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School Days
Is School Days the worst anime ever? No. It is the worst THING ever. I only watched it because if its noterity, and it is well deserving of all the hate it gets. The story is barf inducing and the charecters are some of the worst people in any form of media. Avoid at all costs.
I'm curious why this anime is so hated and so, I decided to watch some. And I stopped watching it after 3 episodes (I didn't watch episode 3 and 4, I just cut to episode 5 because someone said everyone wanted Makoto to be dead by episode 4). And after watching it, I have to avoid my eyes being hurt by the sex scenes. And Makoto is such a jerk, he deserved what he get for cheating on Kotonoha and screwing up with the other characters. He transformed the whole genre from cute/drama into ecchi/drama all into a sudden! I read the ending at the internet, and although it is satisfying because finally Makoto died, it's way too gruesome for my taste (Sekai is just too cruel). I think the first three episode is pretty nice, but finally, it's just a show filled with sex scenes. I felt this is the worst anime I ever seen in my life. The biggest factor is the characters (especially Makoto). The story is quite good, but it turned out to be sucks thanks to Makoto.

And I still don't understand why many of good animes we know is in this list. Like Sailor Moon, Naruto, One Piece, Pokemon, Bleach, Attack on Titan... They seriously do not belong here. I really don't understand why people chooses to vote them instead of this 'anime'.
Why vote for like Death Note, One Piece, Pokemon, Vampire Knight, Bleach and other good animes. Instead vote for a anime like this. I HATE SCHOOL DAYS
[Newest]Most messed up anime ever
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2Bakugan Battle Brawlers
I had to be truth, both series (Bakugan and Pokemon) are tie on the wrost, but there are some points in favor for the monsters.

1. It get's repetitive, but what I can do, I'm still hoping for Team Rocket. Those guys sometimes still manages to be funny or interesting, and I want the to WIN ONCE AND FOR ALL DAMMIT!
Bakugan has nothing like those two still enjoyable.
2. Sometimes I play Pokemon games, on DS are quite funny, even if sometimes they pull out stupid gadgets. Bakugan games are meh.
3. Pokemon fame. those Monsters are EVERYWHERE... so they ended up in the hands of Devian artists and people who can make nice fun on them or just share the hate.
4. Some Pokemons are cool and they don't deserve to be in this series. Bakugan... well, need so say anything?

And, last but not least, Pokemon was fun in some points, Bakugan never. Both are series made to sell, but while Pokemon takes the Yugi road (cool main series, so wrong 2-3-4 series), Bakugan goes wrong first try.
HELL NO you grew up with Pokemon I grew up with bakugan so shut up
I like many other anime on the list here, but... THIS ain't A ANIME. This is like a pokemon knock-off. Pokemon was okay as a kid but seeing transforming balls and playing cards combined is just such a disgrace to call an anime...
This isn't even considered an anime. The heck with balls that can transform DX
[Newest]Bakugan is a disappointment to anime and it's animation is disgrace to anime
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The comments here are nothing but ridiculous exaggerations. I would not be surprised if some idiot here said, "NARTUO IS the WROST ANMIE ever N you sucks IF you LIEK IT! 1! 1! 11! " and received a few thumbs up. Naruto may not be the best anime, but it is not the worst anime either. School Days, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, or Sonic X should take Naruto's place as number one on this list. The explanations which people offer as to why they think Naruto is bad are extremely weak and biased. For example, people say that the entire Naruto series is bad either because it focused on Sasuke for a few episodes, has a lot of flashbacks, because it is the first influence on kids, or because their favorite characters were killed off. First, the focus on Sasuke was necessary because the change in Sasuke's goals was important to the plot. If there was no focus on Sasuke, then no one would know why he now targets the Leaf Village. The flashbacks may seem annoying, but they serve the same purpose as the focus on Sasuke: to give light to the characters' past and reveal which events shaped their personality, especially if they are antagonists. The fact that it is the first influence on kids is not a very good reason to hate Naruto because there are more factors which determine the quality of an anime than its influence/popularity. Lastly, the fact that some interesting characters in Naruto died does not automatically make Naruto a terrible anime. Death is an unpredictable force which happens to anybody in real life, so it should not matter if the good or popular characters die in an anime. I may be wrong, but the reasons given on this list for disliking Naruto are pretty absurd.
There's nothing wrong with the characters or the plot, really. All of that is quite interesting, honestly. However, what pushed me away from this anime was its sense of humor and seemingly repetitive fight scenes. It's a bit hard to explain, but some things about this anime irk me in the same way that Fairy Tail and One Piece do. I guess it's just because I'm a sucker for more serious anime, though, and the whole laughing off the big things and zooming in on the small details isn't really my type of thing.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm not exactly saying that nobody should watch this anime or that it's just flat-out bad, nor am I saying that I dislike the flashbacks. On the contrary, I see how it would be interesting to many. Also, I quite enjoy when anime gives us a good look into the characters' pasts. It's not about the characters being killed off, either (I mean, I read Akame ga Kill. Of course that's not why I'm complaining). It's just.. in this genre, I prefer darker, more serious, and more organized anime.
Naruto started off great, interesting characters, good plot, etc. Then Shippuden came... Then Naruto came crashing down.

It doesn't even focus on Naruto anymore, instead it's Sasuke the emo who whines over the smallest problems, your family got murdered in front of you, WELL WHY NOT TRY BEING NICE TO PEOPLE AND TRY TO HELP SO OTHERS WON'T SUFFER?

One of the things I hate the absolute most was that Deidara, without a doubt one of the most interesting & mysterious characters got his backstory left mostly left open, what, I like the fact that it's up to us but seriously, his passion for art was something everyone wanted to know about.

Then they went and killed Jiraya off, great, just great of all people JIRAYA, why couldn't it be Sakura? Who is one of the worst female anime characters ever, she is USELESS and should end up with Sasuke who is *cough* selfish *cough*

[Newest]In my opinion, and this is just mine alone, I actually think Naruto is an awesome anime. Of course, it is one of the first animes I have ever known about or watched, but I can see why people wouldn't like it all that much. To me, the worst part of the whole thing would have to be, Sasuke leaving and Naruto making such a big deal about it. Now that's just my opinion.
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4Boku no Pico
Boku no pico is a hentai anime
-meaning that it contains graphical sex scenes
Specifically, it's a yaoi hentai anime
-meaning that it contains graphical sex scenes about homosexuals
Even more specifically, it's a shotacon yaoi hentai anime
-meaning that it contains graphical sex scenes about underage homosexuals
I thought this didn't exist? It's real? I'll have to check it out. Wish me luck, I may never return.


