon, sure Magikarp is bad, but it can still learn tackle and flail, even a Magikarp knowing these moves could destroy a sunkern

Sunkern is definitely the weakest Pokemon by base stat.

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Come on Unown only knows 1 move and that's hidden power a move that almost every pokemon can learn. Do you wan't to know why its name is Unown, because once you catch it you, ll wan't to un-own. - Josono1234

Only learns one move and can't learn any TMs. Terrible stats overall.

Unowned only has 1 move: Hidden Power which is a move that any Pokemon can learn by HM. Also this Pokemon takes up the most Pokemon cards for a single Pokemon and its stats are incredibly low. Useless and Weak Pokemon

It can also learn hidden attack!

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Try actually using Charizard competitively with ACTUAL STRATEGY and watch yourself fail. Don't be fooled just because the show tried to make Charizard all badass. He really isn't. It's like getting a giant car - you look pretty cool on the outside, but you're really just compensating for something really really pathetic.

Also, rocks.

Considering how Charizard faints merely at the sight of rocks, I'm amazed it hasn't already been voted higher on this list.

Aw yeah guys. Charizard is so awesome. He just-

Stealth Rock.

Charizard can almost defeat even a dragonite

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Doesn't even evolve, like all the others on this list.

For me, Luvdisc is the weakest because it can't even evolve to get stronger. At least with a Magikarp you know it evolves into a beast later to make up for the previous 20 levels.

Luvdisc is terrible. It couldn't even 1 hit KO a Camerupt with Water Pulse if it was a critical hit and confuse it. Luvdisc defines a bad Pokemon. It sucks more than Charizard. Yeah, that bad.

Would you kiss my bumped head Luvdisc please. I mean it could barley hurt a Magikarp it will just kiss it

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string shot that is all.
- Trish

Wrong! He know bug bite but that's pretty much all.

Caterpie is weak I think it should be at the top it also is cute

I get how he is weak he is the weakest in my collection of Pokemon

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Hey, you know what? I caught a feebas and train it at the pkm contests, so it can evolves into a badass milotic-a very, very strong water type. It helps my them a lot, worth for my training ;-P

I agree, Feebas is a damn useless Pokemon. the only reason I like him is because he evolves into a real pro card, MILOTIC!

Feebas should be on the top of this lists, it only does 10damage and if the coin is tails it does nothing!

Feebas is weak but his evolved form is stronger

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It's only good for harden otherwise it couldn't last a second

Metapod is not actually that weak cause it can use the attack whatever it is bla bla bla... And damage a Pokemon and increase its defense

Hey! Here's an ugly Pokemon with a strange shape that you will have no trouble catching because the only move it can learn is harden. It's hard to be alive that there is. Any wild butter frees at all because Metapod can only level with help from an exp. Share.

Metapod, I chose you! Finish off that Charizard with a Harden attack! I believe in u, Metapod! Strike first, strike fast!

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It is actually weaker than the splash, flail, and tackle using magicarp hypo

Why even try to use it


Smeargle can learn any attack. How is it weak if you play your cards right?

This Pokemon isn't weak at all! You let it hold a focus sash so it would survive an attack, and use spore to make opponent asleep. When your opponent wakes up, they find out stealth rock, sticky web, spikes all set up.

How is it weak, it is so useful. It has every moves, so it can either be a set upper(spore first then hazard, always carry focus sash for smeargle), or it can kill Pokemon by using lock-on and then sheer cold, how is it bad at all!

Smeargle is OP! Why is it even on this list? It can learn Dark Void for crying out loud!

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I like its some attack

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When I evolved my wurmple, my stats literally went down... Never press b during evolution if you are trying to get a dustox. I only am keeping one to own every single pokemon. Even the terribly hard training of a cascoon is not worth it to get adustox. Dustox's are also terrible.

He should be number 1! He's weaker than Magikarp because Magikarp learns tackle at some level.


Look, I know patrat isn't good but NEVER use the word Retarded, it's an offensive way of referring to someone with a mental disability, it can be especially offensive to people with a mental disability or people with mentally disabled family members and it just so happens my brother had a mental disability, he also recently died.

A lot of hate aghast patrat, poor buddy, his eyes do look like they have been scratched out though, (Patrat) look deep into my eyes..

He was the first Pokemon I caught. But I released him.

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I'd have 2 say.. Azuril is kinda cute but weak. BUT not as weak as Magikarp. This is why I don't like Magikarp (I do like its evoulution though)and I do like Azuril. (;

While sunkern has a worse best, At least it can ATTACK when it is first born. Azurill starts with... What? Splash? Pathetic.

Ok I Will Spit This Out. Azurill Is My Favorite Pokemon. And You can't Hate Everything For Stats And Battle. I Carry An Azurill Around Until Level 51! 🐢🐢🐢


But it is still cute

Wurmple are not only weak, but also ugly.

In the beginning of my game I caught a lv.9 wurmple, who only knew harden. But he right away evolved into cascoon.


My very first HM slave! :D

Seriously. Who like Bidoof?!

I looked at it once, and I did not even feel like hunting it to extinction because it's so darn ugly.

It has terrible stats, but all its abilities are awesome

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Not strong and useful

After one battle with it I had to release it

Its just the worst.

Worst Pokemon in the world

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It should be higher. It's basically Cascoon.


This thing has the potential to be cool if they would just give it an evolution. Plus, WHY IS THIS THING NOT PART BUG TYPE?

Dunsparce is actually damn op when used well.

He stinks plus he sucks


Its a rip off of every other caterpillar Pokemon. At least its final evolution is OK.

Low health only one attack and that one attack is so weak why is this even a Pokemon?

This Pokemon is shaped like a turd and attacks like one as well!

Your right about Scatterbug I agree

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Teach it theif, steal the opponents berrys ;D

I disagree I have a abra and when I evolved it it destroy everybody with psychic even steel type like donphan who resist psychic types

All it can do is teleport.

It knows only teleport

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