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481Scott Eastwood
482Kelly BrookKelly Brook is an English model, actress and television presenter best known for her roles in the 2010 horror comedy remake Piranha 3D and in the NBC sitcom One Big Happy.
483Jenna Ushkowitz
484Audrina Patridge
485Whitney Port
486Kristin Chenoweth
487Kristin Cavallari
488Ashley Charles
489Tom Prior
490Nat Wolff
491Paul Wesley
492Danica McKellar
493Kaley CuocoKaley Christine Cuoco is an American actress, known for her roles as Bridget Hennessy in the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules, Billie Jenkins in the final season of the supernatural drama series Charmed, and Penny in the CBS comedy series The Big Bang Theory for which she won a Satellite Award in 2012, a Critics' more.

Everyone talks about her as a beautiful and talented actress now that she is popular thanks to that stupid show " the big bang theory ". The truth is she can't act ( Always that arrogant dumb expression in everything she does ) and as for her beauty, she got a fat ass ( covered in tight pants ) and her face is awfull.

494Jimmy Brown
495Amy Poehler

Watch Sisters and she'll get your vote.

Not funny in anything she does. Rode Tina Fey to where she is. How does she get work?

496Robert ConradV2 Comments
497Billy Mumy

They should have left him lost in space with Dr Smith and that stupid robot!

498Thomas Gibson

Wow! What a no talent bum this guy is.

499Bob Denver

My god are they still playing Gilligan's Island reruns. We should make all the terrorist in the Middle East watch this crap and they will take their own selves out to make it stop. Jesus if I turn on the T.V. and see that show one more time I will do and Elvis to my own T.V. set. I can't believe he didn't even want to chase those two hot girls around the hut. I should have played Gilligan cause the island would have soon been over populated in short time. Plus the skipper, professor, and Mr and Mr. Howell would have fallen down a shaft in a cave very quickly while I did a David Koresh.

Seems to me that for someone who hates the Gilligan Island series, you have a pretty good knowledge of the script and the characters!

500The Monkees

Hey lets talk about a show that should have never gotten started. Jesus the show's producers must have done mass quantities of drugs. They all sucked big time even Davey sucked but the biggest one was Mike Nesmith. What a bunch of losers. That is what the add for the show must have read, Wanted the biggest most non talented people on the face of the earth to pretend you are a rock group so desperate people like us can earn a living for the next couple centuries and go syndicated and have reruns forever. Hey we need good drugs can you blame us and the watcher gets a migraine watching this stuff. Please no more reunion shows now that Davey is gone to that big Monkee Show in the sky. I know lots of people love this show but they just refuse to grow up. If you seriously like this show you have my sincerest condolences and I will say a prayer for your poor non intellectual selves. But I know there is no hope for you but if you grab your channel selector you might be able to catch the ...more

Hey, I was 10 years old and in the hospital with a life threatening condition when that came on. It was one of the few things I cared about while on strong drugs, enough said. Mike Nesmith was an accomplished guitarist that rank up there with the best in the business. They hold a fond place in my heart, lame as they were.

I loved this show when I was a kid as did most of my peers. This is an example of comedic acting where people just need to look like they are having a good time and these four outdid themselves. Really a terrific show for the time.

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