HOW IS THIS NOT NUMBER ONE YET BAKUGAN IS? It's child porn and pedophilia. Disgusting. It goes way past hentai level and anyone who enjoys this are sick pedos.


Never watched it but as comments show, I will never watch it in my life. I just hope that the 2015 live action will be cancelled.


Disregarding the child molesting/manipulation, it is a bad anime. There's almost no polite except for "Boku meets people and has sex with them." There's no character development. There's no interesting dialogue. It's really just well-animated porn.
[Newest]Absolutely disgusting. Can't be unseen.

From replacing all of the good voice actors/the ones who didn't make you want to bash your ears in for the characters 3/4 way through the Advanced Generation Saga, to the constant replacing of former characters, to the never-ending "journey" of Ash's continuous losses at the Pokemon Leagues from Kanto-Unova, this anime has been milked to hell and it's obvious it needs to go. It started off with a good idea, a nice concept, and a lot of heart: nowadays, it's absolutely terrible not because it's new, but because it's the same thing with TRio becoming supposedly more competent but in reality they're now just serious but still losing every single time.

I'm actually very sad to see what happened to a once good anime series that actually taught you things.
I don't know what this anime even about!
There no point of watching this if the Protagonist isn't going to achieve his goal ever.
Best wishs proudly teach kids that People ether has to born with Talent Or Luck to achieve his/her goal because working hard doesn't pay.
In other word, If a Kid is unable to get good grade then its because God doesn't gave him/her the Talent Or Luck to achieve it.
So He/She would fail no matter how much he/she study.
Just Like Ash Ketchum, He can't achieve his Goal no matter how hard he work because he was Born as an Underdog.
So We shouldn't blame that Kid and encourage him/her to work hard.
Instate we should just blame God for not giving him/her the talent.
"Underdog" has no right to have Big Dream Or Aim.
Big Dream Or Aim in life is only for "Child Prodigy".
Underdogs will only just make a fool out of them if they Dream something big and try to work hard to fulfill that Dream.
That the Moral Pokemon teaching Kids.
Ash has not fulfilled his dream for the same reason Luffy hasn't.
It WAS good in the 90s but now it just keep getting repetitive... The 'NEW' pokemons are actually the same pokemon from the past series of the franchise with a slightly different moveset and looks, story is just all the same every series, ash going to fight gyms, meet new friends & all that crap which is already used in the past series.
I mean seriously man? Some of the other kids shows are better
[Newest]Sort of boring stills good though
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6Sailor Moon
I love this anime. It's really old school. Some people say that it's a bunch of skimpy girls fighting... Nope. If you call them skimpy, you should see other animes. Hahaha.
I disagree.
HOW IS SAILOR MOON IN THE TOP TEN WORST ANIME SHOWS? I know that it could be very annoying sometimes the fact that the sailors changing into their sailor outfits wastes 30% of the video and their annoying sentences before they fight, does not mean you should hate on this anime series. This show provides a very good story plot and the characters are quite interesting too.
I'm sorry, but none if the characters are interesting. They are all bland as hell. When I see them, it feels like I'm looking at cardboard. They are that flat.
This anime is a joke so make it number one on worst animes. I mean really all it is, is some girl changeling her clothes a dumb magic way and then I just want to shut it off. Good amines like bleach one piece Naruto clannad shouldn't be above this I would like this to be at least number 3 please thanks. And don't forget to vote for this
[Newest]I Love this show whoever thinks this show is bad you suck
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7Clannad After Story
Like someone else said, I absolutely have no idea how this anime managed to get to the top 10 worst list. I assume it's because the ending pissed them off but that is still no excuse to put it on here as the rest of it is very good. I can't believe that some of the worst anime are below this anime. Whoever voted on this list are retards.
Calling people who don't like clannad AS retards is just disrespectful.


What in blazes is this anime doing at 3?!?! Hinestly this anime was very good! Yes the ending was trash but why give it a bad rating just because of that? This shouldn't even be on here, and One Piece!
Whilst I'm not the biggest Clannad fan, I'm not at all surprised at the outburst on here. I cannot imagine how this could end up as being one of the worst animes of all time when it's a million miles off from it. What's even worse is that the bashers keep voting this up just to make snarky comments about it and criticise the fans for being so defensive. What would you expect? -. - Of course everyone would break into defensive mode if their favourite anime ended up on here. I mean this list is so utterly absymal. Some animes that really ARE terrible aren't even on here and the ones that are cherished classics are always being dragged down just for their reputation. I don't know what's got into the anime industry these days, but I would never ever put Clannad onto the top 10 worst. Remove this and One Piece and maybe the choice of animes would make more sense.
[Newest]I Love clannad and the after story it should not be on this list at all
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8One Piece
This anime is the best! It shouldn't be near this list
If you think One Piece is the best then you haven't seen much anime
One piece is the best anime! Totally agree with zack2246tt even though I don't like bakugan brawlers or clannad or lucky star or sailor moon. This anime shouldn't be near this list!
This anime is one of the best animes on here, it does NOT belong on this list!
[Newest]Worst anime ever. Boring as hell
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This anime just is too way to weird... SERIOUSLY boobs are bigger then their bodies
This anime is just too much. Basically girls with over sized TRIPLE XA BOOBS what?
Is it wrong for a 12 year old to have small boobs? This anime makes me, my little sis, and friends uncomfortable with that little (7? ) year old girl w/ the glasses and pink hair have a bust size that ' BIG. She will definitely suffer from scoliosis.
[Newest]This anime doesn't even deserve to even be called an anime all it is about is girls with big racks...

10Powerpuff Girls Z
Well, it is just PowerPuff Girls made in Japan...
Nothing to do with the Powerpuff Girls, makes me sick just by watching it and knowing what age the little girls are while wearing mini skirt. What age are the Powerpuff Girls? 14... I'm gonna let that sink in your brain
Well, the legal age of consent in Japan is 13 years old, so technically to them it isn't creepy, it's natural
Bad squeal. Bad plot. Bad everything
[Newest]Cheap rip off of powerpuff girls

The Contenders

Alien chicks who come to earth to be slaves?

