Top 10 Winged Enemies In Mario Games

This top 10 list is about Mario enemies with the best wings for flying.

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1Flutter (Yoshi's Island)

The Flutter is a Wiggler with magnificent wings! They can use their wings to fly pretty much forever. The Wiggler may have sacrificed numerous parts of the body, but it was all worth it when it spread its wings and flies! - Super-Eric1993

2Ghost Piranha (Yoshi's Island DS)

Ghost Piranhas have wings that are very bizarre. They use wings instead of roots. They fly up and down or from side to side. These are carnivorous plants that can take their meal to go. - Super-Eric1993

3Parabone (Super Mario 3D World)

The undead version of a Koopa Paratroopa. If this Dry Bone collapses into pieces, it'll come back to life and the wings will return to their normal positions. - Super-Eric1993

4Para-Beetle (Super Mario Bros 3)

They have wings on their shells. They can fly very high, and travel very far through the clouds. Only #4 because their wings are small and not impressive enough. - Super-Eric1993

5Goonie (Yoshi's Island)

Goonies are known to support anyone riding on it. Their wings are strong enough to carry you on the Goonie's back. - Super-Eric1993

6Flaptack (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Its wings are used to fly above you, turn upside-down, and fall on you with its spike (It has a spike on its head). - Super-Eric1993

7Swipin' Stu (Super Mario Sunshine)

Stus are normally land enemies, but some have buzzing wings. They use their wings to ground-pound on you; making you lose your cap. When they have your cap, they also grow a mustache. Their wings make Stus great flyers. - Super-Eric1993

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8Flipbug (Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2)

It doesn't use its wings to fly in the sky. Instead, its wings only flips the Flipbug upside-down. - Super-Eric1993

9Klepto (Super Mario 64)

Its wings dives down and attempts to steal your cap. The Klepto is the bird of the desert. - Super-Eric1993

10Paragoomba (Super Mario Bros 3)

It uses its wings to fly in the sky and drop Mini Goombas. Also to avoid getting stomped on. - Super-Eric1993

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11Koopa Paratroopa (Super Mario RPG)
12Butes (Cave Story)
13Bonechill (Super Paper Mario)
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1. Flutter (Yoshi's Island)
2. Ghost Piranha (Yoshi's Island DS)
3. Parabone (Super Mario 3D World)
1. Flipbug (Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2)
2. Ghost Piranha (Yoshi's Island DS)
3. Flutter (Yoshi's Island)



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