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1School Days

Is School Days the worst anime ever? No. It is the worst THING ever. I only watched it because if its noterity, and it is well deserving of all the hate it gets. The story is barf inducing and the charecters are some of the worst people in any form of media. Avoid at all costs.

I'm curious why this anime is so hated and so, I decided to watch some. And I stopped watching it after 3 episodes (I didn't watch episode 3 and 4, I just cut to episode 5 because someone said everyone wanted Makoto to be dead by episode 4). And after watching it, I have to avoid my eyes being hurt by the sex scenes. And Makoto is such a jerk, he deserved what he get for cheating on Kotonoha and screwing up with the other characters. He transformed the whole genre from cute/drama into ecchi/drama all into a sudden! I read the ending at the internet, and although it is satisfying because finally Makoto died, it's way too gruesome for my taste (Sekai is just too cruel). I think the first three episode is pretty nice, but finally, it's just a show filled with sex scenes. I felt this is the worst anime I ever seen in my life. The biggest factor is the characters (especially Makoto). The story is quite good, but it turned out to be sucks thanks to Makoto.

And I still don't understand why many of good animes we know is in this list. Like Sailor Moon, Naruto, One Piece, Pokemon, Bleach, Attack on Titan... They seriously do not belong here. I really don't understand why people chooses to vote them instead of this 'anime'.

Why vote for like Death Note, One Piece, Pokemon, Vampire Knight, Bleach and other good animes. Instead vote for a anime like this. I HATE SCHOOL DAYS

At first the anime seemed like it would be really good, just from watching the beginning. Slowly it started getting really creepy, and then it ended with the god dang bloody ending. I HATE the ending, and I guess I just grew a hatred for this anime all together because of the sudden turn in events.

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2Bakugan Battle Brawlers

I had to be truth, both series (Bakugan and Pokemon) are tie on the wrost, but there are some points in favor for the monsters.

1. It get's repetitive, but what I can do, I'm still hoping for Team Rocket. Those guys sometimes still manages to be funny or interesting, and I want the to WIN ONCE AND FOR ALL DAMMIT!
Bakugan has nothing like those two still enjoyable.
2. Sometimes I play Pokemon games, on DS are quite funny, even if sometimes they pull out stupid gadgets. Bakugan games are meh.
3. Pokemon fame. those Monsters are EVERYWHERE... so they ended up in the hands of Devian artists and people who can make nice fun on them or just share the hate.
4. Some Pokemons are cool and they don't deserve to be in this series. Bakugan... well, need so say anything?

And, last but not least, Pokemon was fun in some points, Bakugan never. Both are series made to sell, but while Pokemon takes the Yugi road (cool main series, so wrong 2-3-4 series), Bakugan goes wrong first try.

HELL NO you grew up with Pokemon I grew up with bakugan so shut up

I like many other anime on the list here, but... THIS ain't A ANIME. This is like a pokemon knock-off. Pokemon was okay as a kid but seeing transforming balls and playing cards combined is just such a disgrace to call an anime...

This isn't even considered an anime. The heck with balls that can transform DX

I enjoy Pokemon because I guess you could say it's original, but all of the other shows based off of it? Terrible.

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3Boku no Pico

Boku no pico is a hentai anime
-meaning that it contains graphical sex scenes
Specifically, it's a yaoi hentai anime
-meaning that it contains graphical sex scenes about homosexuals
Even more specifically, it's a shotacon yaoi hentai anime
-meaning that it contains graphical sex scenes about underage homosexuals

I thought this didn't exist? It's real? I'll have to check it out. Wish me luck, I may never return. - Discord

HOW IS THIS NOT NUMBER ONE YET BAKUGAN IS? It's child porn and pedophilia. Disgusting. It goes way past hentai level and anyone who enjoys this are sick pedos.
- ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Never watched it but as comments show, I will never watch it in my life. I just hope that the 2015 live action will be cancelled. - SelfDestruct

Disregarding the child molesting/manipulation, it is a bad anime. There's almost no polite except for "Boku meets people and has sex with them." There's no character development. There's no interesting dialogue. It's really just well-animated porn.