And it looses me there.
Take 3 awesome animes, Kanon, Chobits, and Girls Bravo, and let's mash them together like Frankenstein and create what could possibly be the worst form of "entertainment" ever, held together by the small hairs of a terrible plot, horrible characters, and annoying and pathetic comedy. DearS is a complete disaster and should be condemned
I may love anime DearS is awful it's about these Aliens who want to become slaves yeah I don't get it either and it's gross I wanted to vomit after that don't watch it and all the characters are Idiots


[Newest]These women may have been sex objects, but the stupidest thing is that the owner NEVER TAKES ADVANTAGE OF IT!

"I own a very hot slave whom is willing to do anything for me?... Better keep my virginity."

12Lucky Star
More than half of the first episode shows the characters telling each other how to eat different kinds of food. NOBODY CARES! SHOW US SOME DEPTH AND STORY!
The characters are boring, but all the other people have said that. The animation is sub-par at its best, none of the characters I can relate to, the jokes didn't work very well, and dear God, the references! Look, it's fine to have some references in an anime, but it it's your main milk for jokes, then that's your guarantee GOLD that this is going to be a bad comedy/ slice of life anime.
I have wasted many hours of my life watching this pointless show... and I loved every second of it. I don't care about the fact that it doesn't have a plot, because the fact that it doesn't have a plot IS THE PLOT. They are just girls who like to talk about their likes and dislikes. So what? That's like almost every conversation that's happening right now. Plus. come on. They're adorable :3

13Dragon Ball Z
Why the hell is this on the list?
You suck so much ass for putting this on the list the only reason I starting watching anime
Dude you have got to be kidding me dbz is the best thing I ever watched it's you're opinion but mine is different and for naruto, naruto shippuuden, Yu-Gi-Oh, gx it's my best anime after dbz that's my opinion.
This show sucks. Every one has the same powers ( except for piccolo, cell, and buy. ) the villains all have the same purpose, destroy everything for no reason!

No one ever uses strategy. They always fight superior enemies one on one when ganging up on them would give them an advantage. There all "incredibly fast" but refuse to dodge. They just stand in front of each other and wail on each other.

The kameh hameh ha is just a chi blast with a name like most of their moves.

When you watch it, you're just watching a bunch of blurs. I mean I realize there supposed to be faster than the I can see, but come on. It's like going to wrestlemania to watch the ring. I came to see a fight. They could be having a tea party for all I know.

And last, but not least, everyone quits to easily. In dragon ball picollo broke Gokus arms, but Goku kept fighting. He eventually won by hurling himself at picollo. In dragon ball z after the freeza saga the z warriors stopped trying. Yea they trained, but when they ran into someone stronger, rather than attacking all at once they stare and let the enemy kick them around. Even Goku gave up after fighting cell for a few minutes. Yes cell was stronger, but if Goku fought with everything he had, cell would have been to tired to beat gohan or even vegeta.
[Newest]Wow.. You're kidding right?
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14Rosario + Vampire
Ugh, this anime is complete ass. Its attempts at serious drama are laughable, the stories are awfully predictable and the characters simply have no depth to them; which is terrible because the premise has a lot of potential. Just stick to the manga for your own sake.
Its just fan serivce and Glee style drama. Its just GOD AWFUL!
I got tired after the first episode. No action or anything cool. Moka Akashiya tends to show off her stuff and there is much romance related things. Boring. Your typical spice of life...
[Newest]I actually liked this anime I watched it all and found it amusing.

Personally I never thought the story was vague at all. There was always a new plot or bad guy who spiced up the show and the characters were all unique and special in their own way. They all had a look that no other anime characters could copy.
Yu Gi Oh was practically my childhood. The story was always great and so were the characters. So what if their playing a card game? In Pokemon they just have animal fights. Most of the characters had good back stories. Like Seto Kaiba, he was probably the most developed character. And it isn't some stupid kid show. There was death and violence. This should not be on here.
I never could get into it. I mean think about do really want spend half an hour watching people play cards, if you wanted to see that you could go to any man's home. Also why does the monsters come out of cards it's like watching a retarded version of Pokemon. And where the hell do they get the cards ebay?

The only good thing is that SCANDAL do the song for the end credits. It's a stereotypical piece of rubbish. Also the voices are to squeaky for everything. Eventhough it's an anime they shouldn't progress that fast as a band/musician. It's also so boring... I don't know many people who like it...
The animation is good and the characters look good but the show itself is SO boring. It's just the daily life of 5 girls performing and stuff and they don't even make it cool or interesting.
The only played 3 songs, tow of the songs were the same, squeaky voices, the opening and ending theme was a sort of troll, saying you wanted your not gonna get it, and if I hear tea one more time I will choke someone.

Dear people who say the most popular and famous anime like Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto (Shipudden) are popular for a reason. They are good, unlike this BS that is somehow lower than Pokemon, probably one of the richest anime in ever, considering they made games, trading cards, toys, and the anime itself. This stupid anime is about tops. Tops. TOPS. "Go F-ing top! Kill the other top! " Stupid in my point of view that has ruined kids brains. Also did I forget to mention, Pokemon trading card games give people SCHOLARSHIPS, showing they value education as well!
WORST ANIME EVER! This anime is nothing but a bunch of screaming and metal spinning tops that spin around until the other one falls. Seriously I've seen better battles in Yugioh than this piece of garbage!
DUMB-ASS SHOW. Deserves to die.
Okay, sorry to everyone I offend but SERIOUSLY?! This show is the very definition of ridiculous! (I'm talking about the metal fight saga thing)
The whole plot is stupid because it revolves around to pieces of metal rolling around in a giant basin.

18Mew Mew Power
Oh God... This dub ruined Tokyo Mew Mew. I absolutely loved Tokyo Mew Mew, but Mew Mew Power nearly ruined everything for me. I think I nearly stopped watching anime when I saw this, and I also stopped watching Tokyo Mew Mew. 4Kids, why must you kill the best animes in existence?!
So true... They killed everything good about it... -_- I demand a funimation redub... Who is with me...
The first manga I've ever read was "Tokyo Mew Mew". IreD it when I was 6, now I'm 15 and I still read it.

