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Bakugan Battle Brawlers
I had to be truth, both series (Bakugan and Pokemon) are tie on the wrost, but there are some points in favor for the monsters.

1. It get's repetitive, but what I can do, I'm still hoping for Team Rocket. Those guys sometimes still manages to be funny or interesting, and I want the to WIN ONCE AND FOR ALL DAMMIT!
Bakugan has nothing like those two still enjoyable.
2. Sometimes I play Pokemon games, on DS are quite funny, even if sometimes they pull out stupid gadgets. Bakugan games are meh.
3. Pokemon fame. those Monsters are EVERYWHERE... so they ended up in the hands of Devian artists and people who can make nice fun on them or just share the hate.
4. Some Pokemons are cool and they don't deserve to be in this series. Bakugan... well, need so say anything?

And, last but not least, Pokemon was fun in some points, Bakugan never. Both are series made to sell, but while Pokemon takes the Yugi road (cool main series, so wrong 2-3-4 series), Bakugan goes wrong first try.
I like many other anime on the list here, but... THIS ain't A ANIME. This is like a pokemon knock-off. Pokemon was okay as a kid but seeing transforming balls and playing cards combined is just such a disgrace to call an anime...
This isn't even considered an anime. The heck with balls that can transform DX
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Naruto is nothing but a way for animators to make money of the typical lonely, hot topic loving, goth kid, or "Otakus" that conform to their group of non-conformists (loophole intended idiots). I've never been more bored of any anime, not even the DBZ fillers. It is all talking and when they do fight, it's flashbacks and more talking than action, the fights are the typical pitiful protagonist getting his ass handed to him then somehow, through lame and I mean LAME talks about friendship and pride they come back and win like it was nothing. Only the lonely side solely with the underdog (even if for that one fight, how are these people protagonists again? ) characterization is beyond awful, Naruto is always a retard, thought he was a reincarnated demon? Just watch Black Butler and compare Sebastien to him that'll give you a good laugh. It's almost like Pokemon was for 10 year olds then they made Naruto for when they became thirteen, or are just Narutards and think they know something about anime because it attempts to be deep. Sorry you sad sorry fans but Naruto lacks, well everything a good anime or show should have. If you want something deep Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, nothing is more deep in any aspects, even the talking episodes are extremely interesting, and the fights are incredible, no stupid plot-holes and *spoiler* no villain stands a chance against father after swallowing God, and a FLAWED human defeats him. Just talking about the comparison turns my rant into a praise FMAB is just that good. Lessons to be learned from Naruto? You must be simple minded, without a basic understanding of philosophy or the ability to, most of Fullmetal will go right over your head holding that stupid metal "ninja" headband. Fullmetal may be the best overall but if FLCL or Fooly Cooly was longer, it'd take the cake although I can still watch all 6 episodes everyday. I can already predict the Narutards horribly flawed and pointless argument, "Naruto is awesome, followed by lots of cursing and absolutely no rebuttal about why it's not awful" that I shall be bombarded with after my comment, the difference between those who watch that garbage and us who can't stomach it is Narutards will read this because of having no life and nothing better to do, while the haters will probably read this as a short comment because our intelligence allows us to do and think about so much more and it literally takes up seconds of our lives. Albeit em Naruto is filled with so much time killing awfulness, those which have no lives or intelligence can and will watch then act as if they know so much about anime, those of us with lives and some sort of a working brain can't handle sitting through such terrible crap will always shun these animes made for money by helping brainwash those are dumb enough to follow.
Naruto sucks! I agree that it is really overrated. One thing I hate about Naruto is that it is so full of FLASHBACKS. Especially now in Naruto Shippuden, it sucks to think that some episodes are all about when they were still young. They could have animated that in Naruto Season not in Shippuden. They are just killing our time.
Naruto isn't concentrating on the main character anymore, just Sasuke, the emo guy who is whining over the smallest of problems. So, who cares if your whole clan is murdered, stop being a baby and get over it! Seriously, this guy can be VERY OBSESSIVE.

The old ones were good though, Shippuuden just made is more lame.

