Worst Animated Movies of All Time


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321Monster High: HauntedV1 Comment
322Jungle ShuffleV1 Comment

A idiotic rip off on Kimba the White Lion, The Lion King and Madagascar.

324Pokemon: The Movie 2000

This movie and Pokemon as a whole are still better than The Lion King.

Pokemon does not deserve hate.

I understand not everyone is into it, but hating is ridiculous.


Underrated that's all I have to say

The animation ruined the entire expirience for me! I was about to put this 2nd on my best list, but for the god damn animation

The Animation Is Bad
But The Story And Characters Are Very Well Done

This movie if so terrible!

V1 Comment
326Gladiators of Rome

I think this is a simple parody of The Nightmare Before Christmas. They are both outstanding films. - Movie_Lord_of_2015

V4 Comments

This is a TERRIBLE film! This is like trying to motion capture a bunch of animals and failed. Plus Rango was a HUGE jerk. Please, Tintin is a good NICK film, but this is the complete opposite.

Makes you wonder why it won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film since Rio was a better film.

That was a good film and it did won a oscar

329Everyone's Hero

This movie sucks because it my had my favorite team as the villain

I used to like this on Disney Channel but it was getting boring.

Despicable Me 2 is higher than this? - Ededdneddyfan55

330The Book of LifeV3 Comments
331Guardians of the Lost Code

A Mexican animated movie copy of Pokemon or digimon

332The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
333The Fox and the Hound 2

Why is this here in front of braver and strange magic

They never should have made this film

V1 Comment
334The Emperor's New Groove

Why is this here


It was okay. The trailer was better than the actual movie - Mcgillacuddy

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337The Snow Queen
338Meet the Robinsons

My sister loves this movie! Take it off or she will be pissed off!

V1 Comment
339The Great Mouse Detective

How can someone hate this movie

340The Sword in the StoneV1 Comment
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