So, I watched the 4Kids version of the anime and I was severely disappointed! They changed the names, the attacks, and the voice acting sucked.
Yes, I'm aware that this is only about the English dub, but it was SO horrendous that it's worth noting how atrocious it is.
[Newest]This show is retarded

19Girls Bravo
This show had one of the worst plot lines in anime history, almost as bad as DearS. Why is a bathtub a portal to a world where 90% of its population are desperate and attractive women?
What kind of anime is this! I don't even CARE if it's hentai, how is it even biologically possible for you to be allergic to another human being?!

20Naruto: Shippuden
I accidentally voted but this series is great!
It seems to me like every episode is for new comers ( not really bad if your a new comer ) with all the flashback and filler episodes ( more so in the ninja war ) just get on with the show already! I mean I been watching the war slowly unfold over 3 years! Come on!
"Every episode is for newcomers" is something that describes One Piece and not Naruto.
It's a show of the main character (Naruto) trying to save his friend (Sasuke) who needs no saving! Later on just in a big war they become teammates again, this show is so boring! Sorry Naruto fans this is just my own opinion.
[Newest]FILLERS FILLERS MORE FILLERS EVEN MORE FILLERS.. This is the reason l stopped watching Naruto Shippuden..

21Aki Sora
Absolutely the worst anime in the world. Avoid this at all costs, for you will regret your decision if you decide to watch this show.
HOW IN HELL IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP 10! Its about a guy having sex with his sister which is totally gross it almost goes up to hentai level. this should be 2nd because boku no pico should be number 1


Boku no pico is worse...

22Seikon no Qwaser
Such a shame, this anime would have been almost decent if it wasn't for its misogynistic qualities
Natsu eats flames for power ups
Goku ascends to a Super Saiyan to get stronger
Sasha (a male) Sucks on breasts for their milk and gets stronger. Sometimes he just does it for fun as well.

This show should be in the top 10 worst.
Can anybody tell me the audience for this piece ?

23Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
Worst Yu-Gi-Oh! Series ever. It made me give up hope on the series. Kazuki Takahashi, PLEASE END THE SERIES! 5D's should have been the last one. The character designs are terrible and it's at one hundred episodes now. God, someone end this crap.


It is only enjoyable in Japanese. The Dub was absolute pathetic.


It's not as good as the old yugioh series, and it's about a kid that is a huge wimp that relies on some kind of alien to help him win his duels
Zexal is just an injustice to the entire franchise. It's far too gimmicky for my tastes.
[Newest]I have seen some abominations when it comes to new series of classic shows. But this.. This satanic vile excuse of a show takes first prize by miles.

24Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Wow, who comes up with the dumbest name in anime history?
Animes can be dumb, I realize that. But this is so dumb to the point were it is impossible to be entertained by it.
First seconds... WHAT THE HELL!
[Newest]Why they came up with fighting armpit and nose hair is beyond everyone's comprehension.

25Sonic X
Sonic X is a bad stain on the Sonic Franchise. Horrible Story, terrible writing, awful characters, and heinous voice acting are just a few of the problems this show has
This show is bad because:
1: Got 5.8/10 and 2.5/5. I can relate.
2: Episodes, characters, story, fan pairings all over the place.
3: Amy.
4: So bad that all of the episodes were FREE on hulu plus! My opinion, I think that's why...
In general, I never liked this show. It deserved cancellation. Hopefully, it won't be on nicktoons.
The sooner I forget my terrible experience the show scared in my brain the better. Each episode is like a stab to the soul with its all over the place stories and awful side characters which the spend more time focusing on than Sonic. The show is called Sonic X and Sonic barely does anything and we barely see him.
[Newest]What the hell is Pokemon, Naruto, One Piece, and DRAGONBALL Z, doing higher then this?!

26Panty & Stocking
To any women who agree with me please comment if you agree that women are not to be sexualized in any manner. We are to be loved not just for our looks and it seems men today are forgetting that. This anime technically promotes women sexualization! Why are women being portrayed as revealing, big breasted people who suck up to men? Align my fellow women!
That ending. Enough said.
The women of this show are hyper-sexualized, so much so that it even made me uncomfortable.

Why is soul eater and death note here? A guy kissing FIVE different people? A teacher, a classmate, a girl younger than him, and most of all his older twin sisters. Somehow people think soul eater or death note are worse...
This show is so annoying I loath both of those stupid annoying twin sisters, I just don't get it. Their parents remarried so that means that they have lived together even when they were little. If they loved with him for do long, why are they in love with him? Weirdo sisters. Ako is so childish and annoying while Riko is a dumb ass and ruins everything!
I hate this show it has no storyline until the teacher came in. The sisters are completely fools for thinking that there younger brother would fall for BOTH of them. Nuh uh he's already with the teacher they should move on. But noo. They have to keep kissing him because they think its normal. The cheaters of this show... What were you thinking?
[Newest]This show should be thrown into a crater.

28Tokyo Mew Mew
God, this show is so cheesy, I bet it would taste bad.
. I love TMM so much, it was my first anime and inspired me as a little 7 year old! Whoever did this is cray. It's just the suckish dub 4kids did that you're all moaning about. Take this anime to heart, next time maybe.
Whoever put this on the list was confused. Mew new POWER was the true offender.


29Kodomo no Jikan
I couldn't even last five minutes of the first episode. That's how despicable it is.
One word... Pedophilia or at least sort of. A fourth grader seduces her teacher. Sexually!

30Dragon Ball GT
After intense battles against Freezer, Cell Kid Buu, the anime is sold and the battles now do not have any violence and the storyline is really terrible. it was destined to have over 400 episodes but it had to be reduced to 64 due to inminent cancelation. it was all to make it a "kids anime" while kids rather enjoy the previous DBZ rather than this piece of crap. AND GOKU IS STILL OVER 9000 BUT TURNED AS A CHILD ONCE MORE!
The series was terrible and is one of those things that should have never existed. In fact, it was the studio's fault for making Pan this despised since she wasn't like this in DBZ, thankfully.
Imagine taking a highly acclaimed series and then giving it a complete hundred episode season of filler and publish it under the name of the original work. Probably the first show that actually deserves to be here.
[Newest]Gohan is a nerd in GT! No!

