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I feel that little needs to be said. Youtube is and probably will remain a powerhouse. However, with all its positives, which are numerous, it needs to watch that advertising. Too much advertising will ruin youtube. Other than that, it rocks.
Every episode/Music video you could ever hear!
Rock on YOUTUBE!
You can watch anything you want its really cool it is a website to go on when you are bored
[Newest]YouTube is amazing what more needs to be said?

Google is totally awesome! Google mostly is the internet, and one of the most basic sites online. It is so basic yet so complex. Youtube is great too, but Google actually owns Youtube, so Google is double cool. It the most useful website, and the doodles keep you coming back everyday even if you don't need to search something.
Google is really great... Like nobody says search it in yahoo, search it in youtube, search it in wikipedia.. Just some says them... But everyone often says search it in google! Google is the gateway to any other website... The best search engine.. It almost gives any information... You can watch videos... You can watch pictures... You can search for everything... -so google rules them all!
Google is my favorite web search engine and I love all the apps, google chrome, gmail, google documents, google translation, google earth, antivirus', skype, angry birds, and the whole google pack.. Google is the best website ever. Thanks you Google
[Newest]Everybody uses the handy website Google. It's a useful searching tool that provides info for nearly everything. You can use it verbally or physically and you can access it on any electronic/device. Google is always used to go to websites that people don't know the names of and it's a great researching tool even though there's a slim chance it might give you wrong information. It's up to date on news on sports, celebrities, etc and it provides pictures along with your search. Google, you're a wonder!


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Its Of the people, By the people, For the people.
A worthy example of pure genius.
Offers unimaginable list of contents... Which is why it is great
The largest encyclopedia in the world
It just had to be Wikipedia. A hard choice but its just convenient knowledge and the amount of diverse information they provide is beyond any other website I've ever seen.
[Newest]Anyone can make edits on any page and I have rarely found anything reliable on Wikipedia!


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Thinking about the fact that you are voting for something else as you use this website is foolish.
How ironic, since the voting party is the party themselves. I can understand how this is a great website and all (what with the user-friendly interface) but this is just pathetic.
This is the greatest site ever, each and every thing is here which acknowledge us well. As from the first day that I have been through this site I just became a great fan.
If you're thinking of looking for another website to look for the best top tens... Don't. This is by far the best website for searching the best.. Truly the best...
I would vote for Facebook but I think I need to give some credit to TheTopTens...
[Newest]This site is awesome! I'm on it a lot


Facebook is where everything is. It's a great way to publicize events and also get more information about other events. It's the easiest way to communicate with friends who live in a distance. People can also post pictures and texts about their daily lives.
I think this social networking website has lot of potential, it has lot of members and still counting everyday. A complete user friendly and lots of apps make it more famous in its field.. So my vote goes to FACEBOOK
OVER 550,000,000 users BETTER than MySpace


[Newest]I like face book more it is the best web site
It is a good website, but unfortunately there are users I've encountered are either not that useful or just want to get hated on. That "LostBoy" person likes bashing on action movies that everybody else loved, including "Independence Day" which earned a box office and awards for being one of the most exciting movies ever remembered! He calls himself a "movie connoiseur" when he's more of a snob, and thinks his reviews are helpful when people should just ignore him.
Amazon is like target, walmart, sports authority, and toys r s online? Huge mall
(even food)
Go look up specific foods and you can find it.

I think yahoo is one of the best website. Yahoo is leading mailing site. Its features are much better than gmail and other mailing sites.
This should be higher then it is. I mean, come on people! Yahoo owns all! I do like Facebook but I'd rather have Yahoo! Any day.
I love google, but this has better settings and you can see the news right away!


[Newest]Yahoo Answers is all that I need to say!

Twitter is a way to say everything without being judged by anyone
IT? S THE BEST SOCIAL NETWORK, you can know everything that happen in the whole world and change opinions among fans of the same band or singer, music, book, and other...
You can say and know everything with just one click, and without appear different or not at the mode.
This is my opinion.
Its better than facebook to me
Yay! I love going on Twitter to complain about my life!

9IMDb - The Internet Movie Database
I love IMDb so much. its the best website you can find, with stacks of Movie Star profiles and movie info!


This is a very useful website when it comes to movies, actors, etc.


Between IMDB & Wikipedia, I'll never have to buy another set of encyclopedias again!


[Newest]It provides better info on movies than Wikipedia. I use IMDb to prove people wrong.

There is the best place for watching movies.
Every day I watch netflix, I love it!


Netflix is better than imdb

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11Yahoo! Answers
Answer of every thing.

Millions of art pictures including traditional art, digital art, photography, literature, flash and stock images all in one roof!!! BEST ART SITE EVER
It's inspiring. Gives me ideas for my own art.
I don't know why this isn't number 1 or even in the top ten YouTube has been going downhill since Google bought it this should be above YouTube even though you can't make videos on here deviantart chould be number 1
[Newest]Best website ever! Amazing community and amazing art!
YEAH BOY! The #1 Website I am the BIGGEST WWE fan EVER!


Great website. Just wish it was a bit more easy to use then it would be the best website.
WWE is fake the wrestlers are actors who have a script like a movie their are like johnny cage in his movies, he is the special effects because he does the tricks just WWE is fake
[Newest]WWE is really entertaining and Unpredictable

Wow! I didn't know about the site until now and it is so funny! I still have a stitch!


The satirical humor is great


The funniest website I've seen for a long time!


[Newest]This is one of the funniest websites ever!

The games are so addicting and has a ton of games to play with. Some games you could continue forever!
Never in my life will I have played every good game on that site.


Back in public school this site was the go-to site for free time.


Reddit is a very good website. It's many communities can be very appealing to certain interests, and some subreddits such as TIL: Today I Learned can be very informative in a whole. I recommend if you're a big information junkie and enjoy watching cute cat videos for hours on end!


This should be in the top 10.. You can spend a lot of time on the site!
Reddit is the absolute best website in the world
There is a subreddit for everything and when your bored, you can look at what everyone else did that day.
[Newest]If it exists, there is a sub for it.
Ebay not another word to stay. ! Quality was not met that's interesting

18Rotten Tomatoes
I love rotten tomatoes. If I want to see a movie, I can look it up on Rotten Tomatoes to see what it recommends.
Being a movie lover, I naturally gravitate towards Rotten Tomatoes.

Absolutely hilarious! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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