Do you know how many kids die because of the influence of Naruto? There was this kid who suffocated and died, under 10 pounds of sands, because he was copying what Gaara always did with his sand.
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3School Days
Is School Days the worst anime ever? No. It is the worst THING ever. I only watched it because if its noterity, and it is well deserving of all the hate it gets. The story is barf inducing and the charecters are some of the worst people in any form of media. Avoid at all costs.
Why vote for like Death Note, One Piece, Pokemon, Vampire Knight, Bleach and other good animes. Instead vote for a anime like this. I HATE SCHOOL DAYS
I was going to say that this is the worst anime ever but that would be an offense to the word anime. Anime's gives escapism and has interesting characters but this is just a sex filled show with a bad main character and even worst girls who just ask for intercourse.
The first few episodes are actually quite nice but after that, it goes overboard and the storyline gets confusing and it is a sex filled show with sluts. The only reason why it isn't number 1 is because of the ending. The ending always makes me applaud and leap out of my seat.
I am always concerned of why this anime is after animes like Pokemon and Naruto that bring you back to your childhood. Pokemon was the first anime that I ever watched and I still like it because of the memories that it brings of when I was 11. Also, One Piece is a classic and is a great anime but that is just my opinion. One Piece is another anime that reminds me of my childhood.
School Days is an anime that should be at least at number 3 and why are great animes on this list like Clannad and Clannad After Story? Some animes just don't appeal to peoples tastes. (This was all my opinion by the way and I respect all of your opinions and I was just giving my view of this anime and a few other animes.
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4One Piece
This anime is the best! It shouldn't be near this list
One piece is the best anime! Totally agree with zack2246tt even though I don't like bakugan brawlers or clannad or lucky star or sailor moon. This anime shouldn't be near this list!
Perhaps calling it uninteresting is an understatement. The 4KidsTV dub is the reason why this anime is up here. It's going nowhere, and it doesn't even make much sense. Needs better articulation of story. It's like Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, but at least Bobobo is actually funny. Why isn't Yu-Gi-Oh! (4KidsTV version) on this list? Have you not seen the pathetic dubbing? Once you have, you'd probably also be wondering why it hasn't been put up here either.
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5Sailor Moon
I love this anime. It's really old school. Some people say that it's a bunch of skimpy girls fighting... Nope. If you call them skimpy, you should see other animes. Hahaha.
I disagree.
Sailor moon must be put in at least second place I don't get how this is under a good like Naruto or Pokemon it bring me back to when I was little and every time the episode changes in the anime into her clothes in a stupid why does anyone care how changes into clothes!, what are you going to do with that wip? Your hair at the monster or throw your cat at the monster tuning and SCREMING! I'm a girl and I think this girl is a menace to girl kind were not that stupid. After watching the first 5 mins of this show I Wanted To Barf!

This song was to perky if I showed this to baby it start to cry (I'm not completely sure of this to be sure I cause I couldn't watch more the first episoide)

Ugh that... (bull) _crap f"c k you saloon moon

Everyone who think this show is is a shi. T then make it goes at least up to 2nd please with school days or buakgan or whatever it is called and please remove Naruto and Pokemon off this list yes there stupid but there ok at least the old version of both are good!

Oh And If You Agree This "anime" Is really bad then THUMBS UP FOR YOU! See you later
This show mainly is about how Sailor Moon changes her outfit all the time. I mean she doesn't get any stronger (just more weird looking under all that lace) and she's not exactly smart (at all). I mean look at the others out of all those seasons did they change that much? No they just got stronger. the whole point of the show is to show off her outfits.

This is why it should be on top.


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From replacing all of the good voice actors/the ones who didn't make you want to bash your ears in for the characters 3/4 way through the Advanced Generation Saga, to the constant replacing of former characters, to the never-ending "journey" of Ash's continuous losses at the Pokemon Leagues from Kanto-Unova, this anime has been milked to hell and it's obvious it needs to go. It started off with a good idea, a nice concept, and a lot of heart: nowadays, it's absolutely terrible not because it's new, but because it's the same thing with TRio becoming supposedly more competent but in reality they're now just serious but still losing every single time.

