Worst Angry Birds Games

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1Angry Birds Friends

Not so bad, but a boring blow on mobile.

2Angry Birds Epic

This game is torn apart and it pisses me off and it is so stupid - bolbi9

Please lower it down, it is the best so shut up haters!

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3Angry Birds Stella

Seriously, a game all about that stupid pink bird. - RalphBob

A stupid yet tough pink bird. As much as I hate the Angry Birds franchise just due to birds and no Rovio-made decent Angry Birds crossover he is no worse than Princess Peach.

I'm fine with Princess Peach because at least she serves a purpose, but Stella's powers are hardly useful. - RalphBob

4Angry Birds Rio

It's okay. The game can be too hard at times and at times too easy. Besides, even though you can use the 2 main characters from the movie, you barely get to use them!

OK, this is just an insult. Angry Birds and another franchise with birds being the main character?! We so want Angry Birds Meets Glee (a newly conceived idea :D) and etc...

Do not even think of a crossover between Angry Birds and another franchise with bird crap!

5Angry Birds
6Angry Birds GoV1 Comment
7Angry Birds Seasons

It feels like a DLC to Angry Birds as a whole another game.

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8Bad Piggies

This game is awesome you suck - bolbi9

9Angry Birds Star Wars
10Angry Birds Star Wars II

This game is awesome you can be the pigs - bolbi9

While I do like it, it is way to easy. Most characters are overpowered and you can beat the final world in 30 minutes.

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11Angry Birds Star Wars 3DS
12Angry Birds 2
13Angry Birds TransformersV2 Comments
14Angry Birds Space
15Angry Birds Trilogy

I have it and I barely get to play it because my Xbox360 won't let me.

16Angry Birds Fight
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1. Bad Piggies
2. Angry Birds Epic
3. Angry Birds Seasons
1. Angry Birds Epic
2. Angry Birds Friends
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1. Angry Birds Friends
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3. Angry Birds

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