Top Ten Worst Airlines


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They are cons of the airline world due to their advertisement
Cheapskate and carboard seats... eeuugh :(


My feet hurt after flying this airline no legroom at all
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2Easy Jet
Ironic name don't ya think? Whats so easy about no given seating, poor staff, and it going bust?
no given seating? , what are you on?


It is apsolutley foul!

3Singapore Air
This airline is cheated
-being not letted other airlines to win
-mean and fancy
-over expensive airline ticket booking
This airline is somewhat an overrated brat. In my opinion Airlines like Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, ANA, and other competitors are byfar off them.
This airline is epic!
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4US Airways
The flight attendants made me try and put two 60 lb, 2 ft wide suitcases in the storage space 4 ft above my head. They also put me at the very back of the plane with someone I didn't know, and my parents were at the front of the plane. This was when I was only 9 years old!
Had no problems at all
Could not find worse
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5British Airways
I fly all over the world with many, many airlines. 100% of my worst issues have been with BA. First, the amount of time it takes to connect to BA flights in Heathrow is hideous. They say 45 mins is the minimum connection time - but you need at least 90 mins. Second, their baggage handling is notoriously bad. I have had multiple bags lost for more than 5 days each. Third, their customer service agents try to help - but they have no power and improper training. Recently I was in the boarding area for a flight that was VERY delayed. The agents kept telling everyone that the plane would start boarding after the pilot completed security checks. However, anyone who looked out the window could see that one of the engines had been more or less taken a part and pieces of it were laying on the tarmac. 20 mins later the flight was cancelled Very bad. Finally, the inflight service is really the worst. Bad food. Bad seats. Dirty Planes. Very, very bad.
They are known for losing baggages and non-existent customer services! Their promotions are misleading, especially considering their price matching guarantees.
They seemed to be short staffed, food was terrible and the T.V.'s didn't work properly, they either didn't have picture, or if they did have picture they had no sound.
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Poor PR. dodge problems

Don't even get me started.

8Air Berlin
An absolutely miserable airline, made worst by the dishonest public relations masking a ruthless cutthroat organization. Try telephoning them--it's next to impossible, and they rig their phones to put the caller on hold for 5-10 minutes and then cut out. An unethical business.
Google air berlin + lost bags. It's amazing that this airline manages to stay in business. I'd rather pay a little more money for a flight than have all of my stuff disappear.

9Austrian Airlines
Disgusting customer service...well, actually there is none. They absolutely leave you stranded. I was sick with food poisoning in israel and I have been stuck here one month now and they refuse to rebook my ticket without an entire manuscript from the hospital. They originally asked for a medical note (upon my release) which I provided then they started asking for more and more. Still waiting and my phone bill (from the US) which I have only used to call them has reached $365

10Viking Airlines
That airlines is not that good
Do Vikings live in it or what?

The Contenders

11Air India
Worst service, PIA is much better.

It is boss babby
I've had terrible, terrible experiences with Delta.
I've flown 4 times using this airline, and none were pleasant.
It's a ridiculously horrible airline.
The last flight I had was exactly 3 years ago, from Africa to JFK to LAX. Our flight from Africa to JFK was great, but we stayed at JFK for about 26 hours, then they told us to board the plane, and we went from terminal to terminal for about 4 hours, until they told us to to get out, and stay at the airport for 3 more hours.
Yeah, great, wonderful *rolls eyes*.

ughhh a heart behind my seat. no entertainment!?


Southwest is nasty and dose not have first class

Who wrote this is stupid
They won't refund my ticket for not flying
Emirates is the best airline in the world
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15United Airlines

16Tiger Airlines
Not even my kid had enough leg room on this plane! People with long legs shouldn't have to pay extra for more legroom, it's the way we were born! Just give us reasonable leg room!


Always having engine problems everytime when your hear something about planes its always Quantas


While the above comment is true, they are and still do top most safest airline of all time, they have flown more flights with 0 fatalities of any airline.

18American Airllines
I have two experience the first one long ago my fly is supposed to leave 8am and left 1pm no explanation and the last one last week I got to miami on time my fly is supposed to leave at 2:15 pm postponed the fly of to 5:00 pm then they cancel the fly and the told us to rebook and I got 10:25 pm the time came and they told me that they don't have pilots again I left 12:40 am next day we didn't get any vouchers a least to get a cup of coffee because they said that wasn't their fault I give them -1 not even one they should go out business

19Pakistan International Airlines
PIA is much better airline, as compared to some of above mentioned.

Wait. When you said San Fran, did you mean San Francisco?
Crashed in san fran

21Air Botswana
Rubbish airline. Rubbish service. Rubbish food. Just rubbish.
No food. Flight once delayed for 2 hours for no apparent reason whilst SAA flew from Jhb to GAB 15 minutes later (i.E. was not a technical or weather issue).

22Bhoja Air

23Kuwait Airways


25Cathay Pacific
The worst airline ever experienced. Plane cancelled after passengers waiting on the tarmac for 3+ hours. No notification for alternative airline. One of our luggage got lost. No compensation made.

I really hate monarch because there is no T.V. on the a300s and no free food

27Air France


Two too many crashes in in one year


31Batavia Air

32Thomson Airlines
Were do I start
-the seats were as high as the eifel tower
I can not be bothered to say anymore because there is just to many bad coments I am forsed to fly with them because they are cheapish

33Spirit Airlines
Too many fees, least legroom in the industry.

34Cebu Pacific
Unreliable, unprofessional. Delayed on the Tarmac for almost 6 hours in Manila with passengers on board, dumbest excuses provided by the Captain. Complaint lodged online, and to present date, no response received. Do yourself a favour and pay for a more expensive flight, at lease it will get you to your destination on time.


36Allegiant Air



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