Worst Albums of All Time

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81Reasonable Doubt - Jay-Z
82Big Fat Lie - Nicole Scherzinger
83This Is War - 30 Seconds to Mars
84Metal Machine Music - Lou Reed

This album sucks. The album is 68 minutes of guitar feedback. Who would listen to this crap? I don't know if this was a joke from Lou Reed but I think it is the worst album of all time.

The ultimate in torture. Who needs guillotines when you can put this on repeat at a decent volume?

Lulu's got nothing on this. This is literally painful to listen to.

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85Looking Back With Love - Mike Love

One of the worst albums of all time. Proof that Mike Love has no talent, and is the luckiest Rock Star in history. Remember this is the same person that rallied against Pet Sounds and was a big reason for Smile's Cancellation!

86Sticks & Stones - Cher Lloyd

This album makes me wanna throw sticks and stones at her

87Take Me Home - One Direction

I hope the get in an shifty cab in their pursuit of that very goal (album title).

88DNA - Little Mix
89Ready for the Weekend - The Saturdays
90All Eyez On Me - 2pac
91Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel - Mariah Carey

Obsessed, angels cry,and I want to know what love is cover are good.. But the whole album just suck! (including boobies on the album cover). Repetitive boring beat... Good vocal but not great.. I'd rather listen to Charmbacelet!

922112 - Rush

"BAD BLOOD" FANS! How is this, one of the best albums ever recorded, on here?!

So you hate a Rush album? Justin Bieber and 1D has brainwashed you

So you hate a Rush song that lasts 20 minutes long? You don't even know how hard is it to make a song that long and epic

Pretentious rubbish for tone-deaf nerds

93Gram Gram
94Demi - Demi Lovato
95Unbroken - Demi Lovato
96Excuse My French - French Montana
97Kidz Bop 21 - Kidz Bop Kidz
98Before I Self Destruct - 50 Cent
99Tha Block Is Hot - Lil Wayne

This was Lil Wayne's first album. Enough said.

100Smells Like Children - Marilyn Manson

I like him, but this album was just bad!

I don't see how this album is bad, it's just like every other marilyn manson album. - Mumbizz01

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