I'm actually very sad to see what happened to a once good anime series that actually taught you things.
I don't even know what's up with this game-based anime. Team Rocket just stalks Ash for a Pikachu. Barely any of his Pokemon are fully evolved, and the characters are 2D. A lot of the characters annoyed me, especially that nuclear bomb called Gary Oak, who still acts like a mother fer. Fortunately, Ash got 2 starter Pokemon that countered Gary's in the original series. And when will Ash become the new Pokemon champion or the World Champion? There are too many episodes, which is why it gets boring. Play the games, don't watch the anime.
I don't know what this anime even about!
There no point of watching this if the Protagonist isn't going to achieve his goal ever.
Best wishs proudly teach kids that People ether has to born with Talent Or Luck to achieve his/her goal because working hard doesn't pay.
In other word, If a Kid is unable to get good grade then its because God doesn't gave him/her the Talent Or Luck to achieve it.
So He/She would fail no matter how much he/she study.
Just Like Ash Ketchum, He can't achieve his Goal no matter how hard he work because he was Born as an Underdog.
So We shouldn't blame that Kid and encourage him/her to work hard.
Instate we should just blame God for not giving him/her the talent.
"Underdog" has no right to have Big Dream Or Aim.
Big Dream Or Aim in life is only for "Child Prodigy".
Underdogs will only just make a fool out of them if they Dream something big and try to work hard to fulfill that Dream.
That the Moral Pokemon teaching Kids.
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Take 3 awesome animes, Kanon, Chobits, and Girls Bravo, and let's mash them together like Frankenstein and create what could possibly be the worst form of "entertainment" ever, held together by the small hairs of a terrible plot, horrible characters, and annoying and pathetic comedy. DearS is a complete disaster and should be condemned
I may love anime DearS is awful it's about these Aliens who want to become slaves yeah I don't get it either and it's gross I wanted to vomit after that don't watch it and all the characters are Idiots


Alien chicks who come to earth to be slaves?

And it looses me there.
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This anime is just too much. Basically girls with over sized TRIPLE XA BOOBS what?
This anime just is too way to weird... SERIOUSLY boobs are bigger then their bodies
What the hell with the oversizes size Z BOOBS!? I know that every ecchi anime has boobs and the guys love it, but if you inflate them to maximum its waay to unreal and just plain GROSS! Just type Eiken into Google and see for yourself!
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9Rosario + Vampire
Ugh, this anime is complete ass. Its attempts at serious drama are laughable, the stories are awfully predictable and the characters simply have no depth to them; which is terrible because the premise has a lot of potential. Just stick to the manga for your own sake.
Its just fan serivce and Glee style drama. Its just GOD AWFUL!
Its like I watched high school musical for adults its shocking...

10Powerpuff Girls Z
Well, it is just PowerPuff Girls made in Japan...
Bad squeal. Bad plot. Bad everything
Nothing to do with the Powerpuff Girls, makes me sick just by watching it and knowing what age the little girls are while wearing mini skirt. What age are the Powerpuff Girls? 14... I'm gonna let that sink in your brain
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The Contenders

11Dragon Ball Z
Dude you have got to be kidding me dbz is the best thing I ever watched it's you're opinion but mine is different and for naruto, naruto shippuuden, Yu-Gi-Oh, gx it's my best anime after dbz that's my opinion.
What! Dbz is awesome
Why the hell is this on the list?
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12Clannad After Story
Like someone else said, I absolutely have no idea how this anime managed to get to the top 10 worst list. I assume it's because the ending pissed them off but that is still no excuse to put it on here as the rest of it is very good. I can't believe that some of the worst anime are below this anime. Whoever voted on this list are retards.
What in blazes is this anime doing at 3?!?! Hinestly this anime was very good! Yes the ending was trash but why give it a bad rating just because of that? This shouldn't even be on here, and One Piece!
What the hell why is Clannad After Story here? This is one of the most epic Anime of all time! I can't believe it! I'm shocked. There's nothing to need to talk about.
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The only good thing is that SCANDAL do the song for the end credits. It's a stereotypical piece of rubbish. Also the voices are to squeaky for everything. Eventhough it's an anime they shouldn't progress that fast as a band/musician. It's also so boring... I don't know many people who like it...
So boring, so generic. There are so many better slice of life anime than this extremely stereotypical piece of garbage.

