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22X-Men: First ClassV1 Comment
23Die Hard

Before you keep on saying that this is a very smart movie, you need to remember that when it first his theaters, it got a lot of HATE from critics; every single one. They called it insults like "stupid", "dumb", "offensive", "violent", or whatever negative review they wrote and send to Hollywood. I don't understand you fans calling movies smart while critics call it dumb. Maybe next time think before you post what you review what you like because everyone has a different opinion.

V2 Comments
24A Good Day to Die Hard
25Superman ReturnsV1 Comment
26Mega Shark vs CrocosaurusV1 Comment
27Mortal Kombat

You do realize this movie is intended to be terrible, right?

30Wrath of the Titans
31Spider-Man 3V1 Comment
32Real Steel
33The Matrix Revolutions
34Jaws 3D
35The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This could have been an interesting, original action movie, but it turned out stupid.

36Battle: Los Angeles

This has to be the worst because of the shaky camera, it's more shaky than Blair Witch Project, Earth to Echo and the mocumentary comedies.

37Earth to Echo

This movie is nauseating, it's almost as nauseating as Blair Witch Project (it uses the same format) and it's also gives people vertigo, but it's not as nauseating as Battlefield Los Angeles.

38End of Days

This is probably the worst Arnold Schwarzenegger movie so far. It has bad acting, plotholes everywhere, and the devil is an awful villain.

39Transformers: Age of Extinction
40Taken 2
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