Top 10 Web Browsers of 2014


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The Top Ten

Google Chrome
Google Chrome out performs all Browsers. Google is easy to manage and do every thing a Browser is required. Supported by all open source operating systems and Windows. Hands down nothing compares to Google.
Although both Chrome and Firefox are great, I have to pick Chrome as my favorite because it is the browser I use most often, and also I find Chrome to be the fastest.
Best web browser and have many application can use
Google has decided not to support RedHat or CentOS so it is out for me. It seems slow and I know it is unsafe. I have no idea why it is number one - could be because the bemouth Google has something to do with the voting. Everyone knows IE is first and Firefox is second in number of users.
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2Mozilla Firefox
Look, Firefox will be always safer, and "SAFETY" is better than "LIGHTNING FAST", Chrome can put their fingers on their ass.
Mozilla Firefox is faster than Chrome and better than Safari!
I like Firefox but suddenly it started showing ads everywhere and random things I click on open an ad. I use safari now.
It is the fastest Browser I've ever used.
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3Apple Safari
It has very smooth function and it is much faster than Google chrome as I used it yesterday Google is very slow and I realized that safari 5.1.7 is much faster than it and I heard that apple safari is the best browser in the world
Smooth. Reader function is helpful.
I like it best fuctions

4Internet Explorer
I'm tech since 90s and never used any other browser. Any test shows that IE is the best! Agree, IE should be #1 (Google Chrome also good)
IE 12 is super Fast
IE 11 is really one of the best. Fast and secure with no privacy problems like Google Chrome. Microsoft did a great job on this browser
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Best all in one browser
It does more of what I want. Torrent download is one big feature.
Torch is the best!


Are you kidding me? Opera 7! Opera it's the best
Opera is very 2x2x2x2x222x2x2x2x2x2 goood!

8Citrio Browser

9Epic Browser

10Opera Mini

The Contenders

11Android Browser

12Maxthon Web Browser
Maxthon has lot of cloud features like cloud push, cloud download, cloud share, cloud tab. It also has lot of unique features. It is also a better browser than Chrome, Firefox.

13Nintendo 3DS Internet Browser

14UC Browser

15Avant Browser

16SeaMonkey Navigator

17Pale Moon
Pale Moon is an Open Source, Firefox-based web browser optimized for today's processors. Smooth and speedy, compatible with firefox's extensions...


19AOL Desktop

20SRware Iron

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