14Mew Mew Power
Oh God... This dub ruined Tokyo Mew Mew. I absolutely loved Tokyo Mew Mew, but Mew Mew Power nearly ruined everything for me. I think I nearly stopped watching anime when I saw this, and I also stopped watching Tokyo Mew Mew. 4Kids, why must you kill the best animes in existence?!
The first manga I've ever read was "Tokyo Mew Mew". IreD it when I was 6, now I'm 15 and I still read it.

So, I watched the 4Kids version of the anime and I was severely disappointed! They changed the names, the attacks, and the voice acting sucked.
Yes, I'm aware that this is only about the English dub, but it was SO horrendous that it's worth noting how atrocious it is.
So true... They killed everything good about it... -_- I demand a funimation redub... Who is with me...

DUMB-ASS SHOW. Deserves to die.
Okay, sorry to everyone I offend but SERIOUSLY?! This show is the very definition of ridiculous! (I'm talking about the metal fight saga thing)
The whole plot is stupid because it revolves around to pieces of metal rolling around in a giant basin.
It's only over-priced tops & the show SUCKS.
Nah Beyblade isn't that bad. But if people voted for this, the reason might have been the Metal Saga.
If you watch the 1st 3 seasons, then you'd realize that there IS something more to it. The metal saga is just a piece of junk.

16Boku no Pico
Boku no pico is a hentai anime
-meaning that it contains graphical sex scenes
Specifically, it's a yaoi hentai anime
-meaning that it contains graphical sex scenes about homosexuals
Even more specifically, it's a shotacon yaoi hentai anime
-meaning that it contains graphical sex scenes about underage homosexuals
This anime sucks! It should be #1 on the list! I mistakenly watched this and it is just 3 little boys having sex. NO PLOT WHATSOEVER
Screw this perverted anime
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17Lucky Star
More than half of the first episode shows the characters telling each other how to eat different kinds of food. NOBODY CARES! SHOW US SOME DEPTH AND STORY!
The characters are boring, but all the other people have said that. The animation is sub-par at its best, none of the characters I can relate to, the jokes didn't work very well, and dear God, the references! Look, it's fine to have some references in an anime, but it it's your main milk for jokes, then that's your guarantee GOLD that this is going to be a bad comedy/ slice of life anime.
This show is stupid and has no plot. None of the characters are likable and its just moe cuteness which I don't even find cute. Its BORING!
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18Sonic X
Sonic X is a bad stain on the Sonic Franchise. Horrible Story, terrible writing, awful characters, and heinous voice acting are just a few of the problems this show has
This show is bad because:
1: Got 5.8/10 and 2.5/5. I can relate.
2: Episodes, characters, story, fan pairings all over the place.
3: Amy.
4: So bad that all of the episodes were FREE on hulu plus! My opinion, I think that's why...
In general, I never liked this show. It deserved cancellation. Hopefully, it won't be on nicktoons.
Half of the shows on this list are amazing... But this... This is just bad!
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Digimon actually came before pokemon.. So pokemon riped off digimon... And you are not a true classic anime fan if you belive that... One digimon never changed the cultural referances like pokemon did.. Pokemon was suposed to be violent where the would actually die.. But 4kids.. Being evil as they are changed it and made it bland.. At least digimon was for more mature childern.. The worst anime would be eiken
Blatant rip-off of Pokemon. They tried to make it look cooler.

... They failed.

20Tokyo Mew Mew
. I love TMM so much, it was my first anime and inspired me as a little 7 year old! Whoever did this is cray. It's just the suckish dub 4kids did that you're all moaning about. Take this anime to heart, next time maybe.
This should've at least made top ten worst.
*GASP* YOU DIDN'T! What...? Why would you put the magical girl anime of magical girl animes everywhere (other than Sailor Moon, but that's beside the point) on this list?! If it wasn't for this, I wouldn't be an anime fan.

21Dragon Ball GT
The series was terrible and is one of those things that should have never existed. In fact, it was the studio's fault for making Pan this despised since she wasn't like this in DBZ, thankfully.
If you like this show then go to Hell!
Pan should go to hell. She ruined the show and she should die

22Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Animes can be dumb, I realize that. But this is so dumb to the point were it is impossible to be entertained by it.
First seconds... WHAT THE HELL!
Wow, who comes up with the dumbest name in anime history?
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23Midori Days
The worst anime I've ever seen, it absolutely makes no sense and the plot never evens out! It is not worth watching the worst in my book, epic fail and the english dubbed version is just an abomination to anime dub everywhere. A must watch to see first hand the worlds worst anime. Watch one episode and you'll see why its the worst ever!
I dot understand the hate it is not bad just not great either there are definitely worse anime than this.

