Top 10 World of Warcraft Zones

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The most beautiful zone in the game.


It was actually hard for me. I'll never forget it.

One of my favorites, it is also next to Deadwind... also my favorite.

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The amount of time that went into making this zone must be insane. This zone really is the most unique in the entire game.

Beautiful place. Probably one of my Top 10 Favorite places in WoW.

24Dun Morogh
25Icecrown Citadel

This zone while a bit bland in the middle ring had possibly the best questline in warcraft as it gave the most information about the lich king in an interesting way, and made you see him in a different way then you did before. The zone was also the final zone up until hrothgars landing which evan then people were going back to in groups to do the massive dailies where you had to kill 3 elite abominations or the giant skeletons, this created a new way for guilds to get together and prepare for icecrown.

26Sholazar Basin

Looks really beautiful and its very unique - Harri666


Deepholm is getting underrated big time here.

Those floating crystals stun me each time I look at them...And these colours!...

28Dustwallow Marsh
29Crystalsong Forest

This zone has always been my favorite zone in the Northrend region. From a lore standpoint, it was the one place that the Lich King could not touch, and the zone itself is just amazingly beautiful! If it were real, I would spend an eternity there just to gaze at its beauty. On top of that, Dalaran, the floating city above the forest, also beautiful to see.

30Isle of Quel'Danas
31Tol Barad
33Silvermoon City
34Tirisfal Glades
35Eastern Plaguelands
36Shattrath City
38Mount Hyjal
40Deadwind Pass

Karazhan was my favorite raid of all time. It was amazing and Deadwind is so awesome! Even though there's not much to do there.. just explore! You can find a bunch of creepy junk there...O. O

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