Top Ten Weirdest Hip Hop Songs

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1Fack - Eminem

Eminem really messed up with this. Somewhere along the production line, did he not just think what even is this? It would have saved us all an earache.

The gerbil is stuck in my butthole... Like what kinda lyrics are those

This song is just nasty. I wonder what Eminem was thinking when he wrote this.

This song is so nasty. I wonder what he was thinking when he wrote this.

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2HYFR - Drake

Oh come on Drake. Why?

3Shame On a N**** - Wu-Tang Clan

Alright. This song is a very old song. When I was like 15 years old. I couldn't wait for there new album. On the day it came out. I listened to the song and it made me "What?. Why would they make a song like that? ". The song was very weird. But 'Fack' was more weirder

4Don't Play This Song - Kid Cudi

Don't play the song for what?. He's telling us to not play the song. And he says something about drugs. Kids won't wanna play the song

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5Get Like Me - Nelly

Um.. Oh come nelly. You got almost a lot of fans since your first single of the new album. The song made me a bit sick after playing the song. I Don't think it's a rap song cause it said "Why do you dance low to this song? " Oh sure cause everyone's doing

6Girls - D12

You might be like " Why is this song on the list? " Because it's a weird diss track about limp bizkit. And no. I don't hate Eminem and D12.. God, I just wish the rest of the band where in the song singing.

7Beat the S*** - Lil Wayne

Is this song telling people to beat haters up? I never beat your haters up.

8No Games - Rick Ross

Why is future angry at the start?. Future is saying "CAN'T PLAY NO GAMES WITH THESE" Can't say the swear word. 'But Future needs to clam down in the song. And the remix is weird too

9Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

I'm surprised this isn't higher in the list. It's a song with no meaning.

10All Gold Everything - Trinidad James

Anyways. The song is annoying and weird. Saying "All gold in my chain, All gold in My rings. All gold in my watch. Don't believe me? Just watch" And he says the swear word 3 times. It's his first single. Of his first Mixtape. And now he's singing how rich he is? WEIRD

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11Work Remix - A$AP Ferg

I face plamed after hearing this song. But the original song without the remix is fine. Someone in the remix says "WORK" Over and over and get's so annoying

12Sandwitches - Tyler the Creator
13Meat Cleaver - Brotha Lynch Hung

This should've won the number 2 slot, this song is incredibly messed up and honestly one of my favorite songs from Brotha Lynch Hung, who writes these songs intentionally sick and cruel

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14Just Lose It - Eminem

I love this song, it's so catchy.

15Birthday Song - 2 Chainz
16My Homies Still - Lil Wayne
17Anaconda - Nicki Minaj
18Dope Peddler - 2 Chainz
19Yahhh! - Soulja Boy
206 Foot 7 Foot - Lil Wayne
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