Kill this show with fire! - RiverClanRocks

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The comments here are nothing but ridiculous exaggerations. I would not be surprised if some idiot here said, "NARTUO IS the WROST ANMIE ever N you sucks IF you LIEK IT! 1! 1! 11! " and received a few thumbs up. Naruto may not be the best anime, but it is not the worst anime either. School Days, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, or Sonic X should take Naruto's place as number one on this list. The explanations which people offer as to why they think Naruto is bad are extremely weak and biased. For example, people say that the entire Naruto series is bad either because it focused on Sasuke for a few episodes, has a lot of flashbacks, because it is the first influence on kids, or because their favorite characters were killed off. First, the focus on Sasuke was necessary because the change in Sasuke's goals was important to the plot. If there was no focus on Sasuke, then no one would know why he now targets the Leaf Village. The flashbacks may seem annoying, but they serve the same purpose as the focus on Sasuke: to give light to the characters' past and reveal which events shaped their personality, especially if they are antagonists. The fact that it is the first influence on kids is not a very good reason to hate Naruto because there are more factors which determine the quality of an anime than its influence/popularity. Lastly, the fact that some interesting characters in Naruto died does not automatically make Naruto a terrible anime. Death is an unpredictable force which happens to anybody in real life, so it should not matter if the good or popular characters die in an anime. I may be wrong, but the reasons given on this list for disliking Naruto are pretty absurd.

This may not be the worst but it is for me. Everything about this series pisses me out. The writing is horrible and dull. The comedy is not funny. The villains are not threatening. The biggest sin of all the main characters SUCK. Naruto is annoying and dumb and not in a fun way like Goku or Luffy. But in a way that his I.Q is lower than 12. He does the same move over and over again. The reward for the most useless character goes to Sakura. This chick is nothing more than a girl with a crush and that it. That is everything you need to know. Class A writing right there. And then you have Sasuke who needs to die a horrible and horrific death. The supporting characters are better characters but because we focus on three idiots there nothing for character develop so in turn don't care about him. The story is all over the place. The author thinks he saying something new but has been said a million times. But what I really get out of this series is that I was trying to be like Dragon Ball and One Piece. Another thing is that fights are short and gone and very very predictable. The plot expedition is boring and going nowhere. People say the the flashbacks are far too many. The problem is not too many. The real problem is that they suck hard. They don't add anything to the story. Take them out and you will still have the same emotionally impact which is zero. One trope that I hate is the villain isn't bad he is just misunderstood. This series does that a lot. Friends tell me that the series gets better after the time skip, Nope it got worse and worse and worse and worse and emo and emo and emo and now I am listening to Linkin Park. Read better series like One Piece, Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin, attack on titan and stay away from this piece of crap.

There's nothing wrong with the characters or the plot, really. All of that is quite interesting, honestly. However, what pushed me away from this anime was its sense of humor and seemingly repetitive fight scenes. It's a bit hard to explain, but some things about this anime irk me in the same way that Fairy Tail and One Piece do. I guess it's just because I'm a sucker for more serious anime, though, and the whole laughing off the big things and zooming in on the small details isn't really my type of thing.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm not exactly saying that nobody should watch this anime or that it's just flat-out bad, nor am I saying that I dislike the flashbacks. On the contrary, I see how it would be interesting to many. Also, I quite enjoy when anime gives us a good look into the characters' pasts. It's not about the characters being killed off, either (I mean, I read Akame ga Kill. Of course that's not why I'm complaining). It's just.. in this genre, I prefer darker, more serious, and more organized anime.

Alright now I'm having mixed feelings because I was GOING to watch this anime and now I'm not sure if I should spend my time watching it. It seemed good and I really kind of want all of your guys' opinion on whether I should really spend my time watching it. Although, I guess the current comments are opinion enough..

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5Clannad After Story

Like someone else said, I absolutely have no idea how this anime managed to get to the top 10 worst list. I assume it's because the ending pissed them off but that is still no excuse to put it on here as the rest of it is very good. I can't believe that some of the worst anime are below this anime. Whoever voted on this list are retards.

Calling people who don't like clannad AS retards is just disrespectful. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Whilst I'm not the biggest Clannad fan, I'm not at all surprised at the outburst on here. I cannot imagine how this could end up as being one of the worst animes of all time when it's a million miles off from it. What's even worse is that the bashers keep voting this up just to make snarky comments about it and criticise the fans for being so defensive. What would you expect? -. - Of course everyone would break into defensive mode if their favourite anime ended up on here. I mean this list is so utterly absymal. Some animes that really ARE terrible aren't even on here and the ones that are cherished classics are always being dragged down just for their reputation. I don't know what's got into the anime industry these days, but I would never ever put Clannad onto the top 10 worst. Remove this and One Piece and maybe the choice of animes would make more sense.