24Naruto: Shippuden
I accidentally voted but this series is great!
This Ruined Naruto, enough said.

25Panty & Stocking
That ending. Enough said.
The women of this show are hyper-sexualized, so much so that it even made me uncomfortable.
Retardedly gross, weird, and a little "over the top."

26Vampire Knight
This is definitely one of the most overrated Anime Series. It is simply Twilight minus the werewolves. What are the negatives? Let's see:
1. No exciting fight scenes; the fight scenes do not last long and there is pretty much nothing special about them.
2. A weak female lead; Yuki Cross is arguably worst than Sakura and Orihime. She is just a cry baby who exists for the sole purpose of being a reason (more of an excuse) for Zero and Kaname to catfight. Yuki gets worst after she becomes a vampire. She is like "My heart is with Zero, but I belong to Kaname." The fact that she is not willing to go above her limits for the one she truly loves shows how weak Yuki Cross truly is.
3. Kaname Kuran is just one selfish @$$hole; Kaname Kuran is definitely one of the most overrated and worse characters in anime. Although he keeps saying everything is for Yuki's sake, it really is more as though he is using her as a shield. If you think about it, Kaname manipulated the events so that Yuki would be his alone; he truly left Yuki without a choice. What is even more annoying is how Kaname enjoys tormenting Zero. He treats everyone like pawns, and treats himself like the king. There should never be another character who is as selfish as that bastard Kaname F**kuran.
Oh please the only what makes everbody read/watching it, because of the art. The handsome boy, like kaname and zero. And now in the manga, I don't even know what the story. Hey, sorry just my opinion.
OK... nine words. She. Is. In. A. Romantic. Relationship. With. Her. Brother. *shivers*

27Girls Bravo
This show had one of the worst plot lines in anime history, almost as bad as DearS. Why is a bathtub a portal to a world where 90% of its population are desperate and attractive women?

28Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
You're pushing it with this one. I can see Afterstory, I can see Sailor Moon. I can definitely see Bakugan at number 1, but I love this anime. Why? Because season 4, Japanese, had a really dark and epic storyline. Call me a kid, but this was one of the first anime that I've ever watched, so I live it to no end.
Why is this even on the list. Well, the dub should be as 4Kids constantly butchered and killed the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series. What's worse is the plot holes, annoying cuts, replacing the music, edits etc. Not to mention it was incomplete. Screw you 4Kids for ruining such great anime shows.


I watched it and it's the worst anime it has a bad plot I think it should be higher

29Kappa Mikey
If you ever really watched the show you would have realized it's a mock cartoon. The show mocks popular anime.
Well its have anime half normal animated. Anyway I hated this show! Glad it got canceled! The characters were annoying as (Bleep). Sorry fans. Its too cheesy for me!
Is this even an anime?
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30Chapter 0: Kingdumb Smart

This isn't anime. This isn't even a show. If it was it would be better than Naruto. Does anyone own this manga. I think not. In fact its not even a real Manga either. In fact, I have no clue how it even got on this list.


Personally I never thought the story was vague at all. There was always a new plot or bad guy who spiced up the show and the characters were all unique and special in their own way. They all had a look that no other anime characters could copy.
I never could get into it. I mean think about do really want spend half an hour watching people play cards, if you wanted to see that you could go to any mans home. Also why does the monsters come out of cards its like watching a retarded version of pokemon. And where the hell do they get the cards ebay?
I hate their parallelogram eyes, their exaggerated hairdos and and and and and and and everything, it's for kids and I'm not a kid anymore, story is very vague.
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33Battle Vixens

34Duel Masters
It feels like a rip off of yugioh, also the name is confusing as heck, (duel mosters) (duel masters). Honestly, it has too much of the same things.
I just don't like it though, I woundn't say its a rip-off of yu-gi-oh!, that be saying pokemon was a rip off of digi mon.

35Queen's Blade
No depth in the anime. A butchered story and enough plot holes to cover the moon. But I guess the only reason you would watch this is for the fanservice which is sometimes cencored.

