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It was the class that made me play WoW and I do not regret choosing her as my main. The fact that you can change to suit so many roles is very handy. As well as having their own fast swimming and flying forms, battle resurrection, stealth in cat form and are just so much fun.

Druids are awesome! They can tank, heal AND dps! Very versatile class and very easy to learn. Feral Druids for the win.

Hands down Druids are the best. Their affiliation with nature makes them really cool, slowing, crowd controlling, and attacking with nature. Druids are one with nature, and hopefully always will be otherwise, Goodbye shape shifting.

Kitty, bear, bird, or tree, these are awesome.

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2Death Knight

I think Dk should b the top because while I'm trying to kill Blood Dk on PVP battle with my druid I died like 18 times and he is only level 85 an I'm level 89. The most annoying class is Blood Dk they keep absorbing the damage and spells an they summon gauls while I'm in low hp

Death Knights are the strongest because they can tank, use magic and have the best weapons!

I have a level 85 Blood Death Knight and I am nearly invincible! DK for the win!

Best and most fun ever

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Warriors are great. They do tons of damage and are great at shutting others down be it slows or canceling spells.

They got good CBC but not good at long range at all but awesome class!

I've killed Druids and dks with my fury warrior without heirlooms and the Druid and dk both had heirlooms (fought at separate times)


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Can do a lot of damage and heal themselves. And also wear plate armor which is an additional bonus. Also paladins are very universal! Cheers

Awsome, they sometimes use hammers to deafeat their enimies, sometimes magic, and other times MAGIC HAMMERS!

Do a lot of damage, heals man paladins are op. I love it

Gotta stay loyal to my class.

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Screw DPS and healing. Shaman is the class with the best lore and abilities in terms of concept. I mean, what kind of person doesn't want to have the power to control the raw power of the elements?

Got the coolest transmog in the game! It is an active spec too. You will NOT find yourself waiting for the spell to be ready, as there is so many things to do. And it got bloodlust.

Most fun class in the game and it's my main it may not do a lot of dps but it sure is the most fun and that's the point of the game


Hunters are great. Not only do they barely die because their pet takes almost all the damage They kill fast also because of their pet. It also is very practical that it can track different creatures and invisibles. I also like druid but I feel everyone has one and its no longer original and it it gets a bit boring after a while if you ask me.

Hunters are awesome because they can shoot from a long distance so you could kill the enemies before they even come to you

Hunters are amazing. But Beast Mastery is the best for soloing. And the pets you can tame are epic! (Spirit Beasts all the way)

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I have a warlock in level 90. MOP. It is the best class I ever played because I love summoning pets in BG's. It's so wonderful playing WOW and playing Locks. I have over 90k gold and I spent it all on my gear so I will not ever get rid of WOW in my head - Jahed1234

Warlock is the best player at level 90. Wonderful attacks and good spells. Great minion's and high Damage. Warlock Is the best!

Warlock is the most unique and powerful class, No other class could EVER replace my love for Warlocks
Evil and badass.

Warlocks are awesome!

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Mages are the Smart class of all :)
Powerful spells, high speed burst of damage.
Can polymorph in Pig.
Gnomes are amazing

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Other classes kill well people are witnessing it. The rogue- kills people in a flash, and they can go sealth!

Rouges are cool cause they come out of no where and kill you in a few seconds

This class takes the most skill yet hits the hardest!

Insane burst esp as sub

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You guys are going to see monk rise to the top few of this list because they are progressing every day

It's Very good if your a Windwalker because your glyphs and your powers are very strong. So if you want to choose this class, the damaging is best

Since WW monks has touch of karma plus all those self-heals and the burst I would put the mon probably 3rd place since they are so unbalanced.

It should be shaman

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Priests can heel, dps, and tank (only in self-formed group though). They're able to shield anyone from damage and/or bad magic/poison (discipline priest), heal a tank or a whole group/ half a raid group at one time (holy priest), or do considerable damage and heal themselves at the same time (shadow priest). Other than the fact that some of the better spells take time to cast the priest is basically unbeatable.

A class with varieties. You can Shield/protect, heal, purify or do a lot of dps. Spriest is also easy to level, very cool and fun class.

Up to level 60, priests are almost literally invincible in pve, and pretty close in pvp

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