Only stupid plebs like the one that called this a "try-too-hard" vote for animes like this to be on the worst list. Like someone else mentioned, it's now all the popular animes that get voted on here. It's pathetic. I see absolutely no reason why Clannad AS should be on here. It was on one of the most beloved animes list and now it makes it onto here? Why? I think these people are just mad because of the way it reflects the theme of friendship and family in a depressing and realistic perspective. In my eyes, that is what makes a quality anime, not the opposite. Or either it's because of the cop-out at the end. Most likely it's that. But I rest my case. This anime does not, repeat, DOES NOT deserve a position on this list.

Seriously? How long is this going to stay on this list? How is this one of the worst animes ever when it's been named a classic many times, both from critics and the public? This makes no sense at all. I hope you will all reconsider this.

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6One Piece

This anime is the best! It shouldn't be near this list

One piece is the best anime! Totally agree with zack2246tt even though I don't like bakugan brawlers or clannad or lucky star or sailor moon. This anime shouldn't be near this list!

This anime is one of the best animes on here, it does NOT belong on this list!

One piece seems to be pretty similar to Fairy Tale and stuff, but it's still good I think

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From replacing all of the good voice actors/the ones who didn't make you want to bash your ears in for the characters 3/4 way through the Advanced Generation Saga, to the constant replacing of former characters, to the never-ending "journey" of Ash's continuous losses at the Pokemon Leagues from Kanto-Unova, this anime has been milked to hell and it's obvious it needs to go. It started off with a good idea, a nice concept, and a lot of heart: nowadays, it's absolutely terrible not because it's new, but because it's the same thing with TRio becoming supposedly more competent but in reality they're now just serious but still losing every single time.

I'm actually very sad to see what happened to a once good anime series that actually taught you things.

I don't know what this anime even about!
There no point of watching this if the Protagonist isn't going to achieve his goal ever.
Best wishs proudly teach kids that People ether has to born with Talent Or Luck to achieve his/her goal because working hard doesn't pay.
In other word, If a Kid is unable to get good grade then its because God doesn't gave him/her the Talent Or Luck to achieve it.
So He/She would fail no matter how much he/she study.
Just Like Ash Ketchum, He can't achieve his Goal no matter how hard he work because he was Born as an Underdog.
So We shouldn't blame that Kid and encourage him/her to work hard.
Instate we should just blame God for not giving him/her the talent.
"Underdog" has no right to have Big Dream Or Aim.
Big Dream Or Aim in life is only for "Child Prodigy".
Underdogs will only just make a fool out of them if they Dream something big and try to work hard to fulfill that Dream.
That the Moral Pokemon teaching Kids.

Ash has not fulfilled his dream for the same reason Luffy hasn't.

It WAS good in the 90s but now it just keep getting repetitive... The 'NEW' pokemons are actually the same pokemon from the past series of the franchise with a slightly different moveset and looks, story is just all the same every series, ash going to fight gyms, meet new friends & all that crap which is already used in the past series.
I mean seriously man? Some of the other kids shows are better

I liked Pokemon, but I will admit some of the characters and especially the voices got a tad annoying after a while.

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This anime just is too way to weird... SERIOUSLY boobs are bigger then their bodies

This anime is just too much. Basically girls with over sized TRIPLE XA BOOBS what?

One of my friends recommended this anime to me, so I decided to give it a shot (they were joking, but back then I didn't know). I stopped after I was 10 minutes through the first episode. This "anime" has a terrible plot and blows up breasts so that they practically fill the whole screen. It's impossible to look anywhere that's not taken by breasts or a pantsu shot or a girl/boy doing inappropriate suggestive things.

I wonder how their spines are still in tact... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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9Sailor Moon

I love this anime. It's really old school. Some people say that it's a bunch of skimpy girls fighting... Nope. If you call them skimpy, you should see other animes. Hahaha.
I disagree.

HOW IS SAILOR MOON IN THE TOP TEN WORST ANIME SHOWS? I know that it could be very annoying sometimes the fact that the sailors changing into their sailor outfits wastes 30% of the video and their annoying sentences before they fight, does not mean you should hate on this anime series. This show provides a very good story plot and the characters are quite interesting too.

I'm sorry, but none if the characters are interesting. They are all bland as hell. When I see them, it feels like I'm looking at cardboard. They are that flat.