Now look FLCL may not have had a plot but it was like... A visual experiment I admit I like it.

The anime was great, until the finale. It was inconclusive and could have continued to make more. Even the manga, which continued from the anime, didn't even start off from the ending! The writers just made a new story and even the ending of the manga sucked. So much potential lost because of ending an anime horribly.

38Final Fantasy: Unlimited
Unless you want to watch stock footage, this anime is completely terrible. The reason it could only be described as Final Fantasy is because they use material in their weapons. No offense but, it is a Sailor Moon for men.

39Hero Tales


41Zatch Bell!
I HATE, I repeat, HATE Zatch Bell with a huge passion! It's just that it's over-dramatically violent and weird! Well, I DO like the Mamodo spells, though, but WHY CARTOON NETWORK AND TOONAMI, WHY?! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DUB THIS HUNK OF TRASH?! I like it's original Japanese orchestra, but its USA-dubbed music is absolutely UNINSPIRED and along with the English voice acting which is also HORRIBLE! My brother did grow up with the anime and I have NO problem with people liking Zatch Bell or Gash Bell, but the anime does look uninspired and weird to me.
The Zatch Bell anime is completely notorious for its overdramatic and overly intimidating visuals at either its best or worst, its ridiculous plot lines, its poorly styled animation, its uninspired music, and worst of all, its English dubbing. Plus, I was surprised at how many dislikes my previous comment gained! Probably because there's too many fanboys! However, it's MY opinion only! If you can't respect it, just stay away! Because I respect yours after all!

I like bleach, although its super long I think it's over all a pretty good anime. So I don't agree with all these negative bleach comments. If they all showed up in the beginning the plot would be confusing. If you continue to watch deeper in the series it does follow. Think of at least one positive thing to say because if you check all the top anime lists you will see that bleach is on the top 10.
It started great. But the quality got worsened and everyone started to suspect that Kubo is trolling. Man, I totally support this theory. Wit a minute. It's not a theory!
I can't find any continuity in the story, the character animation is sterotypical of anime (big breasted chicks, dudes with absurdly large muscles etc. ), a laughable villain and the stupidest sense of humor I've ever found
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43Cowboy Bebop
How is cowboy bebop possibly considered bad by anyone? Seriously, SAO is lower than this show. That is beyond a sin against humanity.


45Diabolik Lovers
Plain characters, no background story, the main character is the worst pathetic loser I've ever seen. Give me back my time.
1 rule NEVER adapt an Otome game ever! This gets my vote.


46Tiger & Bunny

47Soul Eater
This show is not horrible...are you retarded
Best show ever and all you hater go to heck
I disagree, but I can see the problems people have with it.
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48Puni Puni Poemi

Clannad was absolute trash... Complete and utter trash. I nearly killed myself trying to get myself through it... And to make matters worst the only good character in the entire series (Youhei Sunohara) was treated like trash the entire time. In my opinion this series is worth at the most a 1/10.

50Tenjou Tenge

51Squid Girl
Good lord, this is horrible.

52Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
This is a hentai anime,
IF you didn't like it, then why did you watch it?
It's your personal oppinion

53Ouran High School Host Club
Honestly, why do people watch this crap? People who watch this is so cheap. Because it is on T.V..

54Kannazuki no Miko

55The Familiar of Zero
Mate, this shouldn't be here, Okay?

56Fairy Tail
It just can't be tolerated with the nakama power-ups, nakama speeches, almost everyone relying on natsu, natsu never losing, natsu never training, natsu barely achieving any progress in his goal, the constant fan service, the over-hyped antagonists who get one-shoted, the over-powered abilities, the unexplainable wins that fairy tail get, the constant trolling by mashima, mavis trying justify the feelings for nakama. It just can't be tolerated.
No you're wrong I'm sorry but just because its your opinion doesn't make it impossible to be wrong.
Fairy tale is AWESOME it's really funny
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57Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
Worst Yu-Gi-Oh! Series ever. It made me give up hope on the series. Kazuki Takahashi, PLEASE END THE SERIES! 5D's should have been the last one. The character designs are terrible and it's at one hundred episodes now. God, someone end this crap.


