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A big strong cat that is as smart as a human

What other should be besides LION KING?

You do realize these animals kill for fun, kill their own cubs, and act as selfish, cruel tyrants and possibly the worst animal dads ever.

Detroit lions

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Strong, sneaky, sleek, elegant and strong, wolves are the ultimate hunter- and they are endangered

Wolves are the ultimate wild animals. They're nature's perfect predator. 🐾🐾🌘

Wolves are the most amazing and beautiful creatures to ever live. They are strong and tough and cool

Wolves are bulk, fast animals that hunt in packs, my favorite by far.

Masters of howling and great hunters

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Giraffes are beautiful animals and they shall be allowed to Rome the world and be free from danger.

They can kick of a lions head that shows how strong they are

A giraffe is long neck eat plants

They are so cute :3

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Screech! These big birds are very wise animals. America has made a great decision to make the bald eagle it's national animal. EAGLE FACT:Although many eagle populations are dwindling as a result of habitat destruction, hunting, and pollution, conservation efforts are helping some species such as the Bald Eagle which has made a dramatic comeback in the U.S. over the last few decades.

They are brave and supernatural vision power and killer bird ever.. But when its become friendly it give you a eagle eye of freedom.

The eagle is one of the fastest birds on earth and it is big and strong. Also it traps it's prey in a snap! This animal has really clever techniques to mostly do anything!

I think that eagles are the bravest bird!

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Smart creatures! Once land animals, now mostly water animals! Fast swimmers! Beautiful Creatures!

I think that dolphins are wild because they swim like they are wild

Dolphin is an animals that live in the water.

They are very adorable animal and thy are very cute and also fast swimmers I love dolphins

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People think there slow but they can move fast if they want to

I have a turtle and turtles are not what you think they are the are a lot more interesting

I love turtles a lot people tell that turtles walk very slow I don't know why but turtles can walk faster

A turtle is slow

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7Red Panda

Great job with that with that animals

They just lay around having nothing to do... They live the life

Beautiful animal on hearth to me

There cute for love

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I like the black panther because its a very unique type of cat and they are very very strong. They usually represent as the bad guys in a fantasy stories, but in real life, their actually wonderful animals. And what I like most about them is because they can climb trees. God created them for a purpose

The coolest cat in the jungle should be higher. They are more of them the the world.

The Leopard is the most beautiful animal ever their black coat is smooth and gentle they are smart and sneaky animal they live in the feisty jungle they also are very brave so would you like to vote on the Leopard I dare you to!

I like this animal. Is my favorite.

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We want let all of the people who have eat the poo

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I think falcons are incredible fast birds. I find them extraordinary and love watching them dive for fish and insects

Falcons are incredibly fast birds. They are king of their speed. They can dive more than 200 miles per hr. Most of all is peregrine falcon the fastest creature in the world. I love is diving style. First go high up in the sky then dive, Falcons are built for the speed. He gets pigeons and hares. Falcons are coolest creatures. I love falcons, they are the best.

By: Sakriya Dhakal


It is the fiercest creature. Lion & Tiger are not found at same place because tiger use to kill the lions and endanger them. Happened in most places in India - Raghavbakshiultimate

I really like the tiger but the only problem is that they are in extinction because people hunt them for their beautiful striped coat. In my opinion I will rather keep seeing that coat on them than see it on my self. I feel like it is very cruel hunting them and that also goes for every animal on Earth.

I like tigers because they look royal and handsome. They are my favorite animal.

Best animal yet!

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I absolutely love hippopotamuses because are the cutest animal in Africa and usually they show pure strength against crocodiles and any other predator in a pond/lake/river. Hippopotamuses also have great hunting skills because of their ability to attack fish easily and the amount that they catch is outstanding. To summarise all of this up, Hippopotamuses are great animals in every way. I LOVE THESE CREATURES!

They are fearless animals and as babies they are so cute

They don't eat fish. They eat grass.

Hippopotamuses don't eat fishes, they eat grass.

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They are extremely intelligent and share many emotional characteristics with humans and other apes.

They are strong n have a tick layer of skin

So beautiful and nice animals. They won't attack people unlike lions.

Know me about elephant

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Wild horses is so beautiful! They are rare also, that makes them the best!

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16Sea Lion

I never used to like sea lions till I went to the zoo... THESE ARE so UNDER-RATED! They're so graceful, in AND out of water... They side effortlessly and there cute eyes and whiskers r adorbs... you gotta go watch some YouTube clips on them, REALLY! ~animal luva


I like seals and I also like hippos

That are cool and fast in water I like seal because that are silly and that have omost like cat wiskers

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Swans made a movie they are so Beautiful! Please vote for Them!

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Strongest jaws of the big cats

Jaguars are the fifth fastest animal

Jaguars are my favorite animal.

Jaguars are so pretty

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It is very good at jumping

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