Top Ten Weirdest Things to Do When Watching a Movie


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1Laugh at a Part That Isn't Funny

Somebody did this once when I was watching a movie. - turtwig

Well Pokemon isn't funny at all but that didn't stop you from making a list about the funniest episodes.

I laughed when in Destiny Deoxys Rayquaza and Deoxys were fighting and destroying the city.

Add some points if it's at a really sad scene. - ArchAces

2Throw Popcorn at the Person Behind You

Wait... This actually happens?

Not only weird, but disrespectful too! - turtwig

Yes! Or throw popcorn at the screen! - moonwolf

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Well it all depends on whether the fart is loud or not, but if its silent but smells... Your screwed

4Use Your Phone

This annoys me so much! I was watching the a movie once and and I couldn't focus because their screen gorse was so bright! - HappyFlower

They specifically tell you not to do that! - turtwig

6Poop On the Person Next to You

What?! I think you just gave me a permanent fear of the movies...

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7Trash Talk the StaffV1 Comment
8Read a Book

If it's boring, maybe it's a good idea. - JaysTop10List

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10Pretend You're Cookie Monster

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This happened a lot when I saw Sausage Party. I don't want to know why.

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12Dance In Front of the AudienceV1 Comment
13Sell Things to Other PeopleV2 Comments

I wonder if anyone can draw a motion picture while watching a movie. - Kiteretsunu

15Kiss the TV

My little sister has a crush on the main character in Flight of the Navigator, so when we were watching this movie, she kissed him. Right on the lips! It was sickening! - RockFashionista

16Fall Asleep
17Set Cricket Ringtone for When the Movie Gets Awkward
18Act Like a ChickenV1 Comment
20Throw Popcorn
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1. Laugh at a Part That Isn't Funny
2. Use Your Phone
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1. Laugh at a Part That Isn't Funny
2. Throw Popcorn at the Person Behind You
3. Use Your Phone
1. Poop On the Person Next to You
2. Masturbate
3. Pretend You're Cookie Monster



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