Top 10 Worst Animated Kids Films


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The narrator from Pokemon is in this...why.

What the heck? Is this some kind of Ratatouille rip off? - eventer51314


I just want this movie to burn in hell. - KingFab

3A Cars Life
4Tappy Toes
5Titanic - The Legend Goes On
6Elf Bowling - The MovieV1 Comment
7Norm of the North

Broken story, bad humor, characters that do not have to be in the movie, bad massage, awful animation. This is Norm of the north

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8Little Princess School
9Open SeasonV2 Comments
10The Little Panda FighterV2 Comments

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12The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue

This sequel is an insult to the original.

13Spider's Web: A Pig's TaleV1 Comment
16Home on the RangeV1 Comment
17Treasure Planet
18The Lion King 1 1/2

I hate this film, and I hate Timon and Pumbaa. They are annoying, have no morals and did nothing but to introduce bathroom humor to the Disney Animation universe.

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19Cars 2

Hurray. We have a G rated movie that has guns, and does the same thing over. At the end, something flipping BAD is gonna happen, but oh, it's that annoying guy COMING TO SAVE THE DAY. Hurray, we're safe! That happens every time. - Tacocheese

20Sid the Science Kid: The Movie

Why is Open Season higher than this?! - Discord1

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