Top Ten Weirdest Pokemon Evolutions


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1Magicarp - Garados

It's based off of an Asian legend where carp that make it through the waterfall become majestic sea serpents.

The weakest Pokemon evolves into a water God of Pokemon

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2Dragonair - Dragonite

How does a walking stripe (or slithering) turn into a dragon. Either way I'm not complaining, it's a very strong Pokemon I don't care if it was originally a stripe it's still a great Pokemon.

Dragonite rocks but dragonair is good too

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3Pikachu - Raichu

You are so wrong I love pikachu and raichu at the same time and don't be talking crud about pikachu because he is cute and my favorite electric type!

How does a stupid and horrible Pokemon evolve into a great special sweeper?

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4Shroomish - Breloom

Shroomish is a sad mushroom and breloom is a weird fighting toadstool

5Diglitt - Dugtrio

He evolves himself, he doesn't evolve by changes - Super64Mario

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6Bronzor - Bronzong
7Kabutu - Kabutops

How does he emerge, and how does he gain a better head - Super64Mario

8Remoraid - Octillery

Has to be one of the weirdest - mrtisonholiday

9Feebas - Milotic

It's amazing how feebas goes from that small fish to one of the coolest designs after evolving. Kind of like magikarp - beatles5

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MILOTIC. But How does it evolve from an UGLY FISH THING? (not really that ugly though) How?

An Ugly Magikarp lookalike evolving to this, This is weird how Gyarados and Milotic are similar - Super64Mario

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10Clampearl - Huntail

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?Trumbeak - ToucannonV1 Comment
?Graveler - GolemV1 Comment
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11Poliwhirl - Politoed
12Floette - Florges

A fairy that turns into a living garden?

13Clampearl - Goreabyss
14Dewott - Samurott
15Gloom - Blossom
16Cubone - MarowakV3 Comments
17Snorunt - Froslass
18Trapinch - Vibrava - Flygon

This is really weird how can an anteater evolve into a fly? SO weird!

19Magnemite - Magneton

I've always found this evolution to be strange, because it grows three more magnemite in the process... - itz_izzy

What happens when you cross a Magnemite with a lazy Pokemon designer? You get Magneton! - RiverClanRocks

20Palpitoad - Seismitoad
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1. Pikachu - Raichu
2. Dewott - Samurott
3. Cubone - Marowak
1. Pikachu - Raichu
2. Remoraid - Octillery
3. Poliwhirl - Politoed
1. Pikachu - Raichu
2. Magnemite - Magneton
3. Feebas - Milotic

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