Oh hell no, sailor moon is my child hood in two hundred episodes. Their transformations are really long and they're re hashing the same attack in each episode but it has something something most amines today don't really have...a good story! You legit watched usagi grow up and mature. And this anime makes you laugh and cry at the same time. Maybe the person who put this on here watched the English dub instead of the original Japanese dub. The show has a lot of filler episodes like any other anime but it's basically a show about an immature 14 year old who along with 4 other girls are chosen to protect Tokyo from bad guys along with the outer and cosmos soldiers, and it symbolizes girl power and points out sexual discrimination. So moon prism power

It's old and has annoying characters

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Alien chicks who come to earth to be slaves?

And it looses me there.

Take 3 awesome animes, Kanon, Chobits, and Girls Bravo, and let's mash them together like Frankenstein and create what could possibly be the worst form of "entertainment" ever, held together by the small hairs of a terrible plot, horrible characters, and annoying and pathetic comedy. DearS is a complete disaster and should be condemned

I may love anime DearS is awful it's about these Aliens who want to become slaves yeah I don't get it either and it's gross I wanted to vomit after that don't watch it and all the characters are Idiots - GamerGirl

This show is all meanings of pathetic! Its basically chobits, kanon and happy seven mixed all together! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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The Newcomers


Kampfer was pretty weird, but I still enjoyed it. I liked the plot twists and everything, but it ended on such short notice and basically leaving all the viewers hanging on what would happen. The OVA's don't help wrap up the anime much, so it's just left open.

?Angel Blade

Angel Blade is described as an anime that gone too far, and made internet users cringe. This infamous anime focuses on a villainous group of perverts and rapists with their breasts and buttocks (and stretching penises) shown too much, attempting to rape many women.

Now, only a super-heroine named Angel Blade is in a mission to save the day, with her breasts and buttocks shown too. The anime represents love, rape, porn, lesbian sex, unusual penises on women vaginas, titanic, lactating boobies, and...OH GOD, WHY?!? Why would this anime exist?! I'm gonna soak in my troubles if this happens!

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11Lucky Star

I have wasted many hours of my life watching this pointless show... and I loved every second of it. I don't care about the fact that it doesn't have a plot, because the fact that it doesn't have a plot IS THE PLOT. They are just girls who like to talk about their likes and dislikes. So what? That's like almost every conversation that's happening right now. Plus. come on. They're adorable :3

More than half of the first episode shows the characters telling each other how to eat different kinds of food. NOBODY CARES! SHOW US SOME DEPTH AND STORY!

The characters are boring, but all the other people have said that. The animation is sub-par at its best, none of the characters I can relate to, the jokes didn't work very well, and dear God, the references! Look, it's fine to have some references in an anime, but it it's your main milk for jokes, then that's your guarantee GOLD that this is going to be a bad comedy/ slice of life anime.

Can't believe this isn't higher :/

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12Powerpuff Girls Z

Well, it is just PowerPuff Girls made in Japan...

Take this off the list! Whoever put this on the list doesn't even know how good this show is. It's totally much funnier than the original and more enjoyable. How is this terrible? I've seen even worse shows than this. This is unlike any other anime. Whenever I'm bored or sad this show cheers me up. You don't even know how hard these girls have to fight and get bad grades just to go and save the city and only want free time. Poor girls!

This actually isn't as bad, well if you like the powerpuff girls. Yes, maybe it's not the best one out there, but sure as hell beats other animes I've seen. Everyone has their opinion, but that's just mine

For the one who says this is the worst anime ever, this is actually the best and funny. Boku no piko is the worst, it is gross and boring. I think that anime is the worst not this, this is classy and better than most animes I watched

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13Rosario + Vampire

Ugh, this anime is complete ass. Its attempts at serious drama are laughable, the stories are awfully predictable and the characters simply have no depth to them; which is terrible because the premise has a lot of potential. Just stick to the manga for your own sake.

Its just fan serivce and Glee style drama. Its just GOD AWFUL!

I got tired after the first episode. No action or anything cool. Moka Akashiya tends to show off her stuff and there is much romance related things. Boring. Your typical spice of life...

I'm ashamed to say I ever even watched this it's absolutely... You know what I have no words for how bad it is

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14Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

Worst Yu-Gi-Oh! Series ever. It made me give up hope on the series. Kazuki Takahashi, PLEASE END THE SERIES! 5D's should have been the last one. The character designs are terrible and it's at one hundred episodes now. God, someone end this crap. - dbret12

It is only enjoyable in Japanese. The Dub was absolute pathetic. - SelfDestruct

It's not as good as the old yugioh series, and it's about a kid that is a huge wimp that relies on some kind of alien to help him win his duels

Zexal is just an injustice to the entire franchise. It's far too gimmicky for my tastes.