It's not as good as the old yugioh series, and it's about a kid that is a huge wimp that relies on some kind of alien to help him win his duels
Zexal is just an injustice to the entire franchise. It's far too gimmicky for my tastes.

58Inazuma Eleven
This is a criminally bad anime. The voice acting is horrific, the sound mixing only accentuates how bad the voices are, the plot is paper thin even by shonen sports standards, and like many real life examples, it takes soccer WAY too seriously.

59Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
I don't really like yu go oh 5D I like gx and season 1 better I mean what they're battling each other while driving the motorcycle I mean how can they do that if they keep concentrating on the battle how can they drive properly and they might even bump and crash and even DIE how is that possible anyway it's not like it has pilot mode the first 2 yu-gi-oh is kind of good but I don't like 5d
I voted to say this Yugioh 5ds is the best it should not be on the worst anime list D:

60Demon King Daimao
Demon King Daimao is terrible. The characters were bland and didn't have 3 dimensional personalities at all, the fan service was beyond ridiculously stupid, the last fight was the best part of the show but it was horribly put together and seemed so last minute. This show tried way too hard and didn't have enough episodes to macomplish what they were trying to do.

61Fate/Stay Night
The villains are about to succeed with their plan (Oh noes! )

The heroes can't beat them (Oh well)

Creator of the universe throws the heroes a sheath (Um... Ok)

The heroes become INVINCIBLE (The?! )

No chance for any type of counter-attack (Bleh)

Villains' plans = Pointless

Ending = Boring

The End
I only watched this to watch fate/zero, I hardly payed any attention it was like watching a colony of ants try to pick up a tractor, kind of entertaining for a few seconds then it just gets boring.

62Western Anime
Just creators making "imitation" anime for us americans. Animes are from Japan not America!
Sorry but most American anime is buttfugly
Personaly, I liked Avatar the last Airbender. It is an American Anime, but well done in my opinion.
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63Mad Bull 34

64Inazuma Eleven Go 2


66Hetalia: Axis Powers
I love Hetalia! Sure, it can be kind of stupid, but I think it's the best anime ever!
I hate this anime too. It's boring and way too educational. I can't get through the first episode it's so bad.

67Excel Saga

68Kodomo no Jikan
I couldn't even last five minutes of the first episode. That's how despicable it is.

69Don't Leave Me Alone, Daisy

70Green Green

71Peach Girl

72Saint Seiya Season 1

73Beyblade: Metal Fusion
I don't know how this is possibly an actual show, it's just so cheesy and I mean seriously, spinning tops that make people go berserk with "dark power" and all? That being said, it actually is rather entertaining to watch because each episode continues onto the next like chapters in a story. Some of the flashbacks are annoying though like in the metal masters series and the characters will be unconscious for like 5 episodes or something. And Ginkga's voice is like embarrasingly high for a twelve year old boy. It's very predictable honestly

74Mars of Destruction
Should be number 1 watch it for yourself, a girl gets her head blown off and they take her to they hospital to see if "she will make it"? What! Whoever made this is obviously the most stupid person in the world
I must admit that I laughed when that girl her head exploded and they brought her to the hospital.
Why is this so much higher than actual shows that aren't absolute crap? IS THERE NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD?!?!

75Highschool of the Dead
- Boobs are even ok
- Not so much history is even ok

Joining both those factors in one anime definitively ISN'T OK. The anime hasn't something very impressive and hangs on the fanservice to have fans. Deceiving.
Too much vulgar scenes

76Samurai Pizza Cats
I read that the Creators stated that during season 2 Dr. Purple will be the main villain. During the season, Al Dente meets his old mentor/retired royal advisor. His mentor is angry that no one listen to his warnings: Never let Princess Vi take the throne because of her immaturity and her age, never trust Seymour Big Cheese, and never marry Empress Fredia. He's aware that Al is the Samurai Pizza Cats' boss.

Also, the young Jerry Atric (thanks to Dr. Purple making him young) visits Good Bird's father, Dirty Bird. Dirty Bird blames him for making Good Bird leave the Ninja Crows, being loyal to the Big Cheese, and letting the fox take their training funding. When Jerry tells him that Princess Vi wanted to marry his son a long time ago, Dirty Bird is more angry because he wanted to be living in a castle as a shogun. Dirty Bird join Jerry to kill Good Bird; however, unknown to Dirty Bird, Jerry is using him to test out Good Bird's skills. Good Bird and Dirty Bird will fight each other, like Star Wars Luke vs Darth Vader.
The creators stated that the KNT (SPC) originally planned 5 seasons.