31Diabolik Lovers
Plain characters, no background story, the main character is the worst pathetic loser I've ever seen. Give me back my time.
Not even a real anime at all. Just a series of episodes that feature a pathetic excuse for a 'heroine' doing nothing but letting herself be a walking helpless blood bag to a bunch of jerkass disgusting freaks who see others misery as their main source of entertainment. Yeah, I know these vampires had rough pasts and stuff but that still is no good excuse to act like how they do now! Hate the heroine. Hate the other characters. Hate the plot. Hate the show. Just hate it all!
We don't care that you love it. We hate it. It's all. Lol, seriously, it's so funny how the fans of anime feel aimed when someone talk negatively about it. Like, we insult them. You're an anime now?
A supposedly serious anime that I laughed at the whole time. female protagonist is helpless and pathetic to watch.
[Newest]There's a special place in hell for anime like this

32Highschool of the Dead
- Boobs are even ok
- Not so much history is even ok

Joining both those factors in one anime definitively ISN'T OK. The anime hasn't something very impressive and hangs on the fanservice to have fans. Deceiving.
Too much vulgar scenes
I know right! It gets in the way too much and screws up the whole thing itself!
Way too much fanservice till it gets disturbing and ruins the whole plot

33Vampire Knight
I just finished this anime and it has so much wasted potential the first season was alright all we need is yuki to be more independent koneme to get his ass kicked by zero and walla prefect but instead lets make every one hate yuki since she rather leave with kaneme than stay with the one who has always been on her side and never used her its just filled with potential but its all wasted!
Oh please the only what makes everbody read/watching it, because of the art. The handsome boy, like kaname and zero. And now in the manga, I don't even know what the story. Hey, sorry just my opinion.
I just feel sorry for Zero.

34Fairy Tail
It just can't be tolerated with the nakama power-ups, nakama speeches, almost everyone relying on natsu, natsu never losing, natsu never training, natsu barely achieving any progress in his goal, the constant fan service, the over-hyped antagonists who get one-shoted, the over-powered abilities, the unexplainable wins that fairy tail get, the constant trolling by mashima, mavis trying justify the feelings for nakama. It just can't be tolerated.
Hey have started watching fairy tail 2014 series. If not then first go watch it and talk... I know that you would have been dropped this anime in between- but in the world nothing is PERFECT. Every anime has something boring and something rubbish. I also admit that fairy tail is sometimes boring... but NOT ALWAYS. Sorry if you got my point wrong but - it is far better than bleach and Naruto - PLEASE... NOT COMPARABLE.
I'll admit it has good art in it, but the story... My god I haven't seen so much non sense in a while. Every enemy that used to tear their bodies apart to the point of no recognition will eventually turn friendly and they get all lovey-dovey. Every fight consists of complete destruction of the main characters and sudden power-ups out of nowhere because they believe in their nakamas. The rules set in this anime have been bent so many times, it is just sad. There is no tension at all because you know exactly they will beat the overhyped enemy in the end and nobody will die. By all means I really don't understand how people still watch Fairy Tail...
I hated it! Fairy Tail doesn't deserve the fan base it has. I like dark and serious animes more like Attack on Titan and Elfen Lied (although I loved Hetalia). The only reason why I still watched a couple more episodes after the first was because I was hoping it would get better, but of course it didn't! Hate it! I do not recommend it!
[Newest]Such a Naruto ripoff

35High School DxD
It would be epic if it wasn't perverted. I like it, but I hate it being perverted so I'm both for it being the worst and also against it being the worst.
Whoever put this on is just plain stupid. Perhaps it is a bit well perverted but it has storyline which is easy to forget when making an anime of this... genre lets call it.
This show is one of the best actually
[Newest]I love this anime it's decent and yeah perverted but its good.

36Soul Eater
This show is not horrible...are you retarded
Best show ever and all you hater go to heck
I disagree, but I can see the problems people have with it.
[Newest]I like the show so if you don't 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

37Sword Art Online
Okay like seriously, I think I'm the only person on the entire planet who actually liked BOTH halves of the show. This is a show about love in the most dire conditions. I personally think that the show got that point across by having Kirito and Asuna's relationship grow in MULTIPLE environments, not just in SAO. Also, I'm a person who's drawn to an anime with amazing music and art, not just slice slice battle battle kill killing kill woo hoo. I understand that this anime had flaws but I think it was well-executed and very, very enjoyable. Anyway, that's my opinion.
It sucked I only liked the first half but only a little. hoping dor season 2 to be better
Overrated! Beginning was good, but it went so downhill. And Asuna especially irks me. She's such a boring cliche character! Just a bad anime.
[Newest]Watch season two it's better

I like bleach, although its super long I think it's over all a pretty good anime. So I don't agree with all these negative bleach comments. If they all showed up in the beginning the plot would be confusing. If you continue to watch deeper in the series it does follow. Think of at least one positive thing to say because if you check all the top anime lists you will see that bleach is on the top 10.
Bleach has some excruciatingly boring episodes. So many of the fights take like ten episodes, and 1/3 of the time they just chat. It also sometimes fails at being funny. But I can put up with all that. I like Bleach, and it certainly does NOT deserve to be on this list.
It started great. But the quality got worsened and everyone started to suspect that Kubo is trolling. Man, I totally support this theory. Wit a minute. It's not a theory!
Catch on with the manga... Thousand year blood war is the best of the series just go and see it b4 you post this :) I'm trying to helpful
[Newest]Bleach started out GREAT but went downhill after Rukia's rescue. Terrible character designs and a terrible story. This anime had so much potential but was just a disappointment.

39Midori Days
This anime has one of the most retarded plot lines I've seen in anime ever! So basically, this guy can't get girls to like him and apparently, he's really good at fighting with his right hand. So then one day, he wakes up to find out that his hand has a small girl on it! Oh wait, let me rephrase that, the girl isn't on his hand, she IS his hand.

Now, wouldn't you find that weird and utterly disturbing. I sure did!
The worst anime I've ever seen, it absolutely makes no sense and the plot never evens out! It is not worth watching the worst in my book, epic fail and the english dubbed version is just an abomination to anime dub everywhere. A must watch to see first hand the worlds worst anime. Watch one episode and you'll see why its the worst ever!
Dull, cliched characters; horrible, disturbing plot; story design that would make you want to laugh your pants off, you get the gist.

