Words Which Sound Amusing When Said Backwards


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Hangover (Revognah)
What is this? The name of a BAR mitzvah or something? Get it? Don't mean to be racist.


Laugh out loud your list's are funny Britgirl.


2Police (Ecilop)
Thanks P.W: that's just made my day! Haha! I think all the Welsh words look and sound like English words backwards. Great language though.


You think that's a sci-fi language? In Welsh, "Police" is "Heddlu" (pronounced head-loo). I bet the Welsh can't walk past a single crime scene without laughing!


Sounds like a Sci-fi Language.


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3Park (Krap)
Linkin Park sounds very amusing said backwards (Niknil Krap).


Hello Mr. Niknil Krap. Thank you for sharing that with me.


This is very funny!


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4Musical (Lacisum)
Sounds like a laxativ


5Solicitor (Roticilos)

6Telephone (Enohpelet)

7Computer (Retupmoc)
It's an anagram of "Rectum Op". So dyslexics everywhere will be texting/tweeting everyone that they've just got a new rectum op! At least it's better than saying "I have dailysex" (anagram of dyslexia).


Retupmoc. I like this. I'm going to call my tortoise this because I like saying this.
Oh dear, PositronWildhawk, is this a chink in our nerdy, crazy friendship?


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8Yellow (Wolley)
What a 'wolley' word.


9Westminster (Retsnimstew)

Sounds like 'rats in stew' Haha!


10Jesus (Susej)

The Contenders

11Live (Evil)
I wrote a story and I named the villain Live.

12Boob (Boob)

13Justin (Nitsuj)
This particular name was put here deliberately. Just ignore it. It may go away!


Not really a word, more of a name.


14Glasses (Sessalg)

15God (Dog)

16Martin (Nitram)
I knew about this one... But what's funny about it?


17Ransom (Mosnar)

18American (Nacirema)

19Racecar (Racecar)
Oh, I like this - very clever.


Haha I almost added that one


20Lee (Eel)
Eels are slippery customers. But then so are some Lee's too...


Yes they can be. But not when they've been hung out to dry.

21London (Nodnol)

22Supercallifragilisticexpiallidocious (Suoicodillaipxecitsililigarfillacrepus)
Who ever came up with this one Deserves An Award!


That was me. Thank you, Curtis.


23Goldilocks (Skcolidlog)

24Subaru (Urabus)

25Pop (Pop)
I can't pronounce this word backwards - help!


26Proton (Notorp)

27Thomas (Samoht)
It sounds like a name backwards as well! So does Noel.

28Panama (Amanap)
Say it slowly backwards. A-man-nap.

29Custard (Dratsuc)

30Newspaper (Repapswen)

31Plasma (Amsalp)

32Metal (Latem)

33Envelope (Epolevne)

34Welcome (Emoclew)

35Focus (Sucof)
This one looks so rude but very funny - suc of!
Yeh dis is way rude focus on sucof. Wow!

36Toilet (Teliot)

37Color (Roloc)

38Bottle (Elttob)

39Scissors (Srossics)

40Facebook (Koobecaf)
Ha! Love the sound of this word backwards. Koo-be-caf. Everyone, say this out loud; it's great! KOO-BE-CAF...KOO-BE-CAF. See how it just rolls off the tongue? This sounds better than boring old Facebook. Koobecaf. Ha! Love it!


41Romantic (Citnamor)

42Universal (Lasrevinu)
I like this one


43Needlework (Kroweldeen)

44Devil (Lived)

45Decade (Edaced)

46Plastic (Citsalp)

47Casino (Onisac)

48Look (Kool)

49Dad (Dad)

50Hooligans (Snagilooh)
I like saying this one. Thank you to whoever added this.


Sometimes said nagilooh if it's singular.


Snag-il-ooh. Snag-il-ooh! I love saying this!


51Murder (redrum)

52Chicken (Nekcihc)

53Playstation (Noitatsyalp)

54Spiderman (Namredips)

55Nazi (Izan)

56Twitter (Rettiwt)
Sounds shockingly similar to Reddit.

57Spoon (Noops)

58Balls (Sllab)

59Buns (Snub)

60Ironman (Namnori)

61Thor (Roht)

62Batman (Namtab)

63Banana (Ananab)

64Apple (Elppa)

65Slob (Bols)

66Tunk (Knut)

67Xbox (Xobx)

68Noel (Leon)

69Neil (Lien)

70Lion (Noil)

71Fundamental (Latnemadnuf)

72Thermodynamic (Cimanydomreht)

73Photoelectric (Cirtceleotohp)

74Superfluid (Diulfrepus)

75Penis (Sinep)

76Vagina (Anigav)

77Aluminum (Munimula)

78Francesco (Ocsecnarf)

79Uranus (Sunaru)

80Pals (Slap)

81Poop (Poop)

82Sydney (Yendys)

83Repaid (Diaper)

84Item (Meti)

85Ridiculous (Suolucidir)

86Backwards (Sdrawkcab)

87California (Ainrofilac)

88Texas (Saxet)

89Popular (Ralupop)

90Corn (Nroc)

91Winter (Retniw)

92Sus (Sus)

93Nose (Eson)

94Mouth (Htuom)

95Suggestion (Noitseggus)

96Sega (Ages)
This signifies that SEGA will exist forever.

97Capcom (Mocpac)

98Adjacent (Tnecajda)

99Mom (Mom)

100Umbrella (Allerbmu)

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