Season 2 where Dr. Purple as the main villain.

Season 3 where the KNT heroes found out that there were others before them; however, they went rouge. During the season, they trained the next generation of heroes, their children.

Season 4, the heroes go into space where they found adventures, weapons, moves, and armors. Their children found love.

Season 5, evil foxes with two-tails to ten-tails. The children got older and they married their alien spouses and they have children.

There were going to have five movies.

The final movie is where the ten-tailed fox and his army of ten-tailed fox warriors as the final villains.
During season 3, Child Protected Service come to take the kids away because they're fighting evil; however, the daughter of Speedy and Polly and the son of Good Bird and Carla got an idea. They got Princess Vi to get Child Protected Service off their backs and she threaten to banish them if they ever interfere with the hero kids again. The Child Protected Service will have no choice but to leave them alone.
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77Tales of the Abyss

78Samurai 7

79Attack on Titan
Why would any sane person put this on the list?! It's a beautifully done storyline with well thought out characters and plot lines. People only hate on this because they are idiots and can't come up with anything better! Death Note is amazing too.. Black Butler as well... Some people wouldn't know a good anime even if it ran them down with a speeding truck!
Why put up a great anime here?
Pathetic and totally over rated BOO
More comments about Attack on Titan


81Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan
This anime is just messed up. I cannot even stand to watch it. The characters are as annoying as hell. Yes I understand its one of those what animes that are not supposed to make a whole lot of sense but even compared to that category of anime its still annoying. There are more overused jokes in this anime than in all the other anime's combined. I do like those random comedy animes. I love hetalia, but this anime is just so annoying and not even funny. Not to mention all these overused jokes have absolutely no humor to them. Its just a horrifically written anime.
This is the worst show ever! I mean this girl is horrible and she tortures this poor boy with her spiked bat for no reason at all. At least Elfen Lied had a gripping story line with depressing moments and good chracters but this show is just stupid and cruel. Who names a boy sakura any way!
This anime is werid

82Black Butler
Wait! Why is this on here this is a great anime. It has a great plot even if they make episodes that don't follow it
This anime sucks and is for immature teenage girl anime watchers

83Gundam Seed Destiny

84Aki Sora
Absolutely the worst anime in the world. Avoid this at all costs, for you will regret your decision if you decide to watch this show.
Aki - Sora is just god awful. It's a pathetic boy having sex with a bunch of hot girls, two of which are his SISTERS and it goes almost to hentai level, just seriously good fap material, bad story

85The Prince of Tennis

86Foxy Nudes
Foxy! I never watched this anime, but what a name!

87High School DxD
Whoever put this on is just plain stupid. Perhaps it is a bit well perverted but it has storyline which is easy to forget when making an anime of this... genre lets call it.
No one added this. It's just plan wrong and it's pointless.

88Black Rock Shooter
I love black rock shooter
The OVA was AMAZING, but the anime was a real let down... :/ Why the character design changes?

89Dragonaut - The Resonance
I never see anime make me wont it finish that fast.
it make me rely heat Love POWER, after all that annoying love story that take over 90 of anime that make you think it is action but it just a Stupid love story that don't make any sense.


Main here is annoying AND useless...i seriously prefer the supporting characters rather than the main


91Romeo X Juliet
What? This was GOOD what are you talking about!?

Wait... this is an anime? No offense... its for little kids
The worst anime ever - doesn't deserve to be called anime!

93Ah! My Buddha

94Hunter x Hunter
It is actually a great anime

95Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki
No real plot just a bunch of random events happening it starts off with Tenchi finding out he has a fiancee and then from there its completely ignored as it goes from one thing to the other.


96Code Geass
I can't believe that some people think it is better than Death Note.

97Master of Martial Hearts
Do I have to explain why this is bad
This is seriously the worst anime I've ever seen. All because of that ending.

98Cardfight! Vanguard
I hate this anime because it's hard to understand!
This anime is so childish

99Deadman Wonderland

100Wedding Peach

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