40Duel Masters
It feels like a rip off of yugioh, also the name is confusing as heck, (duel mosters) (duel masters). Honestly, it has too much of the same things.
I just don't like it though, I woundn't say its a rip-off of yu-gi-oh!, that be saying pokemon was a rip off of digi mon.

41Kappa Mikey
If you ever really watched the show you would have realized it's a mock cartoon. The show mocks popular anime.
Well its have anime half normal animated. Anyway I hated this show! Glad it got canceled! The characters were annoying as (Bleep). Sorry fans. Its too cheesy for me!
Stupid as hell no point in it HATE it

42Future Diary
Its good, yuno is the one that makes the series good, as well as how the story folds along sometimes, the story wasn't that good though, but it is pretty good.
How the hell did this Anime get on thus list?! Mirai Nikki is a MASTERPIECE. The dramatic and psychotic love story between Yukiteru and Yuno, the concept of the future diaries, the characters and the plot twist I won't spoil all make this Anime one of the best that has been ever made. It's nowhere near (N) my favorite though.
Are you retarded? This is a CLASSIC!


43Chapter 0: Kingdumb Smart
This isn't anime. This isn't even a show. If it was it would be better than Naruto. Does anyone own this manga. I think not. In fact its not even a real Manga either. In fact, I have no clue how it even got on this list.
This isn't even an anime.

Am I the only one who watched this?

45Queen's Blade
I personally like this anime and wish that it could have a possible crossover with Naruto (my opinion)
No depth in the anime. A butchered story and enough plot holes to cover the moon. But I guess the only reason you would watch this is for the fanservice which is sometimes cencored.

46Air Gear
Who put this up?!?!?! Air Gear is amazing

47Cowboy Bebop
How is cowboy bebop possibly considered bad by anyone? Seriously, SAO is lower than this show. That is beyond a sin against humanity.
There's a special place in Hell for whoever put this on the list.
This is one of THE BEST anime ever made! I seriously can't believe it's on this list.
[Newest]What the bloody hell? What retard made this list?

48Sakura Trick
Such a boring anime. Two girls kissing at the drop if a hat whenever they can, the anime doesn't have a proper plot either. Well after the sister (the small annoying freaks) finds out and starts to fall for the other.
Pure garbage. Plot is nonexistent and the blonde girl with the short ponytails was SUPER annoying
The ending was so bad. I don't know whats happening! I'm not saying that it's bad because it's yuri, I'm saying the characters like Yuu-Chan is so annoying. I wanna rip out her ugly pigtails and cut if her flat breats.


50Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
I loved Mermaid Melody! It was funny, interesting and just plain awesome. I mean, who else can fight off bad guys with their voices?! Karen was rubbish though you've got to admit.
COME ON PEOPLE! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES! I love this anime as a kid and I still do. The manga wasn't very good though, but the anime was better.

51Final Fantasy: Unlimited
Unless you want to watch stock footage, this anime is completely terrible. The reason it could only be described as Final Fantasy is because they use material in their weapons. No offense but, it is a Sailor Moon for men.

52Hero Tales
This anime almost put me to sleep. ALMOST (for any of you fanboys out there)

Awesome need to make more season's women should be more like them fight for there man cook what an amazing anime

This is one of the greatest high school romances in anime. I doubt that anyone that voted this show here has actually finished it. If you're talking about something you haven't finished then all of your opinions are irrelevant.
The ending was a let down but the anime was still goof
The ending sucked. So did the story line. This anime was absolutely disgusting. I spurn you foul creature

55Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
You're pushing it with this one. I can see Afterstory, I can see Sailor Moon. I can definitely see Bakugan at number 1, but I love this anime. Why? Because season 4, Japanese, had a really dark and epic storyline. Call me a kid, but this was one of the first anime that I've ever watched, so I live it to no end.
Why is this even on the list. Well, the dub should be as 4Kids constantly butchered and killed the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series. What's worse is the plot holes, annoying cuts, replacing the music, edits etc. Not to mention it was incomplete. Screw you 4Kids for ruining such great anime shows.


I have a feeling that most of the people who voted for GX 5ds and zexal were people who were fans of the original or haven't seen all the episodes because as I said they get better look nothing wrong with being a fan of the original series but give thoses seasons a shot if you want to see what I mean watch the final few episodes of watch series in japenese and then say if there still bad
[Newest]Dislike card playing animes.

56Tiger & Bunny
Just one great big product placement from beginning to end.

57Foxy Nudes
Foxy! I never watched this anime, but what a name!

58Inazuma Eleven
In my opinion, I love this anime. Except the English version is terrible. I can't stand to listen to the voices. But overall, I like it.
This is a criminally bad anime. The voice acting is horrific, the sound mixing only accentuates how bad the voices are, the plot is paper thin even by shonen sports standards, and like many real life examples, it takes soccer WAY too seriously.
Ina11 sucks watch epic feels sports aniems like free!

59Battle Vixens
This is basically a show consisting of hot girls fighting with power attacks that rip their clothes off instead of killing them. The plot is laughable (if you can even find it) and the main character, Hakufu, is an idiot. A complete idiot.

60Puni Puni Poemi

61Tenjou Tenge
Why this in the list it's awesome
What! Its not bad it starts off strong and has some cool animation

62Zatch Bell!
Why the hell is this here? This show was my childhood. Yea I understand they put too much emphasis on "friends and heart are my power. But how could you not like this anime for the awesome story and well developed characters!
I HATE, I repeat, HATE Zatch Bell with a huge passion! It's just that it's over-dramatically violent and weird! Well, I DO like the Mamodo spells, though, but WHY Cartoon Network AND TOONAMI, WHY?! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DUB THIS HUNK OF TRASH?! I like it's original Japanese orchestra, but its USA-dubbed music is absolutely UNINSPIRED and along with the English voice acting which is also HORRIBLE! My brother did grow up with the anime and I have NO problem with people liking Zatch Bell or Gash Bell, but the anime does look uninspired and weird to me.
The English dub is the worst part because it makes Zatch Bell (the character) sound like Jimmy Neutron. But I like the show and the Japanese version.

63Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
I don't really like yu go oh 5D I like gx and season 1 better I mean what they're battling each other while driving the motorcycle I mean how can they do that if they keep concentrating on the battle how can they drive properly and they might even bump and crash and even DIE how is that possible anyway it's not like it has pilot mode the first 2 yu-gi-oh is kind of good but I don't like 5d
I voted to say this Yugioh 5ds is the best it should not be on the worst anime list D:

64The Familiar of Zero
Mate, this shouldn't be here, Okay?
Can I ask you, why?
It's a good one, but one thing I didn't like was the ending. Felt rushed...
And it's a little perverted but though... it's a good anime.

65Kannazuki no Miko

66Hetalia: Axis Powers
I love Hetalia! Sure, it can be kind of stupid, but I think it's the best anime ever!
This show is brilliant, my friend thinks it's funny too. I love it because it turns tragedies like the country of Italy being overrun by an evil dictator named Benito, but the other way around was making Italy hilariously derpy. I understand Germany might be accurate, but Japan isn't, and some things humorously explained in this show just makes me love it so much. But it's too bad I have to start middle school next year. I hope for a few improvements though. They should include stuff I might learn in middle school, or high school, like the holocaust, Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing, and some stuff contained in it! And the show should explain the tragedy going on in world war 2. But over all, remove this from the list. I love this still yet for humor and comedy.
Yeah, because Hetalia is so good at teaching us the history of our world by glossing over WWII and portraying countries during that time as "silly and kawaii uguu", especially Italy. Italy was a fascist dictatorship at the time, not a silly and klutzy idiot, I hope you realize. WWII was a serious time and millions of people died. Listen, Hetalia is entertaining and their jokes make me laugh. I understand why they didn't mention parts of history such as the Holocaust, so they don't offend people. But using Hetalia, an anime that portrays WWII as a silly and funny time, as an excuse to skip History class because it teaches you oh so much more than your history teacher can is not ok. Hetalia doesn't teach you everything you need to know about World History. If I were you, I'd keep an open mind and research a bit on the events mentioned in Hetalia and view it in a different perspective. Also I'd go to History class.

67Night Shift Nurses

68Mars of Destruction
Should be number 1 watch it for yourself, a girl gets her head blown off and they take her to they hospital to see if "she will make it"? What! Whoever made this is obviously the most stupid person in the world
I must admit that I laughed when that girl her head exploded and they brought her to the hospital.
Whoever put this under Bleach, One Piece and Naruto and DBZ deserves to be put into a mental hospital


[Newest]The characters of this OVA are too good (sarcasm) to even have names.

69Mad Bull 34

70Peach Girl
I honestly disagree about the fact that 'Peach Girl' is bad. This is one of my favorites! However, I do understand why people don't like it.
I honestly disagree. 'Peach Girl' is one of my favorites! However, I do understand why people dislike it.
Peach girl is one of the worst anime I've ever seen 😐

71Excel Saga

72Green Green
This displays some of the thirstiest prepubescent horny teenagers in the history of any anime ever created. The greatest gripe about the whole show is the sentence above and the pitiful attempt at a romance.
I agree with this. But why is this on the list where you have fantastic anime such as Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, One piece, sword art online and familiar zero

73Squid Girl
Who put Squid Girl on here? I love it! No fanservice, barely any swearing, and nice animation!
I couldn't take the horrible jokes.

"Are you inking me? "

... Just... No.
Ha ha ha ha. By the name you can tell it's bad.

74Inazuma Eleven Go 2


76Don't Leave Me Alone, Daisy
Just the most disgusting anime I can think of

77Beyblade: Metal Fusion
I don't know how this is possibly an actual show, it's just so cheesy and I mean seriously, spinning tops that make people go berserk with "dark power" and all? That being said, it actually is rather entertaining to watch because each episode continues onto the next like chapters in a story. Some of the flashbacks are annoying though like in the metal masters series and the characters will be unconscious for like 5 episodes or something. And Ginkga's voice is like embarrasingly high for a twelve year old boy. It's very predictable honestly
I love this. The character's get so intense and it gets waaayy better in metal fury. Gingka is like a main shounen character. The plot is great for kind of a kids anime. I know it's just spinning tops but the battles in the metal series got me hooked on it. Watch Masamune vs Claus. You will know what I mean.
Guess what bey blade, I'm spinning away from you!

Are you kidding me? That is the greatest show in anime history and if you all disagree, eat my dust, then!
I literally started watching this show when I was like 4 or 5 it's just AHHH it's amazing I can't even describe it in words, this anime is my very first and by far, it's my favorite
Twilight was a better love story.

79Samurai Pizza Cats
During season 3, Child Protected Service come to take the kids away because they're fighting evil; however, the daughter of Speedy and Polly and the son of Good Bird and Carla got an idea. They got Princess Vi to get Child Protected Service off their backs and she threaten to banish them if they ever interfere with the hero kids again. The Child Protected Service will have no choice but to leave them alone.
The Samurai Pizza Cats had bad English dub and they banned 12 very important episodes of the story.

It is a bad anime and a bad English show.

The manga was the worst sequel ever and I'm glad is not release in America.

The sequel never followed the T.V. series. The creators should never had made it.

If they needed to do a sequel correctly, they should have given us a new villain. They should have made it more darker.

They should have gotten to have Bad Bird (Good Bird) to be a new member of the team to battle the new villain.
The creators stated they got new villains for the new seasons

Season 2 will be Dr. Purple and a young Jerry Atric

Season 3 will be evil witches

Season 4 will be ancient warriors from the past

Season 5 - 7 will be evil aliens

Season 8 super natural villains and legendary monsters folklores

Season 9 - 10 evil kitsunes with two-tails to ten-tails. Some of them are good looking and some got good clothes and great fighting skills.

The heroes will reform some of the kitsunes and sided with the heroes.