Hate this so much, I seriously have a burning hatred for this annoying show.

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15Sonic X

Sonic X is a bad stain on the Sonic Franchise. Horrible Story, terrible writing, awful characters, and heinous voice acting are just a few of the problems this show has

This show is bad because:
1: Got 5.8/10 and 2.5/5. I can relate.
2: Episodes, characters, story, fan pairings all over the place.
3: Amy.
4: So bad that all of the episodes were FREE on hulu plus! My opinion, I think that's why...
In general, I never liked this show. It deserved cancellation. Hopefully, it won't be on nicktoons.

The sooner I forget my terrible experience the show scared in my brain the better. Each episode is like a stab to the soul with its all over the place stories and awful side characters which the spend more time focusing on than Sonic. The show is called Sonic X and Sonic barely does anything and we barely see him.

Amy was all over Sonic and it sort of ruined the whole thing. This one is low on my list, but I've seen a sonic show worse than this one before.

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16Seikon no Qwaser

Natsu eats flames for power ups
Goku ascends to a Super Saiyan to get stronger
Sasha (a male) Sucks on breasts for their milk and gets stronger. Sometimes he just does it for fun as well.

This show should be in the top 10 worst.

Such a shame, this anime would have been almost decent if it wasn't for its misogynistic qualities

Can anybody tell me the audience for this piece ?

What is this bull

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17Aki Sora

Absolutely the worst anime in the world. Avoid this at all costs, for you will regret your decision if you decide to watch this show.

HOW IN HELL IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP 10! Its about a guy having sex with his sister which is totally gross it almost goes up to hentai level. this should be 2nd because boku no pico should be number 1 - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Boku no pico is worse...

How is this not #1

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18Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Wow, who comes up with the dumbest name in anime history?

Animes can be dumb, I realize that. But this is so dumb to the point were it is impossible to be entertained by it.

First seconds... WHAT THE HELL!

This anime was a complete mistake. Dumbest thing ever.

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19Mew Mew Power

Oh God... This dub ruined Tokyo Mew Mew. I absolutely loved Tokyo Mew Mew, but Mew Mew Power nearly ruined everything for me. I think I nearly stopped watching anime when I saw this, and I also stopped watching Tokyo Mew Mew. 4Kids, why must you kill the best animes in existence?!

Oh geez. I seriously HATE mew mew power SO MUCH! But I love Tokyo mew mew. Like, in mew mew power, they changed the names! Their names were perfect the way they were! Like, ichigo turned into zoey! Like, what?! The name "zoey" doesn't really match her that much since "ichigo" is Japanese for "strawberry" and ichigo's hair is red/pink like a strawberry! And zoey was really annoying and loud, while ichigo was just adorable. And don't even get me started on how they changed the other girls. If you love Tokyo mew mew, I warn you: DO NOT EVER WATCH MEW MEW POWER! IT WILL RUIN YOUR LOVE FOR Tokyo MEW MEW!

So true... They killed everything good about it... -_- I demand a funimation redub... Who is with me...

This should seriously be higher. It's a terrible anime. Tokyo mew mew is so much better. This should at least be in the top tens.

V10 Comments

Dear people who say the most popular and famous anime like Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto (Shipudden) are popular for a reason. They are good, unlike this BS that is somehow lower than Pokemon, probably one of the richest anime in ever, considering they made games, trading cards, toys, and the anime itself. This stupid anime is about tops. Tops. TOPS. "Go F-ing top! Kill the other top! " Stupid in my point of view that has ruined kids brains. Also did I forget to mention, Pokemon trading card games give people SCHOLARSHIPS, showing they value education as well!

DUMB-ASS SHOW. Deserves to die.
Okay, sorry to everyone I offend but SERIOUSLY?! This show is the very definition of ridiculous! (I'm talking about the metal fight saga thing)
The whole plot is stupid because it revolves around to pieces of metal rolling around in a giant basin.

It's only over-priced tops & the show SUCKS.

WORST ANIME EVER! This anime is nothing but a bunch of screaming and metal spinning tops that spin around until the other one falls. Seriously I've seen better battles in Yugioh than this piece of garbage!

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