The Ten-Tail Kitsunes are the most powerful foes.
[Newest]Well, listen all of you! These long statements are something that someone found and wanted to post it in the internet to let everyone know that is the series had continued... These are the stories that would have been about.
More comments about Samurai Pizza Cats

I couldn't really finish it... It got too boring afterwards
I Love this show all you haters go slap your self
I thought it was boring... and I thought I was the only one who disliked this show. 0-0

81Black Butler
Wait! Why is this on here this is a great anime. It has a great plot even if they make episodes that don't follow it
I am not saying that this is a bad anime it actually is one of the best animes I have ever heard of in my so far life but the one reason why I do not bother to watch it is the fact that the story line is based off of a sacraficed kid that makes a contract with a demon selling his soul to him which I take is pretty terrifying to be honest but some people like horror and I know it is not horror it is comedy but that still freaks the crap out of me and ever since I have heard that about it I have been having mental issues that I can't get over right now. that is my opinion and I am not trying to be mean at all please respect my opinion and not get mad at me because I have a friend that is in love with this show and whenever I mention this to her she and her annoying friend mia go crazy on me and I really do not like it when they do that and my friends name is lindsey and she I s terrifying please save me from her!
Who put this on here? I would like to have a long, thorough talk with them about why it is included. I am very picky about my anime and this is number one on my list. The characters and development are nice, the plot is over the top, the art style is amazing for this genre especially, and you fall in love with just about everything about it. This is coming from a Christian, as well.

For those of you who were thrown off by season 2, no worries. It wasn't in the manga anyway, and simply started out as a drawing Yana included in one of the chapters.
[Newest]Why is black butler on this list?!?!

82Saint Seiya Season 1

83Code Geass
WHAT THE ACTUAL F&#$?!?! Who would ever think this anime is bad? Story, characters, ending, fan-service, all of it is absolutely flawless! Yeah, sure, R2 is a b! Tch to find dubbed, but who watched dubbed anime anyways?
I'm sorry. I think this is the greatest anime ever created. To anyone that disagrees please tell me more about your favorite shounen.
Ok let's make something clear. As a big fan of Death Note I have to admit... this is better. Seriously guys, stop being fanboys, and face the truth. Code Geass is better in a lot of ways. Better characters, better music, better animation, better twists and less flaws in the story. Perhaps the plot is better in Death Note. But the point is, that unless you put Death Note on this list, Code Geass shouldn't be here.

84Gundam Seed Destiny
Seed wasn't that bad. Even with all the pretty boys, it was still Gundam with its grey morals and war themes.



86Tales of the Abyss
If you voted this here for any reason other than the anime is not as amazing as the video game then your opinions are worthless.

87Samurai 7

88Demon King Daimao
Demon King Daimao is terrible. The characters were bland and didn't have 3 dimensional personalities at all, the fan service was beyond ridiculously stupid, the last fight was the best part of the show but it was horribly put together and seemed so last minute. This show tried way too hard and didn't have enough episodes to macomplish what they were trying to do.
This is the worst anime I've ever watched, It doesn't have a bad start but then everything just doesn't add up and people fighting for no good reason and the characters are not bonding yet showing emotions toward each other. it's just horrible.

89Cardfight! Vanguard
This anime is stupid and why would people spend so much money for them cards
I hate this anime because it's hard to understand!
It's like a mix of Digimon, Pokemon, and Yugioh at the same time.
[Newest]This anime is stupid and the game is stupid

90Deadman Wonderland
Definitely highly overrated and bad. This show is probably one of the most disgusting, depraved shows I've ever watched (right after Elfen Lied, but this is coming from someone who watched and enjoyed Higurashi) because this sort of show glorifies violence and makes it seem okay for this sort of thing to be done. The characters are terrible and so is the plot, everyone is an idiot (yes, let's blame a little kid for killing his classmates even when he has no weapon and no muscle! ) I'm glad the show went off of Toonami.
Don't even act like Elfen lied had a better plot with than this one. And the show was saying that society looks down on criminals and don't care for their suffering, how could that be glorifying violence. They even tried to escape! I don't think the characters are that bad, although I must agree the whole blaming the only living kid thing was stupid, I thought it was super stupid too, but the whole plot isn't comprised of that.
The characters suck so much
2 words "Uber Monk"

91Dragonaut - The Resonance
I never see anime make me wont it finish that fast.
it make me rely heat Love POWER, after all that annoying love story that take over 90 of anime that make you think it is action but it just a Stupid love story that don't make any sense.


Main here is annoying AND useless...i seriously prefer the supporting characters rather than the main

Wait, which Gundam?

I liked it, even if it was a little old and the budget wasn't that high. The main point was that it was a space-drama with mechs, not a mech show about space and stuff. It might seem like an advertisement at first glance, but when you watch it, you'll realize that it's more than that. Gundam is big on war issues, such as grey morals, what's right and wrong in a war, and other complicating catch-22s that you might see in anti-war films.
I'm sorry, I wasn't aware Gundam was a show.

93Romeo X Juliet
What? This was GOOD what are you talking about!?
I actually liked this series

94The Prince of Tennis
No, why is this even on here? Prince Of Tennis was such a classic anime. I know most people don't care for sport anime other than that swimming series Free! But come on! This was my childhood right here! Its one of the better of the sport genre that I've watched
I quite enjoyed Prince of Tennis, actually.

Are you guys mad I watched it for 10 years before turning to Naruto (I'm 13). But I still think it's a funny and awesome show.
This IS for kids...
Wait... this is an anime? No offense... its for little kids

96Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan
This anime is just messed up. I cannot even stand to watch it. The characters are as annoying as hell. Yes I understand its one of those what animes that are not supposed to make a whole lot of sense but even compared to that category of anime its still annoying. There are more overused jokes in this anime than in all the other anime's combined. I do like those random comedy animes. I love hetalia, but this anime is just so annoying and not even funny. Not to mention all these overused jokes have absolutely no humor to them. Its just a horrifically written anime.
This is the worst show ever! I mean this girl is horrible and she tortures this poor boy with her spiked bat for no reason at all. At least Elfen Lied had a gripping story line with depressing moments and good chracters but this show is just stupid and cruel. Who names a boy sakura any way!
Absolutely Disgusting, sadistic, morally backwards, cruel, features the most unlikable characters in any work of fiction. Just all around worthless.

97Ah! My Buddha
I don't even know what this is

98Black Rock Shooter
I love black rock shooter
The OVA was AMAZING, but the anime was a real let down... :/ Why the character design changes?

99Master of Martial Hearts
Do I have to explain why this is bad
This is seriously the worst anime I've ever seen. All because of that ending.

100Hunter x Hunter
It is actually a great anime
Y is this anime on this list! It is the best anime ever!
The manga has bad pictures but the new one is good.
[Newest]I love this how boku no pico sequel higher

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